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Mrs. Jada Rose Rutheford Chumbley, Adair Co., KY (1977-2014)

She was the daugher of Norman Rutheford and Mary Jo Powell Rutheford, who survive, and the wife of Steven Michael Chumbley, who also survives. She leaves 2 direct and three step living descendants.
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Mrs. Jada Rose Rutheford Chumbley, age 36, of Adair County, passed away on Friday, March 14, 2014, at her home in Adair County.

There will be a Memorial visitation for Mrs. Jada Rose Rutheford Chumbley 1pm-2pmCT, Monday, March 17, 2014, at the Cowherd & Parrott Funeral Home, 206 S Main Street Greensburg, KY. Cremations was chosen. There will be no funeral services.

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Birds of Kentucky: Vulture in Horaltic Pose

2014-03-16 - Photo by Cathy Luttrell. Two turkey vultures take advantage of a sunny day atop a chimney in face-to-face horaltic positions. Seen in the ColumbiaMagazine group on Flickr.
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Happy Max the Manx has loving new home

Maury Lewis writes:
I am so glad she found a good home for her cat and my prayer for her is that she finds a place to live where she is happy. I cannot imagine living in a place for ten years and not wanting to be here. I also pray the move is light and easy and she finds everything she wants in the next town and city she moves to. I am writing this from the heart. - Maury E Lewis, melewi
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Dr. Paul Thifault topic for CWC: Early American Women Writers

Collumbia Woman's Club observes Women's History Month

The Columbia Woman's Club will meet at 6pmCT, Tuesday, March 25, 2914 in the lower level of the Columbia/Adair County Chamber of Commerce Building, 201 Burkesville Street, Columbia, KY. Speaker- Lindsey Wilson College professor, Dr. Paul Thifault, has the perfect topic for Women's History Month: Early American Women Writers. All women are invited to attend. Vonnie Kolbenschlag

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Columbia, KY driver cited following 2 car injury collision,

By Adair Co. Deputy Sheriff BJ Bray

Brittany Scott 18, of Russell Springs, KY, was operating a 2001 Ford when she made a left turn from Millerfield Road onto Liberty Road. Scott operated her vehicle into the path of a 1992 Chevy S-10 being operated by Michael Tetreault, 21 of Columbia, KY. Tetreault and two passengers in his vehicle were transported to Westlake ER by the Adair County EMS for non-life threatening injuries. Scott was transported to the ER by private vehicle.

Tetreault was cited for:
  1. Failure to Use a Child Restraint in a Vehicle
  2. No Insurance
  3. Operating on a Suspended or Revoked Operator's License
  4. No/Expired Registration
  5. Failure to Register Transfer of Motor Vehicle
  6. Failure to Surrender Revoked Operator's License
- BJ Bray, Adair County Sheriff's Office

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Epicureaan COF: Best choose one or tother and stick with it

One way - ruin good coffee. Other way: ruin good milk

COF writes:
Nevah could git mah head rapped round why sumevah ennyone who wanted a drink of milk would ruint hit by pourin\' coffee in it. By the same token, why sumevah ennyone who wanted a jolt o good coffee would pour milk inta it. Lessen one or tother wern't no good en needed some help.

COF at Dun Roman
High o'er beautiful Downtown Knifley
Whar we tend ta take life as pure as it comes.
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Carol Perkins: Straight talk

George Stait said his farewell to Kentucky fans at the Yum Center, Friday, March 7, 2014. George Strait. . . How wonderful would it be to have a career doing what you loved for thirty years and fans still enjoying it as much at the end as in the beginning. We should all be so blessed. - CAROL PERKINS.
Next previous column: Carol Perkins comments on the Oscars Posted March 16, 2014

By Carol Perkins

Let's talk a little Straight Talk. George Strait, that is. At the Yum Center last Friday night, to a record breaking crowd, George Strait said farewell to his Kentucky fans with Vince Gill as his "warm up act."

Four of us bought our tickets in September, but even getting them that early we ended up in section 311, row U. That is in spitting distance of the top back wall. The air was dense.

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Barry Jones involvement in Trail Town project is exciting

Linda Waggener writes:
Thanks to Barry Jones for this exciting news! It sounds like he has trails already mapped and it would be great to reconcile his with the beginning Adair County Trail Town overview map if they aren't already on it! Thank to Barry for sharing his letter with contact information!! - Linda Waggener
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Life in the Holler: The Lord shed a new light on the situation

Picture essay: It's all about perspective
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By Shamarie Claiborne

Yesterday my life was all about light. I have had a crazy week. One of the hardest I have had in a long time. For lots of different reasons. But in a blink of an eye yesterday it came to me. It is all about perspective and as the old folks use to say "The Lord shed a new light on the situation". Which as a child I never really understood but now as an adult, I get it.

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Espresso a good choice for a morning like this

Charles Marshburn writes:
Made me need another cup of cafe con leche when I saw this picture. Good stuff for a morning like this! --Charles Marshburn
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Happy Tail: Remembering Joe Ann Grant. who loved dogs

Remembering a wonderful friend who loved dogs, life, and had a wonderful sense of adventure and humor: Joe Ann Grant, Adair County, KY (1938-2014) who is in a 'better place now, where . . . she's outside in the fields or in the barn with her mules and a dog or two . . .' - PEG SCHAEFFER
The next earlier Happy Tail - Why do I do this Posted March 9, 2014.

By Peg Schaeffer
Sugarfoot Farm Rescue

I was saddened to read of the passing of Joe Ann Grant, a resident at Summit Manor. The first time I visited Summit Manor with the dogs more than one nurse told me "be sure to visit Joe Ann, she loves dogs."

They took me to her room and in a huge recliner was a bit of a woman in jeans. Her face lit up when she saw the dogs and she scooted over in her chair, patting the space beside her. "Put one right here."

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Barry Jones latest volunteer to help implement Trail Town idea

Trail Town, USA can be tremendous asset to Columbia and Adair County, writer says. Already, the number of people coming from everywhere to ride trails is staggering. And it is already providing eonomic development.
Comment about: Is Columbia the next Trail Town - USA? Posted March 15, 2014.

By Barry Jones
Personal Commentary

This can really be a huge asset to Columbia and Adair Co. Bicycles, horses, off road vehicles would all come from everywhere to Columbia/Adair Co. to ride. The numbers of riders is staggering. They would all buy groceries, hotel rooms, gas and other supplies in Columbia. Land owners that properties are crossed have a huge opportunity to put camping sites, cabins and other overnight accommodations on the trails.

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. Did You Ever Eat Dirt?

Chuck Hinman: Did You Ever Eat Dirt? Chuck says eating pickled beets gives the same satisfaction as eating dirt.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - Wisdom of Bunk King

By Chuck Hinman

Did You Ever Eat Dirt?

I live in Tallgrass Estates, a retirement home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Today at dinner, the chef had prepared old-fashioned pickled beets. They were wonderful and I asked for a second helping.

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Tom Chaney: Mrs. Williams' Splendid Table

Of Writers And Their Books: Mrs. Williams' Splendid Table. Tom comments on a family cookbook, recipes kept by Charline Williams, presented by her son Charlie in a format that shows their history. This column first appeared 27 February 2005.
The next earlier Tom Chaney column: The Angels' Share

By Tom Chaney

Mrs. Williams' Splendid Table

Out of Green River Kitchens. By Charlie Dowling Williams. 2004. Munfordville, Kentucky. 400 pages. We are what we eat. To know ourselves, our families and our cultural heritage, pay attention to our tables.

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Today, SUNDAY with CM, March 16, 2014

Haiku by Robert Stone for March 16, 2014:
Severe and gloomy
can be easily disguised
by floral displays.
--Robert Stone, Sunday, 16 March 2014.
-1000 haiku countdown to Chambers Stevens' 50th birthday, Day 915, in progress

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Columbian faces multiple charges after crash, fleeing scene

Columbia man arrested on multiple charges after a two vehicle traffic collision on Russell Road. Search of housing project, on tips of witnesses finds suspect matching description running across several yards on Carrie Bolin Drive, who flees officers who apprehend him after short pursuit.
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By Columbia, KY Ofc. Josh Brockman

Columbia Police Officers were dispatched, att 9:04pmCT, on March 14, 2014, to a motor vehicle collision on Russell Road. Upon officers' arrival it was found that a 1996 blue Toyota Tacoma had struck a white 2004 F-250 operated by Mickey Wheeler of Columbia, KY.

Several witness's advised officers that the operator of the blue Tacoma had exited the truck and fled on foot toward Carrie Bolin Drive and gave officers a detailed description of the operator.

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Birthdays and Anniversaries for March 16
Happy Birthday, Angie Goodin Carter (1971) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Billy Wade Keltner | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Bro. Larry Glenn Brown | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Cabel Anthony Janes | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Charlotte Blair | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Heather Cravens | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Inette Goodin | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Jessica Jones (1994) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Jimmy Harmon | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Katherine Louise Grider Lepiarczyk | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Kaylee Shay Campbell | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Kendra Brooke Stapp | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Kenndy Grant (2004) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Lee Brandenburg | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Lisa Bailey | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Mike Sneed | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Mildred Stapp (1921) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Robert Smith | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Sarah Kay Hammond | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Jean Rooks, Taylor Co., KY (1933) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Geneva Anderson Johnson, Burkesville, KY (1929) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Shannon Lynn Thompson, Breeding, KY (1956) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, H.L. (Hulen) Judd, Green Co., KY (1935) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Phillip Clements, Taylor Co., KY (1953) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Donnie Mitchell (Trigg) Wright, Taylor Co., KY (1952-2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Donald Rinehart, Taylor Co., KY (1947-2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Elizabeth Alexander, Adair Co., KY (1925-2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mickey Alan Collins, Summer Shade, KY (1954-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Vatis Allen, Casey County, KY (1924-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mr. David Roger Wray, Cumberland County, KY (1959-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Timothy (Timmy) Holt, 49, Russell County, KY (1965-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Jessica Gay Tiller, 44, Edmonton, KY (1971-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mildred Stapp, 94, Adair County, KY (1921-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Roger Bell, Taylor County, KY (1957-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Ruth Cape, Adair County, KY (1938-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In memory birthday, Tommy Bland, Taylor Co., KY (1964-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Milton (Butter) Wilson, 87, Russell Springs, KY (1928-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mrs. Doris Ann Curry, Green County, KY (1936-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mr. Roy Lawrence Shuffett, Greensburg, KY, (1923-2016) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mr. Edward Lee (Eddie) Abell, Adair Co., Ky (1953-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mrs. Estelle Cox, 92, Taylor County, KY (1925-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Stanley Coy Tungate, Marion Co., KY/Taylor Co., KY native (1946-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, James Walters, 75, Columbia, KY/Crawfordsville, IN native (1942-2018) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Sylvia Wilson (1919) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, In Memory Birthday, Ovalene F. Rexroat, Russell Springs, KY (1924-2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Lorene Helm (1922-2000) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Nora Ham Aaron, Russell Springs, KY (1911) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Walter Edwin Grider (1933-2005) | (Updates/Corrections)

Events scheduled for Sunday, March 16, 2014
All events are listed in Central Time. Submit your upcoming event using our Contact Form.
6:00amCTTime to check CM Directory of Churches for Sunday worship service schedules. | (ID:27037, Comment)
10:30amCTYouth revival March 14-16, 2014 with Bro. Drew Eastes
at Millerfield Brethren In Christ Church, 1935 Millerfield Road, Adair County, KY | (ID:27166, Comment)
11:00amCTThe Sneed family will be in concert
at Mt. Carmel UMC, 2472 Mt. Carmel Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:27034, Comment)
Funeral services, Russell County, KY, for Maxine Stephens, Russell County, KY (1921-2013) | (ID:27211, Comment)
Bro. Mark Bradshaw preaching at Flatwoods
Flatwoods Separate Baptist Church, 1025 Wheeler Hill Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:27212, Comment)
NoonCTPause for Chimes at Noon, Downtown Columbia. Two selections | (ID:26931, Comment)
The Sneed family will be in concert
at Mt. Carmel UMC, 2472 Mt. Carmel Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:27033, Comment)
Tony Ward & Group from Tennessee in concert
at Second Christian, 828 Burkesville Street, Columbia, KY | (ID:27186, Comment)
1:00pmCTServices, Columbia, KY, for Danny Boone Thomas, Adair County, KY (1950-2014) | (ID:27217, Comment)
Services, Liberty, KY, for Clifton (Cliff) Holt, Casey Co., KY (1935-2014) | (ID:27224, Comment)
2:00pmCTServices, Campbellsville, KY, for Billie Russell, Campbellsville, KY (1939-2014) | (ID:27229, Comment)
3:30pmCTServices, Columbia, KY, for Gladys Willis, Adair Co. KY. Metcalfe Co., KY native (1933-2014) | (ID:27223, Comment)
4:00pmCTServices, Russell Springs, KY, for Kevin (Howdy) Scott, Pike Co., KY native Russell Co., KY (1953-2014) | (ID:27218, Comment)
5:00pmCTChimes at the Evening, Downtown Columbia. Two selections | (ID:26964, Comment)
6:00pmCTSextons singing at Tabor Community Church, 1477 Fairplay RD, Columbia KY | (ID:27172, Comment)
6:30pmCTDr. Todd Love in revival; Friends in Jesus will sing
Bear Wallow United Methodist Church, 6132 Liberty RD, Columbia, KY, | (ID:27176, Comment)


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