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Saturday, June 29, 2013
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A rite of passage at Cole & Pickett Barber Shop

Hunter Durham writes:
When i was young and in high schoolm i kept asking Mr. Cole and Mr. Pickett when i could shave. One day Mr. Cole said, "Today's the day," and Mr. Pickett went to G & M Grill and got a cigar. Mr. Cole heated a towel and put it around my face and then put the cigar in my mouth and lit the ciigar; and there i sat with a lit cigar and and he then put the razor to the strapp, put shaving cream on my face and gave me a shave. I bet it had a least 3 hairs and I continued to smoke the cigar and enter into manhood. - Hunter durham
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Rogers Scholars learn ballroom dancing

2013-06-29 - Hodge Center, 402 Helen Flatt Drive, Columbia, KY - Photo by Duane Bonifer. LWC photo.
The Rogers Scholars are instructed in ballroom dancing
Tuesday night in the Lindsey Wilson College Norma and Glen Hodge Center for Discipleship. - Duane Bonifer, Lindsey Wilson College

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First Class of Rogers Scholars spends week at Lindsey Wilson

The Rogers Scholars who participated in the June 23-28 class were, in alphabetical order by last name: Isaac Allen, Cumberland County; Cassidy Breeding, Letcher County; Kennedy Breeding, Letcher County; Tyler Bush, Carter County; Mark Campbell, Magoffin County; Katherine Corder, Pulaski County; Matthew Crawford, Pulaski County; Jessica Dennis-Bay; Whitley County; Ray Dixon, Perry County; Morgan Emerson, Casey County; Benjamin Fitch, Martin County; Heather Griffith, Boyd County; Masden Griffiths, Green County; Subhash Gutti, Floyd County; Taryn Haddix, Pulaski County; Alex Helton, Knox County; Luke Huffman, Pulaski County; Chandler Hutchinson, Pulaski County; Kaylee Isfort, Estill County; Lindsy Jasper, Pulaski County; Jaclyn Johnson, Jackson County; Alex Little, Leslie County; Emily Major, Garrard County; Dylan Marson, Russell County; Morgan Mills, Bell County: Rikki Neat, Adair County; Kennedy Patrick, Wolfe County; Jay Phillips, Harlan County; Kaitlyn Sammons, Bath County; Kerrigan Samons , Johnson County; Sienna Staley, Clinton County; and Kasey Young, Breathitt County.
Complete story; scroll down for photo album

By Duane Bonifer
News from Lindsey Wilson College

COLUMBIA, KY - Mark Anthony hopes to have a career in sports medicine. And after spending a week as Rogers Scholar, the Magoffin County resident is more certain than ever that is the career for him.

Anthony was one of 32 rising high school junior from 22 Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky who spent a week at Lindsey Wilson College as Rogers Scholars. Sponsored by the Somerset-based Center for Rural Development, the weeklong program gives students a glimpse into college life and opens their eyes to several career possibilities.

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Mitzi Bault identifies location of mystery plaque

Comments re photo 50175 Where Is It? Plaque to two leaders of their profession - Sylvester Cole and Ellis Pickett Mitzi Bault writes:
Is it on the sign at the Columbia Baptist Church. --Mitzi Bault
Thanks, Mitzi Bault You are correct. The plaque is at the base of the sign in front of Columbia Baptist Church, 201 Greensburg Street, Columbia, KY.

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Endowed scholarship will honor Caleb Capps

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By Duane Bonifer
News from Lindsey Wilson College

COLUMBIA, KY - The life of a Lindsey Wilson College student will affect future generations of LWC students through a new scholarship. The Caleb Capps, Baseball Memorial Scholarship will be presented annually to an LWC baseball player from Adair, Barren, Cumberland, Green, Hart, Metcalfe, Monroe or Russell counties.
- Duane Bonifer

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Remembers laughter from barber shop where father got hair cut

Carol Salato Myers writes:
What a nice tribute to two of the best men I ever knew. My dad always got his hair cut at their barber shop. Sometimes, when I pass where the shop used to be, I can still smell the wonderful scent of the powder they would brush on after a haircut and hear the laughter after the stories and jokes they would share. - Carol Salato Myers
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How Sylvester & Ellis kept little kids still during haircuts

Comments re photo 50175 Where Is It? Plaque to two leaders of their profession

Steve Smith writes:
Is this marker in the alley past the old theatre ? I remember getting my hair cut at their shop when I was a lot younger. They would tell me to sit really still or they might cut my ear off !!! -Steve Smith
Great story, Steve: And you're not so many yards away from the marker - but no, it isn't on the North Walk. - EW

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Neighborhood Cookout at Casey Creek Lodge

Everyone is invited to attend a Neighborhood Cookout at the Casey Creek Masonic Lodge #536 located at 14730 Knifley Road (junction of Hwy. 551 & 1742). Friday, July 5, 2013, at 5pmCT/6pmCT. Please come join us. We will have grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, chips and soft drinks. FREE as long as they last. - GAYLA BAKER

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Thinks Maury's largest birdhouse is 500 Public Square

Comments re article 60411 Bird House Largest one in US here George Rice writes:
Could it be in reference to the court house. It has always housed many birds of different species. --George Rice
George, you're warm: But Maury insists its a house - a residence. - M

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Gary Rose sends link to on-air interview on the Square

Gary Rose sends a link to the WLEX TV 18 interview with Coach Dave Grigsby on the Square in Downtown Columbia. Sure enough, it was about the same story, "The Return of the Ring,," which appeared in Sunday with CM, June 23, 2013. To see the video (link works today) click to WLEX interview with Dave Grigsby

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(Ad) Farmer's Market on the Square, Saturday, June 29, 2013

Berries!!! Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries even Gradyville Gooseberries this morning!

The Farmer's Market on the Square, open 8am-12pm noon CT, Saturday, June 22, 2013, at the Adair Annex Parking Lot, 424 Public Square, Columbia, KY. Special Guest at the Market this week: Amedisys Home Health: Beverly Curry RN, Patient Advocate, free blood pressure checks.

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By Barbara Armitage
Farmer's Market on the Square market coordinator. 270-250-2979

It's a really exciting day for us and our customers this week, the more of everything - including four new vendors! Berries are in. Tomatoes are in. We've got farm fresh, Adair County raised beef and pork just in time for July 4th grilling and to fill your freezers - salad fixings, and just about every summer vegetable you could want! Downtown has it all today. A place to shop and plan meals. Places to sit in the shade or under a canopy and just talk. Plenty of Parking. Flowers. The Fountain. Flags to remind us of the Fourth. And two sincere restaurants within a block. Places to rest and ample open restrooms. And who knows what impromptu entertainment will add to the excitement.

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Today, SATURDAY with CM, June 29, 2013

Haiku by Robert Stone for June 29, 2013:
When the result brings
much responsibility,
action needs restraint.
--Robert Stone, Saturday, 29 June 2013.
-1000 haiku countdown to Chambers Stevens' 50th birthday, Day 655, in progress

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Bro. Cho, Korean missionary, will be preaching at Flatwoods SBC

Bro. Choo, a Korean missionary, will be preaching at 11a,CT at Flatwoods Separate Baptist Church, 1025 Wheeler Hill Road, Columbia, KY 42728, Sunday June 30, 2013. Sunday School starts at 10amCT. with worship service to follow at 11amCT. Everyone welcome to come join us. Contact: Todd Corbin at or call 270-789-3905. - Todd Corbin

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Birthdays and Anniversaries for June 29
Happy Anniversary, Angie & Allen Pierce (July 29, 1996) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Anniversary, Bodie and Tammy Emerson | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Anniversary, James & Karen Morgan (2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Anniversary, Jimmy and Patricia Harper (1966) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy anniversary, Terry and Jean Corbin (2001) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Audria Rowe | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Bob Bradshaw (1936) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Fanny Bell Pederson | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Gracie May Burton (2011) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Julie Gaskins | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Kelly Williams | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Kenny Joe Burton | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Paige Coomer | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mr. Kenneth Ray Hodges, 69, Green Co., KY (1940) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Nina Quinn, Taylor Co., KY (1937) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Hazel Mavis Caffee Jessie Metcalfe Co., KY (1926) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Luke Aaron Sexton (2010) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Ebline Wheet, Sano Community (1917) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Karen L. Krapf, Edmonton, KY (1946-2011) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Louise M. Kilpatrick, Russell Co., KY (1933) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Anita Feather Miller, Taylor County, KY (1922) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Pauline C. Daffron, Taylor Co., KY (1913) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Tommy Staley, Cumberland Co., KY (1955) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Anson Genus Steward, Adair Co., KY (1969) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Bobby Gene Pike, Adair Co., KY (1946-2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Catherine "Kitty" Pence, Stanford, KY (1924-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Hazel Owsley, 89, Burkesville, KY (1925-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Clyde Edward Pennington, 82, Metcalfe Co., KY (1932-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Donald Wayne Furkin Furkin, 69, Adair County, KY (1945-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In memory birthday, Shirley Long, Cumberland Co., KY | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Lillie Gail Turner, 61, Liberty, KY (1954-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Larry Floyd, 68, Taylor Co, KY (1947-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mrs. Kathryn K. (Kirby) Story, Las Cruces, NM (1948-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, John Robert Bradshaw, 77, Adair Co., KY (1938-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Bobbie C Bradshaw, 80, Adair County, KY (1935-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Gary Luttrell, 70, Casey County, KY (1946-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Rosaline Read, Taylor County, KY (1947-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mrs. Delores Marie Riley Berry, Glasgow, KY (1945-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Gladys Montgomery Johnson, Green County, KY (1935-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Phyllis Jean Wilson, Boyle County, KY/Casey Co., KY native (1960-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Nerlie Louise Baker, Metcalfe Co., KY/Jefferson Parish, LA native (1941-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Lula Johnson, Russell Co., KY/Clay Co., KY native (1928-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Thomas Reid Scott, 68, Cumberland County, KY, (1949-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Sandra Burress Davis, Taylor Co., KY (1959-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Louise Gray, 83, Taylor County, KY (1934-2018) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Anson Steward (1968-2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Rick Monson (1957) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Services, Columbia, KY, for Fanny Bell Smith Pederson, 79, Columbia, KY (1935-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)

Events scheduled for Saturday, June 29, 2013
All events are listed in Central Time. Submit your upcoming event using our Contact Form.
6:00amCT(Ad) The Farmer's Market on the Square, 424 Public Square, Columbia, KY Set up underway.
| (ID:22874, Comment)
8:00amCTTaylor County Civil War Bus Tour. Phone 270-465-3786 for Reservations.
Leaves from Campbellsville-Taylor County Tourism Office, 325 E Main Street, Campbellsville, KY | (ID:22442, Comment)
The Farmer's Market on the Square, 424 Public Square, Columbia, KY (Sponsored listing)
List of Vendors/Products, New to the Market, and More TODAY, June 29, 2013 | (ID:23096, Comment)
9:00amCTVacation Bible School Commencement at First General Baptist Church, 58 West Bear Track Road, Campbellsville, KY | (ID:23072, Comment)
10:00amCTHopkins School Reunion 10am-2pmCT - at the Bearwallow Fellowship Hall, 200 Bearwallow Cemetery Road, Columbia, KY Next to Bearwallow UMC Church, 6080 Liberty Road. | (ID:22202, Comment)
Services, Greensburg, KY, for Betty D. Lewis, Summersville, KY (1935-2013)
at Greensburg Church of the Nazarene, 31 Bluebird Lane, Greensburg, KY | (ID:23087, Comment)
11:00amCTCommunity Soup Kitchen, 11am-12pm noon CT - Russell Heights Baptist Church, 19 North Bramblett Street (Google Map), Columbia, KY. Sponsored by the Men's Sunday School Class. | (ID:23061, Comment)
Services, Jamestown, KY, for Pauline C. Power, 83, Russell County, KY (1929-2013) | (ID:23080, Comment)
NoonCTChimes at noon. Downtown Columbia, KY. Two Selections. | (ID:22700, Comment)
Vacation Bible School, Son/West, June 26-27-28-29, 2013
at Bethany Baptist Church, 4537 Greensburg Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:22831, Comment)
3:00pmCT14th Annual Southern Gospel Music Singing Convention. Free Admission
at Cave City Convention Center, 502 Mammoth Cave Street, Cave City, KY | (ID:22911, Comment)
5:00pmCTChimes in the evening. Downtown Columbia, KY. Two Selections. | (ID:22732, Comment)
5:30pmCTVacation Bible School, Cookout, 5:30pm-7:30pmCT, June 24-29, 2013
Cane Valley Baptist Church, 3145 Cane Valley Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:22960, Comment)
7:00pmCTRobin Hawdon's Perfect Wedding, Directed by Robert Brock
TheatreFest! Summer Series. (Full TheatreFest Schedule/Story/by Duane Bonifer)
Performance in V.P. Henry Auditorium, 210 Lindsey Wilson Street, Columbia, KY (Sponsored) | (ID:22907, Comment)


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