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The Whitehurst Diaries: Dog Days, August 2017

'Greek and Roman astronomers reviewing the notes of their predecessors, added their own observations of August weather, linking excessive heat, drought, or violent thunderstorms to all manner of ills--lethargy, fever, human passions run amok, maddened dogs . . . Willis makes his rounds early each morning, keeping to the graveled circuit of the dooryard or clambering onto the retaining wall at the front of the house where he can keep tabs on our comings and goings.'
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By Sharon Whitehurst

I have never noted the presence of Sirius, the Dog Star, the harbinger of sunrise during the hot days of waning summer. Our farmhouse, situated at the end of a winding gravel lane, is tucked into a narrow valley between steep ridges. Oak, maple and ash crowd the slopes, blocking the earliest view of morning sun. Mist hovers above Spruce Pine Creek and drifts across a neighbor's field, shredding and dissolving as it reaches the comparatively open spaces surrounding the lower house and barn at the bottom of the lane.

The 'dog days' have been identified from antiquity as a 'period of stagnation or inactivity' arriving yearly to stifle inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere.

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Robert Ellis: Well landscaped scene - Chaplin River, Perryville, KY

2017-08-20 - Perryville, Boyle County, KY - Photo by Robert Ellis, Robert Ellis
Stumbled upon this wonderful scenic view on a recent trip to Harrodsburg Kentucky. This pic was taken from off a bridge that crosses this stream of water that runs through Perryville. This well landscaped area is right behind "Merchants Row" of older buildings as you approach Perryville from Lebanon. A business owner there informed me Perryville was currently undergoing "renovation" of that area in efforts to promote more tourism, and bring back to life some of the older structures there. From the photographers standpoint, this is an excellent place to spend lots of time with the camera! Robert Ellis Photo Robert Ellis(c) 2017.

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Billy Joe Fudge suggests solar eclipse option???

Note - Not all glass from welding helmets or welding glass is safe for viewing the sun!

Billy Joe Fudge writes:
You have a friend with a welding helmet? Ought to have an old one or two laying around that you could get the glass from, borrow or otherwise barter for! - Billy Joe Fudge - (But don't attempt this solution without expert advice!!!)
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Lou Ann Gore: Will view eclipse in outer suburbs of Gamaliel, KY

Lou Ann Gore Flanagan writes:
Jimmy and I are heading to the outer suburbs of Gamaliel to Ray and Kay Turners. I understand the roads will be closed and we already have our detour directions - Lou Ann Gore Flanagan
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Frances Tutt Glasgow, Columbia, KY (1922-2017)

She loved God, her church, family and friends. Her interests were Genealogy, family history, writing her thoughts, poems and history of Milltown. She was the matriarch of a distinguished Adair County, KY family. She was the daughter of the late James R. Tutt, Jr. & Annie Blakeman Tutt, and the widow of Glenn Shirley Glasgow, her husband of 67 years. She leaves nine direct living descendants. She was a member of Columbia United Methodist Church and a member of the United Methodist Women for 66 years and a charter member of the Bliss Homemakers Club, belonging for 63 years. In 1982, she was chosen as Homemaker of the Year by the Business and Professional Woman's Club. In 1994, she was awarded the State Homemakers Journalism Award and received the Homemakers State Leadership Award in 2008.
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Frances Tutt Glasgow, 95, of Columbia, KY, died Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 11amCT, at Episcopal Church Home in Louisville, KY.

Funeral service will be Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 10amCT, at Columbia United Methodist Church, 202 Burkesville Street, Columbia, KY, with Dr. John Hatton officiating. Burial will be in Columbia Cemetery, 315 Campbellsville Street, Columbia, KY. Visitation will be after 1pmCT, Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at Grissom-Martin Funeral Home.

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Annual Parnell Family Reunion, Sat 2 Sep 2017

Annual Parnell Family Reunion, Saturday, September 2, 2017 at Sulphur Welk Park Community Center, 51 Sulphur Well County Park Road, Edmonton, KY. Doors open at 9amCT. Potluck starts at 12pmNoon, CT. Bring a covered dish and enjoy fellowship with family. Our friends also are invited. Hope to see you there.

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Vicki Brock Miller: Still trying to find a pair of Solar Eclipse glasses

Vicki Brock Miller writes:
I'm still trying to find a pair of Solar Eclipse glasses to wear. 😌 --Vicki Brock Miller
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Your plans for Eclipse Day 2017?

By Linda Waggener

What are your plans for August 21, 2017, Eclipse Day? Here at we plan to be keeping watch and keeping readers posted up to and including the event.

How about you and your family? Heading south and west in Kentucky? Working as usual except for a break for the experience? Going to school or getting out?

Let us hear from you as we journal about the biggest eclipse in this century! Just click 'Comment' below and send a word -- and wherever you are and whatever you do tomorrow, have a wonderful, safe eclipse!

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Millinda Jo Durham, 54, Taylor County, KY (1962-2017)

She professed faith in Christ and grew up attending Campbellsville Christian Church and had attended East Campbellsville Church of God. Milly was a former employee of Fruit of the Loom in Campbellsville until its closing. She was a Master Stylist for twenty years and had recently fulfilled her life-long dream, of owning her own business. Milly opened The Beauty Mark Salon in 2015 and operated it until her death. She was the daughter of Margaret Cook Coomes & the late Donnie Glenn Coomes. Her husband of 33 years, Ronnie Durham, survives. She leaves six direct living descendants.
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Millinda Jo Durham of Campbellsville, KY, died at 5:14pmET, Friday, August 18, 2017 in Campbellsville.

The funeral service for Melinda Jo Durham will be at 10amCT/11amET, Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at Parrott & Ramsey Funeral Home, 418 Lebanon Avenue, Campbellsville, KY, by Bro. Robbie Spencer. Visitation will be 4pm-7pmET/5pm-8pmET, at Parrott & Ramsey Funeral Home.

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Revisit Knifley 2017 starts with 5K at the 4 Way

5K route takes runners along shady section of old KY 551, the main road from Knifley to Columbia at one time
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By Debbie Cowan
News from Revisit Knifley 2017

The Revisit Knifley 2017 Festival and Homecoming is shaping up to be the best one yet.

Plans are being made for some new events to add to the favored activities that have been offered the past three years. The 5K at the 4 Way Fun Run/Walk, a popular event for many, will help kick off the festival on Saturday, September 9th at 8amCT. Registration for the run/walk begins at 7amCT, in the parking lot of Patterson's Bait and Grocery, 5855 Elkhorn Road, near the intersection of Hwy 551 and Hwy 76 or the "4Way".

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Great Read for those who were teens of the 1980's and 90's

By Ed Waggener

Alan W. Reed sends a link to a story which will resonate with many teens of the 1980's and 1990's who are now rejoicing that the owners of Columbia House - the mail order CD club, have filed for bankruptcy. The story by Jack Hamilton is at Columbia House Offered Eight CDs for a Penny, but Its Life Lessons Were Priceless.

Reed writes, "This happened to me and many other teens, it was definitely an early "life lesson."

The "life lesson" was in the fine print in Columbia Club's too-good-to-be-true offers and the nightmares those who succumbed to enticing offers. - Anyone want to buy a time share?

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LWC Women's Soccer blanks Mount Vernon Nazarene 3-0

Fifth ranked Blue Raiders now 1-0 with victory over Mt. Vernon Nazarene
Lindsey Wilson Women's Soccer hosts Martin Methodist (TN) at 7pmCT, Saturday, August 26, 2017, at Walter S. Reuling Stadium, 151 Holloway Drive, Columbia, KY.

By Chris Wells, Sports Information Director
News from Lindsey Wilson College

MOUNT VERNON, OHIO (Sat 19 Aug 2017)- Fifth-ranked Lindsey Wilson women's soccer scored early and added on late to beat host Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) 3-0 today at Cougar Field.

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Today, SUNDAY with CM - 20 August 2017

Haiku by Robert Stone for August 20, 2017:
The self-confident,
suffering no lack of words,
enjoy making talks.
--Robert Stone, Sunday, 20 August 2017.
-1000 haiku twice now, now on to more days, Day 2168

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Birthdays and Anniversaries for August 20
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In Memory Birthday, Mr. Mitchell Patterson, 93, Green County, KY (1923-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Mrs. Deena Paige Eversole Coffey, 66, Green Co., KY (1950-2017) | (Updates/Corrections)

Events scheduled for Sunday, August 20, 2017
All events are listed in Central Time. Submit your upcoming event using our Contact Form.
6:00amCTTime to check CM Directory of Churches for Sunday worship service schedules. | (ID:48907, Comment)
There's been a new development in this story

Emilee is missing, last seen in Columbia near Post Office. (Possible sighting yesterday on Hurt Street). Has two three week old puppies who need her at home.

CM Animals is the place to look for all things pets:
Supplies. Pet Markers. Lost or Found Pets. Pets for Sale or Fees. Pets Free/No Fee to good homes. CM Animals - CM | (ID:48912, Comment)
9:30amCTThrough the Fire Worship Center Celebration/Singing/Preaching/Lunch - Gary Tucker. (DETAILS) | (ID:48753, Comment)
10:45amCTHis Heart Quartet singing at Cane Valley Christian Church. - Nancy Cundiff STORY | (ID:48800, Comment)
11:00amCTBro. Shawn Sharp preaching at Gradyville Baptist | (ID:48824, Comment)
NoonCTServices, 12pmCT/1pmET, Campbellsville, KY, for Lora Mae Sallee Dudgeon, 79, Taylor County, KY (1938-2017) | (ID:48899, Comment)
Chimes at noon, Downtown Columbia. Two selections | (ID:48906, Comment)
1:00pmCTServices, Columbia, KY, for Sharon Kimbler, 51, Adair County, KY (1966-2017) | (ID:48887, Comment)
4:00pmCTTime to check CM Directory of Churches for Sunday evening worship service schedules. | (ID:48908, Comment)
5:00pmCTPickett's Chapel Vacation Bible School 5pm-7:30pmCT, Sundays, 6-13-20-27 Aug 2017. - Dariann Smith | (ID:48651, Comment)
Pause for Chimes for the evening, Downtown Columbia. Two selections | (ID:48909, Comment)
6:30pmCTParnell's of Edmonton singing at Hadley Community Church.. - Alterine Hadley (STORY) | (ID:48868, Comment)
8:00pmCTLIST YOUR YARD SALE Now Got an upcoming Yard Sale? There's Send it NOW using any Contact/Submit button. Need Help? Call 270-250-2730. | (ID:48905, Comment)


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