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David M. Raddock: CPAP Misery - Come hell or High Water

The apparatus was supposed to help with Sleep Apnea. That's what the experts at the clinic told him. And he was willing to try it. After all, sleep disorders can cause heart problems or brain dysfunctions. Using the CPAP - Continuous Positive Airway Pressure - device turned out not to be so easy, even conjuring up images of a recent visit to Auschwitz. He endured that, but it was a different matter when the CPAP started peeing on him

By David M. Raddock

I don't know about you, but I spent a good part of my life kicking back after a long day's work and dinner. Clutching a pillow, I'd let the day's anxieties drain from me by watching some television, pulling the covers up to me, and drifting off to sleep. Now, the ease of all that seems to be in the process of change. Months ago, I was diagnosed with a condition that I actually had to "Google" to find out about," sleep apnea (that's pronounced sleep-pap-neeah), a disorder of sleep caused by convoluted and obstructed breathing. Symptoms range from snoring to gasping and wheezing and obesity (with or without dreams of food).

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Epicurean Kentuckian: Vegetables Ready for Grilling

2013-03-31 - Photo by Pen. Zucchini and eggplant slices, ready for spring grilling with olive oil and sea salt.
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AC Garden Club welcomes members: Even if they live in Atlanta

Jeanne Marshburn's story. She's works in the corporate world of busy Atlanta, GA, but on visits to her future full time home in Kentucky, she takes part in the Adair County Garden Club activities
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By Barbara Armitage
News from the Adair County Garden Club

When the days are cold and wet it's easy to let yourself slide into one of those blue funks and begin to feel like it's going to last forever.

Becoming a part of the Adair County Garden Club is so much more than gardening.

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Lucille Blakey, Casey Co., KY (1923-2013)

She was a native of Russell Co., KY, and a resident of Casey County, KY, at the time of her death. She leaves nine direct living descendants. She was a homemaker and of the Christian faith
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Lucille Blakey passed away Saturday March 30, 2013 at the Liberty Care Center, Liberty, KY. She was 89.

Funeral services are 12pmCT/1pmET Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at McKinney-Brown Funeral Home, 752 Campbellsville Street, Liberty KY, with Bro. Kevin Pittman officiating. Burial is at Poplar Grove Cemetery. Visitation is Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 5pm-8pmCT/6pm-9pmET, at McKinney-Brown Funeral Home.

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Solar/Link: Sun power driving down energy costs in Germany

Germany now leads the world in solar energy. There's a story on how that is sinking energy costs in Slate: Solar power in Germany: How a cloudy country became the world leader in solar

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Carol Perkins: The adventure of opening a new business I

Glasgow, KY, is getting a new business, Fancy Pants, owned by Carol's friend Camilla Shive. Getting started, they made a trip to the Atlanta Buyers Market and eventful adventure. This is the first installment.
The next earlier Carol Perkins column: The real MVP's of the world

By Carol Perkins

Glasgow will soon have a new place to shop. A place to buy skinny jeans, the latest tops to go with them, jewelry, and a host of other items for a modern look. Fancy Pants is coming soon! My friend and fellow teacher Camilla Shive will open in the next few weeks on Happy Valley Rd. Now that I have plugged her new business, the story of our adventure to find the latest fashions for this business took us to the Atlanta Buyers Market a few weekends ago. Not wanting to go alone and knowing how much I enjoy shopping, she invited me.

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Big Trees II: The Miller sale in 1905; Adair-Russell Co. KY

Dedicated to Billy Joe Fudge: Second installment of Big Trees is an account of huge acreage sold in the Estate of James P. Miller II, Crocus, KY, which included lands from his wife Sarah (McClure). The timber was in Adair and Russell Counties, KY
Big Trees I: Mike Watson: A little Big Tree history and historic photo

By Mike Watson

This is a follow-up to my article on "Big Trees in Adair County" that appeared in Columbia Magazine in May 2012. Record keeping being what it is, or was, and record keeping of such things as tree size in Adair County was not something most folk thought much about in the past. Now, however, some enjoy finding out the odd bit of information. Maybe it makes the mind work better, or maybe some of us have moldy brains. Be that as it may, here is a short item with some Big Tree diameters. I dedicate this one to Billy Joe Fudge.

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Christine Atwell Robertson, Center, KY (1924-2013)

She had made a profession of faith in Christ and was a farmer and homemaker. She leaves two direct living descendants.
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Mrs. Christine Atwell Robertson, 88, of Center, KY, departed this life on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at her home in Center.

There will be graveside services held for Mrs. Christine Atwell Robertson at 11amCT, Monday, April 1, 2013 at the Kidd Cemetery. Joseph Wilcoxson and Bro. Phillip Trent will be officiating.

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An Adair Countian Spends Easter in Jerusalem, 1900


An Adair Countian Spends Easter in Jerusalem, 1900

On the morning of Sunday, March 4, 1900, Eld. Z.T. Williams of Montpelier, then in his 51st year, departed the comforts of home and hearth to set forth on the journey of a lifetime. A few days later, he met up with three other Elders of the Christian Church and together they traveled by rail from Lexington to "Washington City" and on to New York City. At that place, they boarded the "great iron steamer" Spartan Prince, bound for the Holy Land by way of Naples, Alexandria and the Pyramids, thence to Joppa and Jerusalem, the little band of sojourners arriving in the latter city on Tuesday, April 10th, five days before Easter.

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Happy Tails: Easter is Anniversary of move to Columbia

It was seven years ago Easter Weekend that Peg Schaeffer made the 1,000 mile move from Connecticut to Kentucky to set up Sugarfoot Farm Rescue. Now the rescue is firmly established. 'It was meant to be,' she says, of this stage of her destiny.
The next earlier Happy Tail: The 1,000 Mile Journey to a New Home - Sky

By Peg Schaeffer

Easter is the anniversary of our move to Columbia, KY. Seven years ago on Good Friday my son, Chip, and I loaded some of our horses into trailers and started our 1,000 mile trek to our new home. Chip drove a truck and trailer with 4 horses in it and I drove a rig with 5 horses. Of course we had several dogs with us. Our plan was to drive straight through, stopping every four hours to feed and water the horses so that we'd arrive sometime on Saturday.

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Jennifer Cook graduates from ITT, Lexington, KY

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Jennifer Cook, daughter of Todd and Rhonda Reliford, of Columbia, Ky. Graduated from ITT Tech on Friday, March 29 2013, in Lexington, KY, attending for four years, studying Criminal Justice. Her parents, Todd and Rhonda Reliford, write, "We're so proud of the achievement she has made."

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Birds of Kentucky: Wants to know about owls

Ellen B Goff writes:
Is a Screech Owl and Barn Owl the same?? --Ellen B Goff
Comments re article 58531 Researchers seek locations of Barn Owl nesting sites

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(Ad) Charm Bracelet found at Columbia TSC

Betsy Fausnaugh writes:
Hello Ed, I found a charm bracelet near the chicken enclosure at Columbia Tractor Supply, 817 Jamestown Street, Columbia, KY. The owner can call me at 270-378-6373 to identify it. Thanks, Betsy Fausnaugh --Betsy Fausnaugh

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Tom Chaney: Stealing Time

Of Writers And Their Books: Stealing Time. Tony Hillerman's A Thief of Time concerns looting of artifacts from ancient Native American burial sites. This column first appeared 30 March 2008.
The next earlier Tom Chaney column: "From Where the Sun Now Stands, I Will Fight No More Forever"

By Tom Chaney

Stealing Time

I've got one of those atomic clocks here in the bookstore. Generally it marks time unobtrusively. Haven't decided just yet what time is, but the clock does pretty well with a questionable concept.

Until last Wednesday evening the clock caused no disruption. But right in the midst of an erudite book discussion it took a fit. All of a sudden the hands started spinning around. It had already "sprung forward" an hour a week or so back. Now we were tumbled about five hours into the future in less than five minutes. I 'spect the clock could have gone on forever marking off high-speed time, but it was merely proclaiming the violent death of a battery.

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(Ad) Large blood hound looking dog found near Gradyville, KY

Chester Owens writes
Found a large blood hound looking dog west of Gradyville. This young dog wants very much to find his family. If this is your big boy please call 270-634-8196. - Chester Owens

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. It's Spring Again

Chuck Hinman: It's Spring Again Chuck looks forward with great zest to spring with exciting spirit of an ageless Nebraska farm boy.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - Large Gardens -- A Lost Art?

By Chuck Hinman

It's Spring Again

Over the years, growing up on a Nebraska farm was a priceless education in "Life" with a capital "L," especially in the spring.

After a cold brutal winter, it seemed like an ideal time to start all over again from scratch. Trees were seen slowly putting on new leaves; the ground seemed to be waking up after a long winter's sleep with sprigs of green life here and there. Even farm animal life seemed to be "in" on this "new beginnings thing" with baby things springing up all over the place. It was like a giant symphony racing to a gorgeous climax with each instrument striving to outdo each other.

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Baseball: LWC wins 3 game series with UPike at Egnew Park

Lindsey Wilson Baseball's extended its win streak to nine after winning all three games with the University of Pikeville (Pikeville, KY) Friday-Saturday, March 29-30, 2013, at Egnew Park, Columbia, KY, with 6-1 and 5-0 wins on Saturday. - From Lindsey Wilson College

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Today, Sunday with CM, March 31, 2013

Haiku by Robert Stone for March 31, 2013:
Who counts up evils
sees most easily those faults
that have been one's own.
--Robert Stone, Sunday, 31 March 2013.
-1000 haiku countdown to Chambers Stevens' 50th birthday, Day 565, in progress

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Birthdays and Anniversaries for March 31
Happy Birthday, Aaran Maurice Taylor (1998) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Amy Smith Waggener | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Chance Scholl (1994) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Elisabeth Smith | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Harper Kayne Bennett (2010) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Holly Kate Ballou (2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Jennifer Coffey Smith | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Nancy Norris | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Ron Cheatham | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Sarai Collins | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Shawntae Burton | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Geraldine "Jerry" Loveless, Adair Co., KY (1928) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Bessie M. Anderson, Russell Co., KY (1926) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Ruthie M. Weddle Russell Co., KY (1934) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Paul A. Campbell, Sr., Taylor Co., KY (1919) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Elizabeth Scott Newby, Cumberland Co., KY (1951) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Aaron Brenner, Taylor Co., KY (1951) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Thurston Ferguson, Burkesville, KY (1929) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Karalee Caldwell Jones, Adair Co., KY (1947-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Aunt Margie Burton (1937-2008) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday,Bro. Walter Keen (W. K.) Norris, Cumberland Co., KY (1925-2013) | (Updates/Corrections)

Events scheduled for Sunday, March 31, 2013
All events are listed in Central Time. Submit your upcoming event using our Contact Form.
5:30amCTEaster Sunrise Service, Bloomington Chapel Church, 55 Blooming Chapel Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:21836, Comment)
Easter Sunrise service at Flatwoods Separate Baptist Church, 1025 Wheeler Hill Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:21783, Comment)
6:00amCTTime to check Directory of Churches for Sunday morning & evening worship service schedules. | (ID:21459, Comment)
Joint Easter Sunrise Service, Chestnut Grove at Redlick UMC, 3675 Mosby Rdg RD, Edmonton, KY | (ID:21519, Comment)
Sparksville Community Easter Sunrise service at Harrods Fork Baptist Church, 169 Harrods Fork Circle | (ID:21752, Comment)
Sunrise Service at Egypt Christian Church followed by breakfast; Easter events throughout day | (ID:21756, Comment)
Easter Sunrise Service at at Barnetts Creek UMC, 1338 Barnett's Creek Road, Columbia, KY < | (ID:21758, Comment)
Easter Sunrise Service at Kelleyville Church, 77 Kelleyville Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:21832, Comment)
Great Oaks Ministries, 165 Dry Creek Road, Roley Easter Sunrise movie, Passion of the Christ | (ID:21833, Comment)
6:30amCTEaster Sunrise, potluck breakfast, First United Methodist Church, 317 E Main ST, Campbellsville, KY | (ID:21775, Comment)
7:00amCTEaster at Cane Valley Baptist Church 3145 Cane Valley Road, Columbia, KY starts at sunrise service | (ID:21762, Comment)
Christie Chapel UMC, Knifley, KY Sunrise Service starts day of Easter activities | (ID:21768, Comment)
9:00amCTEaster Play at Breeding United Methodist Church 605 Breeding Loop, Breeding, KY | (ID:21383, Comment)
9:45amCTEaster Egg Hunt at Trinity United Methodist 2418 Campbellsville Road, Columbia, KY | (ID:21830, Comment)
10:00amCTFree Union Separate Baptist Easter Play is March 31, 2013 | (ID:21629, Comment)
10:45amCTBro. Vernon Luttrell at Gradyville Baptist, 159 Old Gradyville Church RD, Columbia, KY Church | (ID:21842, Comment)
11:00amCTSpecial Easter services at Coffey's Chapel UMC, Eli, Russell County, KY | (ID:21651, Comment)
NoonCTChimes at noon. Downtown Columbia, KY. Two Selections. | (ID:21415, Comment)
Services, Liberty, KY, for Shirley Gooch, Casey County, KY (1940-2013) | (ID:21837, Comment)
5:00pmCTChimes for the evening. Downtown Columbia, KY. Two Selections. | (ID:21454, Comment)
6:00pmCTAdair County Sunday night singing. Stilts Family will sing at Tabor Community Church | (ID:21767, Comment)


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