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Tuesday, August 6, 2013
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Diana Long: Thinks its a shame ACPC won't have Open House

Diana Long writes:
I think its a shame that 5 year olds starting school for the very first time cannot even attend an open house at their school to see what their school looks like or to even know where to go.

To an older child who has attended any school this may not make much difference, but to a child who's never been to school this could be terrifying and make for a bad first day.

If the school isn't finished then the solution would be to delay opening day just like it has been done in the past when the other "new" schools were built and not finished on time for their scheduled opening day.

It's sad that the children won't even have a lunchroom to eat in or a gym to play in. Schools are closed so many times throughout the year for so many unnecessary reasons why not delay a few days for a real legit reason? - Diana Long
Comments re article 61118 Adair Co KY School District 20132014 Certified Placements

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Mrs. Gloria Jean Milby, Green County, KY (1940-2013)

2013-08-06 - 209 W Court Street, Greensburg, KY - Photo from Foster-Toler-Curry Funeral Home.

Mrs. Gloria Jean Milby, Green County, KY (1940-2013)

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She endures injustice of fast time; wishes Taylor Co. would change

Pining for Central Time, once-a-Columbian-alway-a-Columbian Martha Berry tells of yet other hardships living as an Ex-PAT in a strange land: Martha Berry displays LWC Bumper Sticker in Campbellsville, KY

Martha Berry writes:
It took me a while to realize that Somerset is in ET and have to go through CT in order to get there.

I did some Church work with a lady from Louisville several years ago and on a post card on which we were finalizing some plans for School of Mission at LWC, her closing sentence was "How do you know what time it is"?

Even through I have been back home several years and have gone through the international date line almost daily when Mother was so sick in Columbia and even now when I go to Columbia frequently, I still occasionally get it backwards. Wish we were on Central Time. --Martha Berry
Comments re photo 50799 Why CM uses time zones in Events

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Mrs. Gloria Jean Milby, Green County, KY (1940-2013)

She was a native of Jefferson County, KY and a resident of Green County at the time of her death. She leaves 10 direct living descendants. Mrs. Milby had made a profession of faith in Christ and was a member of the Pleasant Ridge Missionary Baptist Church. She was a homemaker.
Click on headline for complete obituary with photo(s)

The funeral service will be at Foster-Toler-Curry Funeral Home, 209 W Court Street, Greensburg, KY, at 1pmCT/2pmET, Tuesday, August 6, 2013 with Rev. Timmy Glass and Rev. Scott Coats, the officiating clergy. Visitation will be Tuesday after 10amCT/11amET, until the funeral hour. Interment will be Campbellsville Memorial Gardens, 3878 Greensburg Road, Campbellsville, KY.

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Benefit Singing at Pickett's Chapel on August 11, 2013

Adair County Sunday night singing

There will be a benefit singing at 6pmCT, Sunday night, August 11, 2013 at Pickett's Chapel Church, 3047 Portland Road, Columbia, KY.

Featured singers are: Bro. Paul Patton, Robert Bell, Bobby Webster, Hearts For Him, The Sabo Family, Jr. and Donna Feese, and Kenny Wisdom. Refreshments will be served in the church basement.

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The mystery flowering tree: It's a Sumac, KY Color writer says

Comments re photo 50774 What is this tree?

By Billy Joe Fudge, Retired District Forester
Kentucky Division of Forestry

I believe what you have here is an old fashioned, intergalactic, conundrumic mystery of almost mythic proportions. However and just short of having Mr. Spock do a mind-meld on you and Mrs. Marcum, I will attempt to wring an interpretation from this puzzling riddle.

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Adair Co., KY, School District: 2013-2014 Certified Placements

The list of Principals, Counselors, Media Specialists and Teachers at Adair County Primary Center, Adair County Elementary School, Adair County Middle School, and Adair County High School has been compiled and released by Shamarie Claiborne, Adair County School District Public Relations Director.
Click on headline for complete list. See Also: Adair Co. Schools Open House Schedules -2013-14 School Year

By Shamarie Claiborne
News from the Adair County School District

The Adair County Board of Education is proud to present the finalized certified placements for the 2013/2014 school year.

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(Ad) Farm Fresh today at Farmer's Market, A.M., August 6, 2013

Hurry Down for Biggest Selection this Year!
The Farmer's Market at the Adair Extension Office, 409 Fairground Street, Columbia, KY is open this Tuesday morning, August 6, 2013, from 6am-10amCT. Gardeners and their inventories will be posted as reported to TWO SESSIONS TODAY. Also, 3pm-6pmCT.

By Margie Rooks, Holly Kerns, Jeff Scott, David Herbst, Ken Thiery, and Debbie Burris

Here's what we have at 6:01amCT:
  • Margie Rooks, Sano KY: Eggplant. Bell Peppers. Sweet and Hot Banana Peppers. Red Potatoes. White Potatoes. Cucumbers. Yellow Squash. A few baskets of beans. Red Tomatoes. Yellow Tomatoes. Pink Tomatoes. Watermelon. Cantaloupe
  • Holly Kerns, Sano, KY: Corn. tomatoes. Hot Peppers. Cucumbers. Red, White, and Blue Potatoes.
  • Mr. Jeff Scott, Antioch near Sparksville, KY: Ginger Gold Apples - good cooking or eating apples, crispy and a bit tart; Paula Reds - they're sweet; and Zestar - Crunchy and sweet.
  • David Herbst, Columbia, KY - Peaches! Contenders. Pretty, yellow fleshed in two sizes. Small & Large
  • Ken Thiery, Edmonton Road - Farm Fresh Eggs, $1.25/dz. Big Jumbo 1 lb. Tomatoes, $2.50/lb. Jalapenos and Sweet Bell Peppers, $1/lb. Okra, $1/three-quarter pound
  • D & B Longview Farm. Debbie and Danny Burris. 270-250-1277 - Really sweet small Minnesota Mini Cantaloupes. $1 each and smaller ones (great as edible dessert bowl with soft serve from Sweets & Eats - the old DQ at the bottom of Jamestown & Town Hill), small ones, 50 cents. Red Tomatoes. Pickling Cuumbers. Blueberries. Blackberries. Red Raspberries. Okra and Yellow Crook Neck Squash.
Any others - we sometimes have late arrivals - will be listed when they call.

The Adair County Farmers Market proudly accepts Senior and WIC vouchers. For more information, contact the Adair County Extension Service at 270-384-2317. - Nick Roy, Adair County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources

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Partnering with nonprofits workshop coming Russell Springs, KY

Danielle Clore, executive director for Kentucky Nonprofit Network, will lead workshops in Somerset and Hazard, KY, as well. Programs in partnership with The Center for Rural Development.
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News from The Center for Rural Development

Regional workshops, to be held in Russell Springs, Somerset, and Hazard, entitled "Strategies for Successful Partnerships with Nonprofit Organizations," will be held as follows:
- Thursday, August 22, 2013, 10am-3pmET, at The Center, 2292 S U.S. 27, Somerset, KY
- Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 10am-3pmET, at The Forum - Multipurpose Room, 100 Bulldog Lane, Hazard, KY
- Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 10am-3pmCT, at Lake Cumberland Area Development District, 2384 Lakeway Drive, Russell Springs, KY.
All three workshops will include a complimentary lunch. Registration is required. Contact: Patti Simpson at 606-677-6000, email

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WKU professional MBA program repeats top 5% ranking

By Bob Hatfield

BOWLING GREEN, KY - Western Kentucky University's Professional MBA (PMBA) program has been ranked in the top 5 percent among MBA programs for a second time in three years.

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Heaven Bound at Tabor Community Church, Sun. Aug. 11, 2013

Adair County Sunday Night Singing

Heaven Bound will be singing at Tabor Community Church, 1477 Fairplay Road (Google Map), Columbia, KY. On Sunday night, August 11, 2013 at 6pmCT. Pastor Ralph Hadley and congregation invite everyone to attend.- Patricia Hadley

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Today, Tuesday with CM, August 6, 2013

Haiku by Robert Stone for August 6, 2013:
Tardy punishment,
besides leaving mind worried,
delays future fun.
--Robert Stone, Tuesday, 6 August 2013.
-1000 haiku countdown to Chambers Stevens' 50th birthday, Day 693, in progress

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Birthdays and Anniversaries for August 6
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Happy Birthday, Will Hixson (1995) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memoriam, Lorene Rhodes, Campbellsville, KY (1931-2009) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Iva Hovious, Worth, IL (1962-2010) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Charles Leonard Nelson, Taylor Co., KY (1928) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Katherine Milby, Columbia, Adair Co., KY (1929) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Bill Asbery, 44, Hustonville, KY (1968) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Todd Eubank, Taylor Co., KY (1964) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, James E. Mason, Jr., Taylor Co., KY (1959-2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Jose Rolando Alfaro, Campbellsville, KY (1973-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Barbara Jean Wilson, Casey County, KY (1940-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Robert D. (Bob) Sheene, Sr., Casey County KY (1941-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Bonnie Louise Gray Russell, 67, Summer Shade, KY | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mrs. Julia (Bianco) Panicci, Lebanon, KY (1948-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Monica Marie Sparks Underwood, 36, Green Co., KY (1978-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Dorothy Mae Mouser, 85, Adair County, KY (1929-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Lucy Myrtle Wilson, Russell Co., KY (1924-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Jerry Smith, 68, Adair County, KY; Barren native (1947-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mrs. Phyllis Jean (Whitley) Fair, Taylor Co., KY (1953-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Kenneth M. Spears, 90, Burkesville, KY (1925-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Garnett Kessler, 92, Adair County, KY (1924-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Jeffrey DeWayne McFarland, Casey County, KY (1975-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Wilkie Lee Wilson, Russell County, KY (1940-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Byron Douglas (Doug) England, Taylor County, KY (1956-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Pauline Moore Clark, Casey County, KY (1921-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)

Events scheduled for Tuesday, August 6, 2013
All events are listed in Central Time. Submit your upcoming event using our Contact Form.
6:00amCTAdair County Farmers Market open, 6am-10amCT. Recurring Events
Sales area next to Adair Extension Office, 409 Fairground Street, Columbia, KY | (ID:23650, Comment)
8:00amCT7 County Area Court: Circuit Courts. District Courts, at at Glance.
Always Click on County Name for Link to Docket at Kentucky Court of Justice:
Adair County. Adair Co. Judicial Center, 201 Campbellsville ST. Columbia, KY: No (0) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. No (0) Court Event(s) District Court.
Casey County Judicial Center, 231 Courthouse Square, Liberty, KY. Three (3) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. Thirty-three (33) Court Event(s) District Court.
Cumberland County, Justice Center, 112 Courthouse Square, Burkesville, KY. One (1) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. No (0) Event(s) District Court.
Green County Judicial Center, 200 W. Court Street, Greensburg, KY. Three (3) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. No (0) Court Event(s) District Court.
Metcalfe County, Judicial Center, 201 E. Stockton Street, Edmonton, KY. No (0) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. No (0) Court Event(s) cases District Court.
Russell County. Judicial Center, 410 Monument Square, Jamestown, KY. No (0) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. One (1) Court Event(s) District Court.
Taylor County, Justice Center, 300 E. Main Street, Campbellsville, KY. Two hundred twenty-three (223) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. Five (5) Court Event(s) District Court.
Not an official docket. For official court information, check with circuit court clerk in your county. | (ID:23743, Comment)
9:00amCTState Fleet Vehicle Auction. Registration: 7am-8:50amCT/8am-9:50amET
State Service Garage, 513 Barrett Street (Google Map/Directions 97.8 mi/2hrs from Columbia, KY), Frankfort, KY. | (ID:23577, Comment)
Adair Food Pantry open regular Tuesday (Recurring Event)
Adair Food Pantry 203 South Monroe Street, Columbia, KY Stephanie Long, Director at 270-250-2847 | (ID:23654, Comment)
10:00amCTPraise Assembly of God Food Pantry, Tuesdays 10am-1pmCT (Recurring Event)
Praise Assembly of God, 310 Jamestown Street, Columbia, KY. - Patricia Willis Food Pantry | (ID:23658, Comment)
11:00amCTServices, Columbia, KY, for Bonnie Giles, Adair County, KY (1919-2013) | (ID:23733, Comment)
Services in Greensburg, KY, for Lewis (Bill) Simpson, Green County, KY (1928-2013) | (ID:23739, Comment)
NoonCTChimes at noon. Downtown Columbia, KY. Two Selections. | (ID:23584, Comment)
Benefit Singing / Adair County Sunday Night Singing
at Pickett's Chapel Church, 3047 Portland Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:23745, Comment)
Benefit Singing/Adair County Sunday Night Singing
at Pickett's Chapel Church, 3047 Portland Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:23746, Comment)
1:00pmCTServices, Antioch Cemetery, Liberty, KY for Raymond Thompson Munson, Casey Co., KY (1924-2013) | (ID:23727, Comment)
Services, Greensburg, KY, for Mrs. Gloria Jean Milby, Green County, KY (1940-2013) | (ID:23747, Comment)
3:00pmCTAdair Co. Knife Swap, Regular 1st & 3rd Tuesdays (Recurring Event)
In the basement of the Masonic Lodge, 501 Burkesville Street, Columbia, KY. - Jason Cox | (ID:23662, Comment)
5:00pmCTChimes for the Evening. Downtown Columbia, KY. Two Selections. | (ID:23621, Comment)
ADAIR COUNTY BAND BINGO - at Adair Band Bingo Building - Doors Open 5pmCT - Close 10pmCT
Bingo is each Tuesday and Friday. Open 5pm-10pmCT/6pm/11pmET, in the Adair Band Bingo Building, 50 Shady Lane (Bing Map/Direction from Anywhere) Columbia, KY. License # ORG0002285. Five Regular Games, Pull Tabs, and Much More. Concessions available at all sessions. (Sponsored) | (ID:23664, Comment)
5:15pmCTStrong for Life Class, regular Tuesdays (Recurring Event)
Jim Blair Center, 901 Hudson Street, Columbia, KY. - Lee Ann Jessee | (ID:23668, Comment)
7:00pmCTAdair County Jaycees Reg Meeting 1st & 3rd Tuesdays (Recurring Event)
Fairgrounds Pavillion, 415 Fairgrounds ST, Columbia, KY.-GREG THOMAS | (ID:23672, Comment)
Adair Co. Sportsmans Club regular 1st Tuesday meeting (Recurring Event)
At 999 Lancaster DR, Columbia, KY. - Barry Jones | (ID:23674, Comment)


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