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Spirituals singing at Egypt Christian Church on Sunday

The Spirituals, a well known Gospel Music Group from Edmonton, KY will be singing at the Egypt Christian Church on Sunday, February 23 at 6:30pmCT. The church is located at 4855 Knifley Road, Columbia, KY on Highway 551 between Columbia and Knifley. Everyone is invited to attend. - Paul Patton, Pastor

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Knifley Pipeline Explosion: Firefighters, Road & Utility Workers

2014-02-13 - Knifley, KY - Photo by Greg Thomas, Adair Emergency Management.
This is a group of Knifley Fire Fighters, State Highway Department, and Utility workers
who were waiting as work was being done so they can continue with the recovery process. - Greg Thomas. (L-R identification would be appreciated; under stress of time during the disaster complete ID's were feasible)

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Valentine's gift safety reminders to ACES students, parents

Alissa Barnes writes:

Adair County Elementary School would like to remind parents and local florists that, because of early release Friday, all Valentine's Day gifts need to be delivered to school before 12:00 noon. This will ensure that all children will receive their gifts before school ends. Also remember that no glass items or balloons are allowed on buses. Thank you. --Alissa Barnes

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KY 76 is reopened at Knifley

Greg Thomas, Adair County Emergency Manager, said that KY 76/the Elkhorn Road. is now open to through traffic at the site of the pipeline explosion a little over one-half mile west of Knifley. "We allowed residents to return to their homes at 3:30pm," he said, "and the road was opened to all at 5pm."

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Statement from House Republican Whip Bam Carney

Regarding Natural Gas Explosion, Recovery Efforts in Adair County

FRANKFORT, Ky. (February 13, 2014) - "First and foremost I am thankful that no one was seriously hurt from the gas explosion that took place in the overnight hours in Adair County. Having attended elementary school in Knifley and having my aunt's home damaged in the explosion and its aftermath makes me appreciate the magnitude of this event on our community.

"I want to express my thanks and gratitude to all who responded in such a professional manner. Thanks to all local officials, first responders and others for their quick professional action. From everything that I have heard these folks have been outstanding in their service to others. I want to thank the Columbia Gulf officials for their handling of the situation and pledge that the state stands ready to help them and most importantly the citizens impacted in any way possible.

Knifley and Adair County is a great place to live and raise a family and it is times like these that make us strong. May God Bless all involved." Rep. John BAM Carney, (KY-51)

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Boil Water advisory lifted

As of 4:10pmCT, on February 13, 2014 the boil water advisory for customers on Bomar Heights, Grady Loop, Connie Street, Tutt Street and all side roads, Hurt Street, Grissom Street, E. Frazier, E. Guardian, S. Reed Street and Burkesville Street has been lifted by the Division of Water Columbia office. This means your water is safe for human consumption. You no longer have to boil your water.Thank you - Columbia Adair Utilities District

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Greg Thomas: Hopes Knifley has a more normal night tonight

Adair County Emergency Disaster Manager Thomas, Adair County Judge Executive Ann Melton, and Knifley Area Volunteer Fire Department Public Affairs Spokesman Jeramy Stearns briefed area media and tv stations at 11amCT today at the Knifley Fire Department.
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By Ed Waggener

Adair County CEO Ann Melton; Greg Thomas, Emergency Disaster Manager for Adair; and Knifley Area Volunteer Fire Department Public Information Officer Jeramy Stearnes briefed a dozen or so media representatives at 11amCT, today on the progress made in the 10 hours since the 911 center in Columbia was notified of the Knifley Pipeline explosion. Thomas said that, at the time, all the fires had been extinguished, everyone in the area had been accounted for, that the two people taken to the hospital had both been released this morning, that road repairs on KY 76 were on track for a possible completion by 5pmCT, and that authorities hoped to allow all residents to return to their homes tonight. "We're hoping everything will be back to as normal as possible tonight for for everyone."

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Sen. Sara Beth Gregory writes after Knifley Pipeline Explosion

Sends offer of her office's aid. Sen. Gregory represents the 16th Kentucky Senatorial District, which includes Adair, Clinton, Cumberland, McCreary, Russell, Taylor, and Wayne Counties.

"First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with the Knifley community in Adair County who have been affected by today's gas pipeline explosion.

"I have spoken this morning with Adair County Judge Ann Melton about the emergency response, and I appreciate the fast reaction of the first responders who helped prevent further damage and injuries.

"Now that the immediate safety of residents has been addressed, the concern is to ensure that all individuals who have been displaced from their homes have shelter. The next step will be assessing the cause of this explosion. I will continue to communicate and work with local officials to encourage any possible assistance from the state level." - Sara Beth Gregoy

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Knifley Little League games cancelled due to pipeline explosion.

The Knifley Little League games, which were scheduled to start at 5pmCT, this evening, Thursday, February 13, 2014, at the Knifley Fire Department, 6310 Elkhorn Road, Knifley, KY, are cancelled due to pipeline explosion. - Jennifer Jones, Knifley Little League Board

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Writer: Amazing how many of these pipeline explosions occur

David Smith says he can't believe Federal government has taken a bigger role in assuring disasters like the Knifley Pipeline explosion don't happen as often

David Smith writes:
Ed, after searching for videos of this explosion on you tube I am amazed at how many times this has occurred. I can't believe the federal government hasn't taken a bigger role in assuring this doesn't happen as often, or to minimize the damage. I am by far no engineer but it seems they could fit these lines with an emergency shut off that would engage if a sudden drop in pressure should occur. Perhaps we should all be on the phone to our representatives and demand action be taken. I feel everyone was in a way very lucky this time. This may not be the case next time. Thanks for allowing me to vent. - David Smith
Comments re article 65279 Columbia Gas gives heads up on loud maintenance work

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Rep. Ed Whitfield sends message on Knifley pipeline explosion

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield (KY-01), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power, today released the following statement on the natural gas pipeline explosion that occurred this morning in Adair County:
"My thoughts and prayers are with all of those people affected by the natural gas pipeline explosion that occurred in Adair County early this morning. I want to extend my sincere appreciation to all of the first responders who reacted quickly to prevent further injuries and for minimizing the damage to the best of their ability.

"I have spoken to County Judge Ann Melton and am ready to help in any way necessary. I stand ready to work with officials throughout the community and on all levels of government to determine the cause of this explosion and what steps can be taken to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

"We must now act quickly to get all of those individuals affected by this explosion back into their homes, especially during these cold winter days. I will continue monitoring this situation closely as it progresses."
U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield (KY-1)

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Judge Melton declared State of Emergency at 3amCT

Knifley Pipeline Explosion: Adair Emergency Management is scheduled to hold a press conference at 12pm noon today at the Knifley Volunteer Fire Department, 6310 Elkhorn Road, Knifley, KY.

From interview with Adair CJE Ann Melton

Judge Executive Ann Melton, who was on the scene at the Knifley Volunteer Fire Department in Knifley since shortly after 1amCT this morning - with a brief return to Columbia this morning - declared a State of Emergency this morning at 3amCT.

The declaration will allow the County to react more quickly to immediate needs and will help get reimbursement for some of the extraordinary costs handling the Knifley Pipeline Explosions.

In a telephone interview on her return to Knifley, she said that she will be in a meeting with Federal, State, County officials for to make a full assessment of the situation. Judge Melton said that a statement about the situation will follow that meeting.

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Red Cross sets up shelter at Knifley Fire Station

Gale Cowan, finance officer for the Adair Fiscal, called from Knifley to let people know that the Red Cross is setting up a shelter at the Knifley Fire Department, 6130 Elkhorn Road, Knifley, KY 42753. Gale Cowan, for Adair County Judge Executive Ann Melton's office

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Knifley Pipeline Explosion: KSP asks drivers to avoid KY 76 area

By TFC Billy Gregory, Public Information Officer
Kentucky State Police Post 15, Columbia, KY

COLUMBIA, KY - Kentucky State Police are asking all motorists and community people to avoid the Knifley area of KY 76 in Adair County from Baker's Store to Eastridge Cemertery Road, this portion of the roadway will be closed indefinitely. - TFC Billy Gregory

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Letter: Yosemite difficult, too

Mary Keltner writes:
Be sure to add "Yosemite" to the test. Not long after moving here (Can it really be 22 years ago?), my husband James Howard Keltner took me for a long drive encompassing northern Adair and parts of Casey county. At one point we drove through the Yosemite area, which I, as a Yankee transplant, pronounced the same way you would Yosemite as in the California national park. James Howard thought my pronunciation was hysterical, and teased me about it for years. I have since learned my lesson... to the point that I have mispronounced the name of Yosemite Park!
Mobile comments re: Simple rule, there is an IF, but no KNIFE, in KNIFLEY

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Agenda, C/AC Utilities District Board meeing, Feb. 13, 2014

Columbia/Adair Utilities District (CAUD) Board Meeting
109 Grant Lane, Columbia, KY
6pmCT, February 13, 2014

Meeting Agenda
  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Approval of Bills
  4. Approval of Proposed 2014 Budget
  5. Phase 14 (Downtown) Project
  6. Phase 15 (River Crossing) Project
  7. Phase 16 (EDA Sewer) Project
  8. Phase 17 (Sewer) Project
  9. Cane Valley Sewer Project
  10. Sewer Report
  11. Water Report
  12. New Business
  13. Adjourn

COLUMBIA/ADAIR COUNTY UTILITIES BOARD (CAUD), Lenny Stone, Geneal Manager; meets at 6pmCT/7pmET, every second Thursday in the board room of the district at 109 Grant Lane, Columbia, KY. The Board includes Barry Stotts, Robert Flowers, Rudy Higginbotham, Tim Baker, and David Jones. The meetings are open to the public. - Jennifer Carter, Office manager

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Alan W. Reed: Open letter - Knifley Pipeline Exposion

Adair County School Superintendent Alan Reed was awakened by the Knifley Pipeline explosion this morning and was one of the earliest to arrive at the scene. He was allowed access to restricted areas because of his position and the need to determine whether the situation would affect pupil transportation. Despite the enormity of the event, the manner in which First Responders handled the situation left him impressed with their professionalism and capacity to cope with a situation they had trained for and had hoped would never come. He details the experience in this open letter, shared with local media, including CM.
Click on headline for complete story with photo(s). Also, CM - is coordinating Up to the Minute reports on the Knifley Pipeline Explosion with FM 92.7 The WAVE and 99.9 the Big Dawg, with Larry Smith

By Alan W. Reed, Adair County School Superintendent

To the Adair County School District Parents and Students

Early this morning, around 1:30amCT, residents of the Knifley Community were awakened by a violent explosion. The explosion could be heard and felt as far away as Campbellsville and Columbia, each around 10 miles away. Flames leapt 400 or more feet into the air as a 36 inch gas main ruptured, and rocks and debris made passage across part of KY 76 impassable. By a little after 2amCT, I was on the scene, as was David Jones, our Transportation Director.

Article continues... click title or click here to read whole article.
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Simple rule, there is an IF, but no KNIFE, in KNIFLEY

It's on the Adair County Assimilation Academy Test

By Linda Waggener

Maybe newscasters will learn it today: How to pronounce "Knifley." It's:" Niff-lee."

Just remember: There's an IF, but no KNIFE, in KNIFLEY. - LINDA WAGGENER

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All classes cancelled today at AC Adult Education Center

LeAnna Bennett, Director
Adair County Adult Education Center

All classes are cancelled today, Thursday, February 13, 2014, at the Adair County Adult Education Centers at 108 Lindsey Wilson Street, and 969 Campbellsville Road. Columbia, KY. Classes will resume on Tuesday, February 18, 2014. - LeAnna Bennett

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Columbia Chamber recurring meetings have changes

Updates for CM Directory of Recurring Events

By Kathy Johnson
News from the Columbia/Adair County Chamber of Commerce

COLUMBIA/ADAIR COUNTY CHAMBER of COMMERCE BOARD meets at 10:45amCT, each second Tuesday, at The Pines at Lindsey Wilson, 275 Country Club Road, Columbia, KY each month. Chamber President, Brandon Thompson; Board of Directors, Joel Peterson, Sammy Baker, Wendy Butler Burt, Lee Ann Collins, Julie Day, Pam Hancock, Brenda Mann, Ann Martin, Dr. Ronald Rogers, Debbie Shelby, Sherrie Shelby, Chris Wilson, Ellen Zornes, Wes Bryant and Past President Roger Meadows.

COLUMBIA/ADAIR COUNTY CHAMBER of COMMERCE MONTHLY MEETING meets at 11:45amCT, each second Tuesday, at The Pines at Lindsey Wilson, 275 Country Club Road.

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CU Tiger Wrestling beats Cumberlands to lead nation in wins

By Toria Alsip
News from Campbellsville University

WILLIAMSBURG, KY - Fifth-ranked Campbellsville Tiger wrestling wrapped up its 2013-14 duals schedule Wednesday, February 12, 2014 with a 34-14 win at No. 14 University of the Cumberlands, locking up the most duals wins in all of college wrestling for 2013-14.

Campbellsville (24-7) shattered its previous school record of 13 wins and will finish ahead of Indiana Tech (19-5) and Grand View University (17-1) among NAIA programs. Division 3 programs Luther College (20-6), University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (20-5) and Wartburg University (19-1) are among the Top 5 for wins in the National Wrestling Coaches Association stats reports, but none of them have enough duals remaining to catch CU.

Article continues... click title or click here to read whole article.
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KY 76 in Adair County temporarily closed

By Amber D. Hale, Information Officer
Kentucky Highway Department District

SOMERSET, KY (Feb. 13, 2014 at 6:17amCT) - KY 76 (Elkhorn Road - CM) in Adair County has been temporarily closed due to a gas pipeline explosion that occurred earlier this morning. The closure is between mile points 12.34 and 14.4. Duration of closure is unknown at this time. Dial 511 or log onto for the latest in traffic and travel information in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. - Amber Hale, District 8, Somerset, KY

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Columbia Gas gives heads up on loud maintenance work

By Larry Smith
92.7 the WAVE, 99.9 the Big Dawg

We have been notified by Columbia Gas Transmission that the company will be doing maintenance work on the pipeline in the West 80 near Gradyville area to the Milltown area sometime Thursday morning, February 13, 2014. Residents can expect to hear some really loud, shrill sounds and maybe a boom associated with the work. - Larry Smith

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Knifley Pipeline Explosion: Sheriff Moss pinpoints road closures

By Larry Smith, FM 92.7 the WAVE and FM 99.9 The Big Dawg
Coordinated coverage of the Knifley Pipeline Explosion

Adair County Sheriff Harrison Moss reports from the scene that KY 76/Elkhorn Road is closed and will be blocked to through traffic for much of the day from the Crossroads (Ky 76 & KY 551) west to Mile Marker 13, while crews clear the roadway of dirt, stone, and debris from this morning's pipeline explosion. Larry Smith

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NewsLink: WLEX story that Meg Wellnitz is dead

Tiffany Hadley Kessler writes:
Looks like Meg Wellnitz Appleton has died in prison: Woman who plotted murders of family found dead in prison - Tiffany Hadley Kessler (The story has a photo of Meg Wellnitz Appleton along with a brief account of her death.

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Does anyone remember the Phil Depp farm sink hole

Just northwest of the the Edmonton Exit off the Cumberland Parkway

Larry Walker writes:
Ed, how about a story about Phil Depp's sinkhole in Metcalfe County in the early to mid 1960's. I think that one even made the Courier Journal. The location would have been close to where the Edmonton interchange is on the Parkway. --Larry Walker
Thanks, Larry Walker - I'm not remembering he event. It may have happened after I first became editor of the Edmonton Herald-News in September of 1965, but I don't remember it. We'll try to get the story though. And maybe one of our readers will remember the event. - Ed Waggener

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Today, THURSDAY with CM, February 13, 2014

Haiku by Robert Stone for February 13, 2014:
Those who are guilty
of deliberate falsehood,
hurt those who love them.
--Robert Stone, Thursday, 13 February 2014.
-1000 haiku countdown to Chambers Stevens' 50th birthday, Day 884, in progress

Reminders of Great Recent Reads we hope you didn't miss:
Mostly from Sunday with CM, February 9, 2013 and a few others from the past week. Please note date of posting Search Box for to find your family members in Veterans List
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Explosion in Knifley area reported at 1:30amCT

(Coordinated coverage started at 1:40 received from Larry Smith. Items below are are newest first, from several sources)

By Larry Smith, FM 92.7, the Big Dawg
Coordinated with the staff at

(Approximately 2:49amCT) Superintendent Alan W. Reed of the Adair County School District called to let students and parents know that THERE WILL BE SCHOOL in Adair County today.

(Approximately 2:15amCT) - A call to CM from Drew Bennett of Fox 41 WDRB in Louisville that they are covering the explosion.

(Approximately 2:10amCT) - Automated recorded message from Greg Thomas that there are multiple woods fires, and residential structure fires in the Knifley area. Thomas said that 911 is not yet asking people to evacuate Knifley, but for residents to use their own best judgment. He reported that five fire departments have responded so far. - EW

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Not an official docket. For official court information, check with circuit court clerk in your county. | (ID:26762, Comment)
All classes cancelled today at Adair County Adult Education Centerat 108 Lindsey Wilson Street, and 969 Campbellsville Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:26763, Comment)
9:00amCTAdair Interagency meets 2nd Thursdays
at Adair Courthouse Annex, 424 Public Square, Columbia, KY. (Recurring Event) | (ID:26551, Comment)
10:00amCTServices, Campbellsville, KY, for Tommie Jess Barnett, Taylor Co., KY (1920 - 2014) | (ID:26743, Comment)
11:00amCTServices, Greensburg, KY, for Shannon Shuffett Edwards, 40, Green County, KY (1973-2014) | (ID:26734, Comment)
Services, Edmonton, KY, for Ronald Wayne Harper, 54, Glasgow, KY (d. Feb. 9, 2014) | (ID:26736, Comment)
NoonCTPause for Chimes at Noon, Downtown Columbia. Two selections | (ID:26468, Comment)
2:00pmCTServices, Burkesville, KY, for Willie Jackson (Bub) Crawley, Cumberland Co., KY (1936-2014) | (ID:26751, Comment)
5:00pmCT Little Signup at Joe Johnson Little League PK, 167 Doc Walker RD, Columbia, KY | (ID:26275, Comment)
Chimes at the Evening, Downtown Columbia. Two selections | (ID:26495, Comment)
Planning Forum 2014 Campbellsville 4th of July Celebration: Volunteers Invited
at the Kentucky Farm Bureau Community Meeting Room, 112 Nancy Cox Drive, Campbellsville, KY. | (ID:26692, Comment)
Campbellsville Women's Basketball will host Rio Grande
at Powell Athletic Center 203 Tiger Way, Campbellsville KY 42718, | (ID:26697, Comment)
Campbellsville Lady Tigers host Rio Grande RedStorm
at Powell Athletic Center, 203 Tiger Way, Campbellsville KY 42718. | (ID:26755, Comment)
Services, Chesterton, IN, for Sophia E Loy Wheelock, Adair County, KY (1934-2014)
at White-Love Funeral Home, 525 South 2nd Street, Chesterton, IN | (ID:26759, Comment)
Knifley Little League games cancelled due to pipeline explosion
games normally played at the Knifley Fire Department, 6310 Elkhorn RD, Knifley , KY | (ID:26764, Comment)
5:30pmCTACHS Indian Girls Varsity hosts Marion Co. - Make up game. Free Admission/Adair students
at Adair County High School Gym, 526 Indian Drive, Columbia, KY | (ID:26695, Comment)
6:00pmCTColumbia/Adair Co. Utilities Bd. regular 2nd Thursday meeting. (AGENDA)
CAUD Offices, 109 Grant Lane, Columbia, KY. (Recurring /2nd Thursday) | (ID:26552, Comment)
LWC Women's Basketball hosts Cumberland (of Lebanon,TN)
at Biggers Sports Center, 360 Spickard Drive, Columbia, KY. | (ID:26699, Comment)
Adair County 4-H Livestock Club meeting
at the Adair County Cooperative Extension Service, 409 Fairground Street, Columbia, KY | (ID:26739, Comment)
6:30pmCT(Ad) Rook Night, each Thursday, at Liberty Road General Store and Deli
in the Village of Vester, (Adair Co.), 5097 Liberty RD, Columbia, KY 42728 | (ID:26554, Comment)
7:00pmCTVFW 6097, Ladies Auxiliary meet each 2nd Thursday
at VFW Post 6097, 411 Fairground Street, Columbia, KY (Recurring Event) | (ID:26557, Comment)
ACHS Boys Varsity hosts Marion Co. Make up game. Free Admission/Adair students
at Adair County High School Gym, 526 Indian Drive, Columbia, KY | (ID:26696, Comment)
Campbellsville University Men's Basketball will host Rio Grande
in Powell Athletic Center, 203 Tiger Way, Campbellsville, KY 42718 | (ID:26754, Comment)


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