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Chuck Hinman: IJMA: Memories of Santa Unfriendly House

Previously: Memories of Christmases Past Chuck says in spite of having no fireplace, Santa never missed leaving presents for the Hinman kids.
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By Chuck Hinman

Memories of Christmases Past

My earliest Christmas remembrance is in the 1920's when we lived in the farm home where I grew up between Liberty and Wymore in southeastern Nebraska. The house was large, almost new and had all the 'bells and whistles' except one. There was no fireplace and/or fireplace chimney for Santa to enter the house! Ye gads, Dad, why did we move here? This house is Santa Claus unfriendly!

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. Grandma’s Doll: A Christmas Story

Grandma’s Doll: A Hinman Family Christmas Story Chuck settles on getting his wife an Alexander doll for Christmas. Then his small granddaughter is told not to touch it but a child has trouble subduing feelings.
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By Chuck Hinman

Grandma’s Doll: A Hinman Family Christmas Story

The expression 'out of the mouths of babes' is frequently used to describe little ones who are not inhibited by what comes out of their mouths in the same way as adults. They have not learned to temper their speech to not offend or hurt someone's feelings. That comes with time.

My granddaughter who is now a young adult, attractive, a recent college graduate, a sharp cookie, discreet to a fault, and known for always pleasing everyone, hasn't always been so. She is the apple of her Grandpa's eye.

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. Hi! Where Are You From?

Hi! Where Are You From? Chuck recalls and gives thanks for the experiences of the first twenty-four years of his life, the Nebraska years.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - Depression Days

By Chuck Hinman

Hi! Where Are You From?

Most people like to brag about where they are 'from.' Nobody claims to be from 'here' even though they have lived 'here' much longer than the place they're 'from.'

I have lived in Oklahoma three tines as long as I lived in Nebraska. I have lived and raised a family here but no way do I say Oklahoma is where I am 'from'! Let me tell you about the place I am 'from.'

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Chuck Hinman: IJM. A Memorable Hinman Thanksgiving

A Memorable Hinman Thanksgiving. This is Chuck Hinman's classic account of Thanksgiving 1933 in which he describes shucking corn, trading eggs for groceries, the special treat of raisins and celery, the stranger sharing the feast, and seeing a Marx brothers movie.
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By Chuck Hinman

A Memorable Hinman Thanksgiving

When Thanksgiving rolled around in 1933, I was a eleven-year old boy, growing up on a Nebraska farm. The famed stock-market crash of 1929 had not much immediate effect on our life. My dad had a few gold certificates which become worthless but no big deal. What did 'do him in' and other farmers, was the combination of the stock market crash or depression and a succession of years of various weather and insect plagues. All Hell seemed to have broken loose and there was no relief in between disasters. It was heartbreaking and scary times, nothing before like it!

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. Changing Oil

Changing Oil. Chuck decides at age 42 to change the oil in his car, knowing that his Dad always said he should "stay ten feet away from cars."
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By Chuck Hinman

Changing Oil

It is a fact of life that some people are blessed with more skills and aptitudes than others. I have observed that some parent do a better job of teaching or training their children household skills. And yes, even horse-sense seems unevenly distributed.

I wasn't blessed with automotive maintenance skills as many are. Maybe that's why the Lord never made it possible for me to own a car until I was twenty-seven years old. There was an element of truth in Dad's admonition that I, Chuck Hinman, should "stay ten feet away from cars." That was funny but I began to know it was true and it hurt.

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. Veterans Day 2003

Chuck says, "I wasn't looking for it, and I'm not sure I was deserving of it, but it sure was nice to be publicly thanked for military service."
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - Shopping gone wrong

By Chuck Hinman

I am a Veteran of WW 2. My service was not unusual. My life took a detour for 41 months in September 1942 but that's all it was, a detour. My service time was in the US Army Air Forces, the 20th Air Force, with overseas service on Guam. I never once entertained any idea that my life was being 'put-up-on' by our government's decision to go to war against Japan. To protest, even mildly, never crossed my mind. I was not dumb.

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. Shopping gone wrong

Chuck goes on a shopping binge for seven pair of new socks to replace all his old socks but bras bar his way.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - Husbands, Stay Out Of The Kitchen: Advice For Retirement

By Chuck Hinman

I go on a crazy 'lights out' shopping binge every now and then that I can't justify later and yet it seemed so reasonable at the time. Ever been there or done that?

Last week without batting an eye I bought two pair of pricey shoes (I won't tell you the price) reasoning that not one pair of the sixteen pair of shoes on the shoe rack outside my clothes closet door are comfortable. I'm not rich but after 88 years I certainly deserve some decent-fitting shoes. Wsh!

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA - Husbands, Stay Out Of The Kitchen

Chuck says random order is not all that bad after his wife's outburst when he decided to organized her recipes and junk drawer as the first grand act of his retirement.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - The Flour Mill at Blue Rapids, Kansas

By Chuck Hinman

Husbands, Stay Out Of The Kitchen: Advice For Retirement

I retired in August 1985 after working 35 years at Phillips Petroleum Company. When retirement came we were living at 7714 Lacy Hill in Houston, Texas.

In the months before I retired, I pondered what 'important' thing I might do as my first official act of retirement -- like 'something for humanity.' But, the thing that came to mind most often was to clean the garage! Heaven knows it needed it but that seemed so mundane.

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. The Flour Mill at Blue Rapids, Kansas

The Flour Mill at Blue Rapids, Kansas. Chuck's father saved some of the wheat they grew and took it to the mill to become Hinman flour.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - First Impressions

By Chuck Hinman

The Flour Mill at Blue Rapids, Kansas

I have written many stories of my childhood. But one that frequently comes to mind when I am brainstorming for something to write is this one. It happened so long ago that some of the interesting detail may be missing. But if this story is anything like my others, I can count on a few of my faithful readers to fill in what I left out.

In the harsh economic times when I was growing up on a farm near Wymore, Nebraska, my parents, Arley and Merle (Mouser) Hinman, became very skilled in 'making do' with what they had. I have written many of my 200 some stories about those times.

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Chuck Hinman: First Impressions

First Impressions Chuck says first impressions are not always reliable as he knows from his experience.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - Hopelessly Trapped!

By Chuck Hinman

First Impressions

Not long after I began a business career with Phillips Petroleum Company, I discovered that my line of work required the expertise of Phillips' large and impressive legal department. There was a staff of about eight to ten attorneys that specialized in giving legal advice on land and geological matters only. Since my work had to do with land titles, Mr. Robert Burgess (Bob, to his close friends) was our designated 'go-to' attorney in such matters.

I, as a new hire, found Mr. Burgess to be a most intimidating person to deal with.

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. Hopelessly Trapped

Hopelessly Trapped! Chuck says don't close the door when you go into a restroom until you check for escape routes.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - A Self-Taught Skill

By Chuck Hinman

Hopelessly Trapped!

In the late 1970's, the Lease Records division of the Land & Geological Department where I worked was relocated to the newly refurbished Pioneer Building. It had been the long-time home of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. It was an old building. The men's restroom at the back of the second floor was so old that instead of marble doors and stalls, it had thick, oft-painted plywood stalls and doors.

One morning when I pulled one of the stall doors outward and entered, I let the door close by itself. Somehow the door was so heavy, it 'clomped' shut and in doing so, the door hardware went too far and trapped me inside the stall. Oh God, why me? I tried the door time after time and there was no way I could get out. I was hopelessly trapped!

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. A Self-Taught Skill

A Self-Taught Skill. Chuck sets out on the road of becoming a self-taught organist when the regular musician is absent.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - My Legacy : The Sentimental Journey Tapes

By Chuck Hinman

A Self-Taught Skill

When Connie and I were married in 1952, we were members of First Methodist Church in downtown Bartlesville, Oklahoma. After we built our first home we moved our membership to what was then known as Limestone Methodist, now East Cross Methodist Church. Our good friend, Maxine Brooks was the director of our fledgling choir.

I was a piano player but there was no piano at Limestone Methodist. The only musical instrument was a new Hammond organ. Beth Johnson was the organist.

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. My Legacy : The Sentimental Journey Tapes

My Legacy : The Sentimental Journey Tapes Chuck suggests that he will most be remembered as the guy that handed them free gratis one of his "Sentimental Journey" organ tapes.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - Have I Ever Been Jealous Over My Wife?

By Chuck Hinman

My Legacy : The Sentimental Journey Tapes

As I live out my life waiting for my heavenly townhouse to be completed, I occasionally reflect on what one thing I will most be remembered for when I'm out of here. Certainly I have lived in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, long enough to have left some tracks. The question is -- what tracks will I most be remembered for?

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. Have I Ever Been Jealous Over My Wife?

Chuck tells of Connie's ignoring him when he is not in his usual place at church service. Her Alzheimer's creates the greatest moment of separation in their fifty year marriage.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column -Red Buhrmann, My College Roommate

By Chuck Hinman

Have I Ever Been Jealous Over My Wife?

It would seem when you hear my surprising answer -- "Yes, and with a mind-boggling consuming jealousy you can't comprehend!" -- you would probably relate it to a likely incident in the early years of our marriage. WRONG! You would never dream that it happened when we were nearly 80 years old, and had completed near 50 years of 'one flesh' marriage consummated by our wedding vows so long ago.

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Chuck Hinman: IJMA. Red Buhrmann, My College Roommate

Red Buhrmann, My College Roommate. Chuck recounts his days at Peru State Teachers College where he met Red Buhrmann who was a POW after being shot down over Germany in 1944.
Next earlier Chuck Hinman column - Knock Knock -- May I Borrow A Cup of Soap?

By Chuck Hinman

Red Buhrmann, My College Roommate

I have written about my experience of 'leaving the nest' and the parental probation I was on when returning to college for the 1939-1940 term. The college was Peru State Teachers College at Peru, Nebraska. It was only ninety miles from where I had grown-up on the farm near tiny Liberty, Nebraska. For those not adept at math, that was over seventy years ago!

Delzell Hall, the sparkling new dormitory for men, was a couple weeks from completion. Boys who had come to the fall term expecting to stay in the new facility were 'put up' temporarily in the gym. It had the appearance of a barracks with a hundred or so cots in neat rows.

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    Posted: 2012-01-01, Story ID: 49150

  137. Chuck Hinman: IJMA 134, Oyster Stew tradition
    Posted: 2011-12-25, Story ID: 49043

  138. Chuck Hinman: IJMA : 188 : My Legacy
    Posted: 2011-12-18, Story ID: 48922

  139. Chuck Hinman: His writing exposed the beauty of his nature
    Posted: 2011-12-16, Story ID: 48892

  140. Chuck Hinman, Bartlesville, OK, (1922-2011)
    Posted: 2011-12-16, Story ID: 48888

  141. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 128 - You're not Santa Claus
    Posted: 2011-12-11, Story ID: 48792

  142. Chuck Hinman No. 023: Thank God For Pets
    Posted: 2011-11-27, Story ID: 48521

  143. Chuck Hinman now in hospice care
    Posted: 2011-11-20, Story ID: 48384

  144. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 161: Our Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
    Posted: 2011-11-20, Story ID: 48381

  145. Chuck Hinman attends, speaks at Veterans Day at Tallgrass
    Posted: 2011-11-13, Story ID: 48215

  146. Chuck Hinman, IJMA No. 114 : Music in My Life
    Posted: 2011-11-08, Story ID: 48108

  147. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 099: Help for Visually Impaired Dummy
    Posted: 2011-10-30, Story ID: 47873

  148. Chuck Hinman, IJMA 120: Time Changes Things
    Posted: 2011-10-23, Story ID: 47745

  149. Chuck Hinman, popular CM Contributing columnist needs prayers
    Posted: 2011-10-08, Story ID: 47410

  150. Chuck Hinman IJMA No. 169: Living with Macular Degeneration
    Posted: 2011-10-02, Story ID: 47295

  151. Chuck Hinman IJMA No. 116: The Flour Mill at Blue Rapids, Kansas
    Posted: 2011-09-25, Story ID: 47148

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    Posted: 2011-09-18, Story ID: 46984

  153. Chuck Hinman, IJMA No. 025 : Funeral Procession Courtesy
    Posted: 2011-09-11, Story ID: 46813

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    Posted: 2011-09-04, Story ID: 46657

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    Posted: 2011-08-21, Story ID: 46344

  156. Chuck Hinman. IJMA 148 revised: New Hope Country School
    Posted: 2011-08-14, Story ID: 46210

  157. Chuck Hinman, IJMA No. 107: School Days
    Posted: 2011-08-07, Story ID: 46084

  158. Chuck Hinman : 031 : Teach Me To Pray, Lord
    Posted: 2011-07-31, Story ID: 45936

  159. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 352. The planter that Chuck built
    Posted: 2011-07-24, Story ID: 45776

  160. Chuck Hinman. IJMA 091: Hitch-Hiking, Soliciting a Ride by Thumb
    Posted: 2011-07-17, Story ID: 45581

  161. Chuck Hinman: IJMA 007, Old Pictures Memories
    Posted: 2011-07-10, Story ID: 45453

  162. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 364. Patriots and Patriotism
    Posted: 2011-07-03, Story ID: 45314

  163. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 018 : It's A Small World
    Posted: 2011-07-03, Story ID: 45307

  164. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 368: Goat Milk Ice Cream
    Posted: 2011-06-26, Story ID: 45178

  165. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 336. The California Style
    Posted: 2011-06-19, Story ID: 45047

  166. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 080 Men Stay Out!
    Posted: 2011-06-12, Story ID: 44901

  167. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 127: A funny thing happened to me
    Posted: 2011-06-05, Story ID: 44769

  168. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 350: On elastic in ladies panties
    Posted: 2011-05-22, Story ID: 44509

  169. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 359: Psychics: are they for real?
    Posted: 2011-05-15, Story ID: 44360

  170. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 174: May Basket Tradition
    Posted: 2011-05-08, Story ID: 44223

  171. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 374-S: The Birds and the Bees
    Posted: 2011-05-01, Story ID: 44055

  172. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 110: Middle finger, left hand
    Posted: 2011-04-17, Story ID: 43736

  173. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 038: Things to Remember
    Posted: 2011-04-10, Story ID: 43602

  174. Chuck Hinman: IJMA 009: Embarrassed on an elevator
    Posted: 2011-04-03, Story ID: 43465

  175. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 304, A Happy Ending Story
    Posted: 2011-03-27, Story ID: 43314

  176. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 300. How it all began - my writing
    Posted: 2011-03-20, Story ID: 43154

  177. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 140. Life before Tv?
    Posted: 2011-03-20, Story ID: 43147

  178. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 155: Red Buhrmann, College Roommate
    Posted: 2011-03-06, Story ID: 42868

  179. Chuck Hinman: No. 366. Noise Pollution
    Posted: 2011-02-27, Story ID: 42715

  180. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 067: Master Lemon Pie Baker
    Posted: 2011-02-20, Story ID: 42556

  181. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 111: Evening Chores
    Posted: 2011-02-13, Story ID: 42439

  182. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 045: The Counterpane
    Posted: 2011-02-06, Story ID: 42282

  183. Chuck Hinman. IJMA No. 182: Sport (Hinman), a farm dog
    Posted: 2011-01-30, Story ID: 42130

  184. Chuck Hinman: IJMA 108: My Sixteenth Birthday
    Posted: 2011-01-16, Story ID: 41812

  185. Chuck Hinman: IJMA No. 089. Cutting wood in the winter
    Posted: 2011-01-09, Story ID: 41641

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