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Mary Lou Robertson, 78, Russell Co. KY (1937-2015)

She was a homemaker and a "Mom" and "Granny" to a lot of people. She was a native of Russell County, KY, and a resident of the county at the time of her death. She was the widow of first Arvis Eston Robertson and later R.G. "Geter" Robertson. She leaves 23 direct living descendants.
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Mary Lou Robertson, was born March 24, 1937 in Russell County, KY, the daughter of the late Estil Ray & Ettie Jane Robertson Irvin. She died Monday, April 20, 2015 at the Russell County Hospital, Russell County, KY. She was 78 years and 27 days old.

Funeral service for Mary Lou Robertson will be at 1pmCT, Thursday, April 23, 2015 at the Bernard Funeral Home Chapel, 367 N Main Street, Russell Springs, KY, with Bro. Phillip Miller and Bro. Bobby Dunbar officiating. Visitation will be after 5pmCT, Wednesday, April 22, 2015. Burial will be in the New Friendship Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Michael Robertson, Dillon Maynard, Derick Robertson, Joe Robertson, Shuan Robertson, Matt McClanahan, and Darren Roy.

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Epicurean Kentuckian: Famous Tennessee Food

2015-04-21 - ????? - Photo By Innocent Bystander.
Anybody help us on this one? Got in an email with just the note, "Famous Tennessee Food." It looks good, but has the look of something odoriferous, which might permeate the pores of one's skin after ingestion. Maybe a tramp festival item. Maybe something one would eat with a can of chicken Viennies. Let us know. - EK

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Lindsey Wilson Baseball hosts Milligan, Tue 21 Apr 2015

First pitch is scheduled for 3pmCT at Egnew Park

By Matthew Stokes
News from Lindsey Wilson College

COLUMBIA, KY The Lindsey Wilson baseball team plays a doubleheader against visiting Milligan (TN) at 3pmCT on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, inside of the Lindsey Wilson Sports Park at Egnew Park, 928 Russell Road, Columbia, KY.

The Blue Raiders (28-17) enter on the heels of a weekend series win over conference opponent St. Catharine (KY).

The visiting Buffaloes (21-15) come into this nonconference doubleheader having dropped six of their past 10 games.

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Improvements for US68 in Metcalfe, Green Recommended

By: Chris Jessie
Public Information Officer, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 4

Bowling Green, Ky. (April 20, 2015) -- The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet initiated two different studies affecting US 68 in Metcalfe and Green Counties. The US 68 Corridor Project examines the need and types of improvements necessary along the route between the Cumberland Parkway and Greensburg. The US 68 Greensburg Connector Project investigates alternatives to better connect US 68 through or around Greensburg. The current studies serve as the first step in establishing project goals, identifying environmental concerns, and evaluating preliminary alternatives.

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Jon Halsey: Comments on Mayoral situation

Comments re article 74709 Does Columbia have a Mayor Its more interesting today

By Jon Halsey
Personal Commentary
If Mr. Hardwick wishes to contest Judge Vance's ruling, that is certainly his right as a citizen. However, it also seems to be our right as citizens to not have to pay for his appeal especially since this would not be action stemming from operation or activities of the Office of Mayor. It would also seem to be in the best interests of propriety that he temporarily step aside if and while he is involved in such litigation. - Jon Halsey
Thanks - From what we hear, Mr. Hardwick is not asking the taxpayers to pay for his appeal. We haven't heard anything about his intentions on stepping aside. He's a formidable, very likable candidate - he's won three times before the November 2014 race - so opponents might want him to be tied down to the office rather than being out campaigning. Just saying. - EW

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Good news! Vicky Pike's younger cousin at My Old KY Home

Kinsman is Park Manager!

I would just like to share the good news that my younger cousin, Matthew Bailey was hired in the last few days as the park manager of My Old Kentucky Home. He is a native of Elkton KY, and is the grandson of my mother's brother, Floyd Bailey. We are so proud of his accomplishments and wanted to share this with the folks of Adair County. So when you go visit and see this fine young man, you can tell him you are from Adair County and have heard of him on Columbia Magazine. Thanks - Vicky Pike

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Judge Vance's ruling on Mayor's Race

Press Release: In response to Civil Action No 14-CI-00211

From: Lisa Greer, Adair County Clerk

I know the most asked question the last few days has been when is the Election?

I wish I could as your County Clerk give you that answer today, but at this time I cannot answer that question, due to the fact that the time frame for the appeals process is ten days (10) from the decision of the Court. I am currently, talking to the State Board of Elections, County Board of Elections, and the County Attorney to make sure we have the right answers for you the voters once the Appeal time frame has lapsed. We have to follow State KRS's pertaining to any elections and we will do so, after the 10 days time frame for Appeals the Board of Elections, will meet with the County Attorney and decide when the election will be per KRS, which then will be presented to State Board of Elections.

The Monthly meeting of the Board of Elections is Thursday, April 30th at 10:00 a.m. CST in the Office of the County Clerk. This meeting is past the 10 day time frame for Appeals. Once a decision has been made and approved by State we will issue a statement to you the voters. I can assure you the voter will know as soon as legally possible.

Please do not hesitate to call me or stop by if you have any questions.

Lisa Greer, Adair County Clerk

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Penpals since age 12, now both teachers, finally meet

Leslie Goodwin, from Scotland, and Carla Perkins have been penpals since they were 12 years old. Recently, Leslie and her husband John came to Kentucky and have been guests of Carla Perkins and her husband Tim. A highlight of the Goodwin's visit was Ms. Goodwin's visit to Adair County Elementary, where eager students submitted their names to become penpals of students in Minard Elementary School in Scotland
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By Shamarie Claiborne
News from the Adair County Elementary School

Many times in life we have people who come and go. It is rare when you have a friend that you keep in contact with from childhood, well into your adult life. Not due to any issues but just life gets too busy. Well not for Carla Perkins and Lesley Goodwin.

The started writing each other as pen pals when they 12 years old. Carla of course is from Columbia, KY, born and raised, and now the Technology Director at Adair County Schools.

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Does Columbia have a Mayor? It's more interesting today

What we know this morning:

Word that the Judge Vance's ruling might be appealed, which changes so much about the whether Columbia has a Mayor or not, was received here at in a call to Councilman Ronnie Rogers, who commented yesterday after the original announcement of the special called meeting was rescinded, was that the meeting cancellation had to do with a probable appeal to Judge Vance's ruling voiding the November 4, 2015 Mayoral Election.

Later, Larry Smith of FM 92.7 the WAVE and FM 99.9 the Big Dawg, confirmed that he had interviewed Curtis Hardwick. Smith said he fully expects an appeal to be on Hardwick's behalf.

Next came an announcement of a special called meeting of the Adair County Board of Elections, with an Executive Session which one could only surmise will concern those co-defendants joining the appeal.

For now, that's the latest, here. We hope to have more during the day. - EW

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Very Old Person remembers big shift in Greene Co. population

Charles Marshburn writes:
I realize you are probably the only person old enough to remember why the population of Greene County fell 36% and the population of Adair County rose 17 % in the census of 1850. Hope it wasn't due to an election! Anyone with any information? - Charles Marshburn
Mr. Marshburn, I don't know. This is a question which has weighed on the minds of so many, so long, but you've just asked a question way beyond our collective educational level, though occurrences in the year 1948 may have something to do with the Greene County exodus. For Adair County, since this was before the influx of Canadian Tour Busses, it must have had to do with Malthusian reasons. But if there is a historian in the house, maybe we'll both learn the answer. - EW. For possibility's please ponder Larry Smith's ancient map we've linked by clicking on headline.

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Old Kentucky Home, Larry Smith visit album

Larry Smith made a visit Saturday, April 18, 2015, and, as usual, came back with some photo(s) his readers on CM and listeners on FM 92.7 the WAVE and FM 99.9 the Big Dawg are loving. They are now in CM photo archives, and, to make it easier for Larry Smith fans, collected in a small album (unless he adds more to it.)

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Niles H. Lawlor, 66, Metcalfe Co., KY (1948-2015)

He had gathered a host of friends since moving to South Central Kentucky, and was widely respected for his keen interest in the enjoyment and conservation of the area's unique natural treasures. He was a United States Marines Veteran, serving in the Vietnam War. He retired from Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems in Edmonton, KY. He was a member of the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation and the Trust for Public Land.
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Mr. Niles H. Lawlor,was born October 27, 1948 in New Haven, Connecticut of Metcalfe County was found Thursday, April 16 in Taylor County after a boating accident that occurred on March 25, 2015. He was 66 years, five months, and 26 days of age.

The family has chosen cremation. There will be a visitation and memorial service scheduled at a later date. Dates and Times of the Visitation and Memorial Service will be posted as soon as they are available from Foster-Toler-Curry Funeral Home, 209 W Court Street, Greensburg, KY.

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CACEDA meeting for today re-scheduled to 24 Apr 2015

There will be a change in the date for the EDA Board Meeting. To accommodate Mr. Jeff Arnold, from the Engineer Firm in Bowling Green. The April EDA meeting will be held on Friday, April 24 at 8amCT, in the Board room of the Chamber of Commerce, 201 Burkesville Street, Columbia, KY. - KATHY JOHNSON, Office Mgr.

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Madison Co., KY man sentenced to 10 years for heroin conspiracy

The investigation for this case was conducted by the Berea Police Department and the DEA. Assistant U.S. Attorney Cindy Rieker prosecuted the case on behalf of the federal government.
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From U.S. Attorney's Office
Department of Justice, Eastern District of Kentucky

LEXINGTON, KY (20 Apr 2015) -- A Madison County, KY man, who was previously convicted of heroin charges, has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison.

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Today, TUESDAY with CM, 21 Apr 2015

Haiku by Robert Stone for April 21, 2015:
Fear not high-flown thoughts
if you humbly remember
that you are not gods.
--Robert Stone, Tuesday, 21 April 2015.
-1000 haiku countdown finished, now for some more days, Day 1316

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Trip to Cuba topic today on Susan and Carol

Our guest on Susan and Carol on 99.1 the Hoss today, 21 Apr 2015, is Amy, daughter of Jimmy Wallace (James Whister) and his wife Peggy, who just got back from a trip to Cuba. She just graduated from Western Kentucky University, so this should be very interesting and informative. Tune in from 10am-12pmCT. - CAROL PERKINS

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Birthdays and Anniversaries for April 21
| (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Anniversary, David and Teresa Giles (1989) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Anniversary, Larry and Tammy Franklin | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Anthony Darnell | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Chris G. Hadley | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Eddie Compton | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Graham | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Jennifer Carole Neagle Boils | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Jessica Froedge (1990) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Kelci Marie Pickett (2007) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Laura Flatt | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Malory Feese Burton. | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Olivia Grace Lynn (2010) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Rebecca Ann Grant (1940) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Taylor BreAnn Burton and Tristan Rose Burton (2006) | (Updates/Corrections)
Happy Birthday, Twins Taylor Burton and Tristan Burton (2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memoriam, Valerie Wheeler Morris (d. April 21, 2007) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Elvie R. Wall, Casey Co., KY (1926) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Ruth P. Thomas Adair Co., KY (1910) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Wanda Walters, Taylor Co., KY (1936) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Donald Rexroat, Russell Co., KY (1947-2013) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Inez Burton Bernard Roden, Adair County, KY (1922-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Ella Fern Polston, 73, Russell County, KY (1941-2014) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, Cecil Howard Garmon, 75, Cumberland County, KY (1939-2015) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, April Ann Rooks (1984-2002) | (Updates/Corrections)

Events scheduled for Tuesday, April 21, 2015
All events are listed in Central Time. Submit your upcoming event using our Contact Form.
7:00amCTAdair Recycling Center, 32 Service RD, Columbia, KY / 270-378-0782
Open 7am-3pmCT Monday through Friday; 7am-12pm noon CT, Saturdays. | (ID:33630, Comment)
7:30amCTLindsey Wilson College Women's Golf in MSC Championship play at the Bardstown Country Club at Maywood, 130 Maywood Avenue, Bardstown, KY. | (ID:33920, Comment)
8:00amCTPraise Assembly of God Food Pantry, Tuesdays 8am-1pmCT (Recurring Event) Praise Assembly of God, 310 Jamestown Street, Columbia, KY. Ann Burton Murphy | (ID:33690, Comment)
CACEDA meeting for today RE-SCHEDULED. See 24 Apr 2015 EVENTS
C-AC Economic Development Authority monthly meeting Meets each third Tuesday. | (ID:33697, Comment)
7 County Area Court: Circuit Courts. District Courts, at at Glance. Not Official. Always Click to Docket for all Kentucky Counties Once at Docket for all Kentucky Counties, Choose 1) Circuit or District, 2) County - from drop down list 3) Verify dates :
Adair County. Adair Co. Judicial Center, 201 Campbellsville ST. Columbia, KY: Fifty-four (54) Event(s) Circuit Court. No (0) Event(s) District Court.
Casey County Judicial Center, 231 Courthouse Square, Liberty, KY. No (0) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. Twenty-two (22) Event(s) District Court.
Cumberland County, Justice Center, 112 Courthouse Square, Burkesville, KY. No (0) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. No (0) Event(s) District Court.
Green County Judicial Center, 200 W. Court Street, Greensburg, KY. No (0) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. Five (5) Court Event(s) District Court.
Metcalfe County, Judicial Center, 201 E. Stockton Street, Edmonton, KY. No (0) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. No (0) Court Event(s) cases District Court.
Russell County. Judicial Center, 410 Monument Square, Jamestown, KY.No (0) Court Event(s) Circuit Court. One (1) Court Event(s) District Court.
Taylor County, Justice Center, 300 E. Main Street, Campbellsville, KY. Two Hundred Seventy-Seven (277) Court Event(s) in Circuit Court. Two (2) Event(s) Court Event(s) in District Court.
Not an official docket. For official court information, check with circuit court clerk in your county. | (ID:33949, Comment)
Linda Lewis art exhibit at Adair County Public Library, 8am-5pmCT ACPL, 307 Greensburg Street, Columbia, KY. | (ID:33923, Comment)

Academic Celebration Week at Lindsey Wilson College for Tuesday, April 21
Norma and Glen Hodge Center for Discipleship, 402 Helen Flatt Drive, Columbia, KY
- 8:00amCT - "5, 6, 7, 8 ... Go PEP," by DeResha Walkup of Columbia; "The Best Ships Are Relationships," by Carrie Mason of Canmer, KY, and Amber Clark of Kennesaw, GA
- 10:30amCT - "Getting Back More Than We Give," by Wendy Price of Berea, KY
- 1:00pmCT - "Bonner Love: Fire Hydrants and Flashlights," by Lauren Kinser of Elizabethtown, KY; "I Am Not a Tree," by Brenna Smith of Corbin, KY; "Growing Through the Journey," by Heather Franks of Monticello, KY, and Dariann Smith of Columbia; "How a Rubber Band in Horton Hall Changed My Life," by Jonathan Joseph
Roberta D. Cranmer Dining & Conference Center, 403 Helen Flatt Drive, Columbia, KY
- 12:30-1:15pmCT - Poster Presentations on Environmental and Renewable Energy
V. P. Henry Auditorium, 210 Lindsey Wilson Street
- 12:30pmCT - Scene from Julius Caesar, to be performed April 22-24, 26; aria from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi, by Chelsea Pike of Campbellsville, KY; monologue from The Woman in Black by Jeremy Cloyd of Tompkinsville, KY; A Shakespeare sonnet, by Sarah Wood of Bowling Green, KY; "Commemoration of the Scots, by Micah Little of Dunnville, KY
W.W. Slider Humanities Center Recital Hall, 155 Blue Raider Drive, Columbia, KY
- 2:00pmCT - "The Poets Sing," by the LWC Concert Choir
Biggers Sports Center, 360 Spickard Drive, Columbia,KY
- 3:30pmCT - Honors Convocation
Slider Recital Hall, 155 Blue Raider Drive
- 7:00pmCT - Musical Coalitions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, by students Samantha Harden of Russell Springs, KY; Jared Helm, of Buffalo, KY; Abigail Keller of Pewee Valley, KY; Kendra Phillips of Radcliff, KY; and Hannah Warren of Columbia; and LWC Professor of Music Robert Reynolds.

| (ID:33938, Comment)
9:00amCTAdair Food Pantry, 203 South Monroe Street, Columbia, KY
Open 9am-12pmCT, Tuesdays, Contact: Stephanie Long, Director, 270-250-2847 | (ID:33686, Comment)
10:00amCTThe "Susan & Carol, Unscripted" show, live. FM 99.1 radio
Topic: Trip Amy Wallace, just back from trip to Cuba
Susan Chambers & Carol Perkins (Sunday with CM Columnist) | (ID:33780, Comment)
Services, Liberty, KY, for Ronald Lynn Brown, Adair Co., KY, (1973-2015) | (ID:33907, Comment)
Green River Animal Shelter open today, 10am-5pmCT. GRAS, 455 Appleby Drive, Columbia, KY. Stop in and see the progress we're making. Thanks, KIM SALLEE Director
(See Animal control pickups and GRAS dogs for adoption in CM Animals - CM) | (ID:33951, Comment)
NoonCTPause for Chimes at Noon, Downtown Columbia. Two selections | (ID:33568, Comment)
2:00pmCTBlue Ribbons event on Public Square to draw attention to Child Abuse | (ID:33853, Comment)
Services, Summer Shade, KY, for Dennis Craig Smith, 62, Summer Shade, KY (1952-2015) | (ID:33934, Comment)
3:00pmCTAdair Co. Knife Swap, Regular 1st & 3rd Tuesdays (Recurring Event)
In the basement of the Masonic Lodge, 501 Burkesville Street, Columbia, KY. - Jason Cox | (ID:33693, Comment)
Blue Raider Softball at Georgetown (KY) at Tiger Stadium, 400 East College Street (campus), Georgetown, KY 40324. | (ID:33932, Comment)
Lindsey Wilson Baseball hosts Milligan in doubleheader inside of the Lindsey Wilson Sports Park at Egnew Park, 928 Russell Road, Columbia, KY. | (ID:33952, Comment)
3:30pmCT ACMS Site Council meeting rescheduled for 27 Apr 2015
ACMS site council meets Tue 21 Apr 2015
at Adair County Middle School, 322 General John Adair Drive, Columbia, KY The meeting is open to the public. - ALMA RICH, Adair County Middle School Principal. | (ID:33875, Comment)
5:00pmCTChimes at the Evening, Downtown Columbia. Two selections | (ID:33600, Comment)
ADAIR COUNTY BAND BINGO - at Adair Band Bingo Building - Doors Open 5pmCT - Close 10pmCT Bingo is each Tuesday and Friday. Open 5pm-10pmCT/6pm/11pmET, in the Adair Band Bingo Building, 50 Shady Lane (Bing Map/Direction from Anywhere) Columbia, KY. License # ORG0002285. Five Regular Games, Pull Tabs, and Much More. Concessions available at all sessions. (Sponsored) | (ID:33676, Comment)
Lindsey Wilson College Student Union to hold 'Take Back the Night' Event's aim to raise awareness of need to stop sexual violence. | (ID:33865, Comment)
Special called meeting Columbia City Council (AGENDA) | (ID:33945, Comment)
6:30pmCTGlens Fork Church of the Nazarene revival: 19-22 Apr 2015 | (ID:33872, Comment)
7:00pmCTMozart tonight LWC students Samantha Harden, Jared Helm, Abigail Keller, Kendra Phillips, and Hannah Warren, and Prof. Bob Reynolds to present Mozart in W.W. Slider Humanities Center Recital Hall, 155 Blue Raider Drive, Columbia, KY. The concert is free and open to the public. | (ID:33856, Comment)
CU Orchestra Spring Concert, with Dr. J. Robert Gaddis. Free & open to the public. In the Ransdell Chapel, 401 N Hoskins Avenue, Campbellsville, KY. | (ID:33917, Comment)


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