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  1. COVID-19 virus came home last week - my home
    Posted: 2020-05-17, Story ID: 110708

  2. Letter: Robert Ellis has done well with cow and calf pictures
    Posted: 2019-04-02, Story ID: 103218

  3. Letter: 25mph on county roads, prohibit electronic devices
    Posted: 2019-01-27, Story ID: 101977

  4. Mitzi has prayers from all as she battles cancer again
    Posted: 2018-11-27, Story ID: 100851

  5. Letter: Water in Columbia tastes bad
    Posted: 2018-10-01, Story ID: 99834

  6. Granny Nannie: Comments on KHD removing illegal signs
    Posted: 2018-09-11, Story ID: 99481

  7. Senators key to re-establishing Greasy Creek Roadside Park
    Posted: 2018-09-10, Story ID: 99461

  8. James Roberts: Heavily penalize for talking/texting while driving
    Posted: 2018-09-09, Story ID: 99445

  9. Sena M. Schaefer: Rumble strips would help at intersection
    Posted: 2018-09-09, Story ID: 99444

  10. Mary Knight finds KY 55 roadside messages inspirational
    Posted: 2018-09-09, Story ID: 99442

  11. Peggy Fudge: Rumble strips, better lighting would help at Bypass
    Posted: 2018-09-08, Story ID: 99432

  12. Sue Buley: Only problem with Bypass is difficulty seeing lights
    Posted: 2018-09-08, Story ID: 99428

  13. Anon: Well designed roundabout is needed at Bypass
    Posted: 2018-09-08, Story ID: 99427

  14. Louise Butler: Use rumble strips; roundabout doesn't work here
    Posted: 2018-09-07, Story ID: 99411

  15. Taft Neal: Rumble strips safety solution, 'Bypass & Burkesville'
    Posted: 2018-09-07, Story ID: 99400

  16. Joe Barbee: Flat intersections between hills recipe for disaster
    Posted: 2018-09-06, Story ID: 99385

  17. Joyce Coomer: In defense of law enforcement
    Posted: 2018-09-05, Story ID: 99380

  18. Vicki Miller: Safety begins with personal responsibility
    Posted: 2018-09-05, Story ID: 99375

  19. Traffic safety in general: ban use of electronic communication device
    Posted: 2018-09-05, Story ID: 99360

  20. Stop Bypass accidents II: speed enforcement is the answer
    Posted: 2018-09-04, Story ID: 99345

  21. Anna Huff sends perfect one word critique of Tommy Bailey work
    Posted: 2018-09-04, Story ID: 99344

  22. Stop the Bypass accidents: thoughts on how it can be done
    Posted: 2018-09-04, Story ID: 99342

  23. A Shout out for Clerk Greer & Staff & Dog & Cat licenses
    Posted: 2018-09-04, Story ID: 99333

  24. Rob Collins: Be grateful you're never really rolling solo
    Posted: 2018-09-03, Story ID: 99331

  25. Rita King: Comments on navigating Columbia
    Posted: 2018-08-30, Story ID: 99252

  26. Taking Action on the Opioid Crisis/Role of law enforcement
    Posted: 2018-08-28, Story ID: 99211

  27. Shannon Sexton: More signs might help navigate Columbia, but for specific areas
    Posted: 2018-08-27, Story ID: 99191

  28. Rita King: Tips to aid travel from Liberty, KY to 'New Columbia'
    Posted: 2018-08-26, Story ID: 99175

  29. Robert Cumming: Greasy Creek Park will take act of Congress
    Posted: 2018-08-25, Story ID: 99163

  30. William Feese: Sulphur Springs Road - A drive worth taking
    Posted: 2018-08-17, Story ID: 99041

  31. Editorial (KPNS) Acknowledging the past vital for the future
    Posted: 2018-08-17, Story ID: 99038

  32. In Support of a Free Press: Subscribe to Local Newspapers
    Posted: 2018-08-15, Story ID: 99008

  33. Small businesses on trend to save downtown Columbia
    Posted: 2018-08-04, Story ID: 98797

  34. Diane R. Wallace: Worth it to drive to another town to buy gas
    Posted: 2018-08-02, Story ID: 98756

  35. Vicky Pike - Can't wait to see new Magic Market open
    Posted: 2018-07-30, Story ID: 98714

  36. Zachery Oakes on dangers from syringes: Be vigilant at all times
    Posted: 2018-07-24, Story ID: 98593

  37. James Roberts: It's owners' responsibility to lock vehicles
    Posted: 2018-07-22, Story ID: 98560

  38. Charles Marshburn comments on wave of car break-ins
    Posted: 2018-07-22, Story ID: 98557

  39. Ralph Roy Waggener: On police car mileage - Another viewpoint
    Posted: 2018-07-19, Story ID: 98500

  40. Joyce Coomer: Ugliness on the Cumberland Parkway
    Posted: 2018-07-15, Story ID: 98433

  41. Business owner advocates Customer Only parking downtown
    Posted: 2018-07-04, Story ID: 98256

  42. V. Kolbenschlag: 'Customer Only Park' signs invite buyers
    Posted: 2018-07-04, Story ID: 98252

  43. Mystery # 79558 - UFO could be a helium balloon, maybe?
    Posted: 2018-07-04, Story ID: 98243

  44. Pam Dailey comments on Lidocaine products for chigger bites
    Posted: 2018-06-28, Story ID: 98122

  45. Reader laments that the environment may have been just a fad
    Posted: 2018-06-16, Story ID: 97929

  46. McConnell's record-breaking tenure worth spot in history books - LINK
    Posted: 2018-06-14, Story ID: 97900

  47. BJF Thinks slow implementation of speed changes is working
    Posted: 2018-06-13, Story ID: 97884

  48. Joyce Coomer: Lament for wanton destruction of natural beauty
    Posted: 2018-06-12, Story ID: 97848

  49. Ralph Roy Waggener comments on the pain of paying for pills
    Posted: 2018-06-06, Story ID: 97736

  50. George Rice: Thanks, T.J. Health, for being in Columbia
    Posted: 2018-06-05, Story ID: 97706

  51. Ryan Quarles: Let's make our own mark in hemp history
    Posted: 2018-06-04, Story ID: 97698

  52. Phyllis Gooden: Agrees, parking should be for customers only
    Posted: 2018-05-28, Story ID: 97578

  53. V. Kolbenschlag: Parking spaces should be for customers only
    Posted: 2018-05-27, Story ID: 97569

  54. Ralph Roy Waggener: Flower power surge needed Down Town
    Posted: 2018-05-27, Story ID: 97562

  55. Kentucky Color - Memorial Day Weekend
    Posted: 2018-05-26, Story ID: 97552

  56. Jon Halsey comments on duties of the sheriff
    Posted: 2018-05-21, Story ID: 97441

  57. Election 2018/Civics lesson: Sheriffs are peace officers
    Posted: 2018-05-21, Story ID: 97433

  58. To pull in or to back in? That is the question
    Posted: 2018-04-25, Story ID: 96952

  59. Huge strainer on bridge over Crocus Creek on Melson Ridge Road
    Posted: 2018-04-24, Story ID: 96932

  60. Charles Marshburn agrees with his horse riding teacher
    Posted: 2018-04-23, Story ID: 96904

  61. Charles Marshburn: Hypothesis on why phlox is Sweet William
    Posted: 2018-04-22, Story ID: 96889

  62. CAUD Natural Gas System in county will happen, GM Stone says
    Posted: 2018-04-11, Story ID: 96675

  63. Gov. Bevin gives his side of his tax/budget bills veto
    Posted: 2018-04-10, Story ID: 96658

  64. Ralph Waggener: A Russell Creek Walk for Columbia?
    Posted: 2018-04-08, Story ID: 96636

  65. Recommendation to City Council: Eliminate parking space
    Posted: 2018-04-04, Story ID: 96555

  66. V.Kolbenschlag likes Barry Loy photo, tulips & grape hyacinths
    Posted: 2018-04-03, Story ID: 96545

  67. Chris Oliver: Appreciation for Adair County teachers
    Posted: 2018-03-30, Story ID: 96473

  68. Richard Nelson Commentary: Stop spreading fake news
    Posted: 2018-03-26, Story ID: 96394

  69. Driving around the square: City Council might pass a law . . .
    Posted: 2018-03-20, Story ID: 96290

  70. Vonnie Kolbenschlag thinks removal of box additions would help
    Posted: 2018-03-20, Story ID: 96285

  71. Billy Joe Fudge proposes simple fix to 'Yield Sign' Massacre
    Posted: 2018-03-19, Story ID: 96282

  72. Comment: Thanks for correct uses of peek, peak, pique
    Posted: 2018-03-19, Story ID: 96273

  73. A Lesson Learned: Opinion on School Walkouts
    Posted: 2018-03-16, Story ID: 96221

  74. Joyce M. Coomer: I saw an omen this morning.
    Posted: 2018-03-08, Story ID: 96074

  75. Billy Joe Fudge heard from Amen Corner - Tree Planting at JBC
    Posted: 2018-03-07, Story ID: 96053

  76. Comment: Robert Flowers appreciates story on Mrs. Ruth Butler
    Posted: 2018-03-05, Story ID: 96031

  77. Joyce Coomer: Vigilance can prevent some things
    Posted: 2018-02-19, Story ID: 95765

  78. Kudos to Hardee's of Columbia for drive through receptacle
    Posted: 2018-02-03, Story ID: 95461

  79. An open letter to the Mayor and Columbia City Council
    Posted: 2018-02-01, Story ID: 95432

  80. Sign may have to finally be addressed in dark of night
    Posted: 2018-01-06, Story ID: 94878

  81. Pedestrian/driver commends two Adair School bus drivers
    Posted: 2018-01-04, Story ID: 94834

  82. Hunter Durham challenges Doug McCammish ugly opination
    Posted: 2017-12-15, Story ID: 94497

  83. Maury Lewis: Disagrees with idea there are no dangerous roads
    Posted: 2017-11-07, Story ID: 93811

  84. Charles Marshburn: Time Change
    Posted: 2017-11-05, Story ID: 93759

  85. Debra Gayle Loy Harvey: Comments on pension change plans
    Posted: 2017-11-04, Story ID: 93754

  86. Steve Coomer: Compares roadside signs to litter
    Posted: 2017-10-31, Story ID: 93675

  87. Billy Joe Fudge sends Triple Wow! for RRW Spelling story
    Posted: 2017-10-11, Story ID: 93284

  88. T. Neal: Some better things for Council to do than ban bars
    Posted: 2017-10-09, Story ID: 93258

  89. Joyce Coomer advocates for improved word skills
    Posted: 2017-10-09, Story ID: 93250

  90. Doug Beard: TU for lowered flags today - hopes others follow
    Posted: 2017-10-03, Story ID: 93121

  91. Writing and sharing memories makes a difference
    Posted: 2017-09-13, Story ID: 92714

  92. Dr. Arnold challenges Pope's position on climate change skeptics
    Posted: 2017-09-13, Story ID: 92707

  93. Cynthia Meyer: Where are the jobs to pay for tax?
    Posted: 2017-09-11, Story ID: 92687

  94. OP ED: Secretary Grimes issues statement on pension reform
    Posted: 2017-08-30, Story ID: 92456

  95. OP-ED: Saving Kentucky's Retirement Systems
    Posted: 2017-08-30, Story ID: 92448

  96. V. Kolbenschlag: Let's take Gov. Bevin up on Beautify challenge
    Posted: 2017-08-28, Story ID: 92406

  97. Mary Knight finds Oscar-winning weeders at work in our town
    Posted: 2017-08-26, Story ID: 92378

  98. Ann Pearson: Writer agrees with letter wanting more jobs . . .
    Posted: 2017-08-22, Story ID: 92289

  99. Nancy Grigsby: Organic agriculture deserves respect
    Posted: 2017-08-16, Story ID: 92198

  100. James Getchell on roadside spraying: Stop the insanity!
    Posted: 2017-08-14, Story ID: 92152

  101. BJ Fudge endorses crosswalks as added safety for LWC residents
    Posted: 2017-08-06, Story ID: 92013

  102. George Kolbenschlag: Agrees on Hay-bales on sidewalk solution
    Posted: 2017-07-29, Story ID: 91887

  103. Charles Marshburn: Enforcement is answer
    Posted: 2017-07-29, Story ID: 91885

  104. Ann Pearson: Wants more ticketing to make streets safer
    Posted: 2017-07-27, Story ID: 91835

  105. Writer: Onus of responsibility, vehicles v pedestrian, is on driver
    Posted: 2017-07-25, Story ID: 91813

  106. Thanks to Rep. James Comer for help getting passport
    Posted: 2017-07-20, Story ID: 91742

  107. Shannon Sexton: Kayaking is the thing to do now, but . . .
    Posted: 2017-07-17, Story ID: 91674

  108. My Rant Today: Occasional op ed piece by Miss Victoria Pike
    Posted: 2017-07-11, Story ID: 91564

  109. Steve and Cheryl Strodtman proud of Rep. James Comer
    Posted: 2017-06-26, Story ID: 91310

  110. Ann Pearson: Gas is always higher in Columbia
    Posted: 2017-06-23, Story ID: 91262

  111. David Smith: Thinks one parking spot ought to be eliminated
    Posted: 2017-06-23, Story ID: 91259

  112. Billy J. Fudge: Believes there is a place for trucks, for pedestrians
    Posted: 2017-06-12, Story ID: 91053

  113. Charles Marshburn: A question of greater missions
    Posted: 2017-06-11, Story ID: 91037

  114. George Kolbenschlag: NO THROUGH TRUCK TRAFFIC signs
    Posted: 2017-06-11, Story ID: 91032

  115. Robby Morrison: Intersection is fatality waiting to happen
    Posted: 2017-06-09, Story ID: 91001

  116. Barbara Armitage: Ideas for FM2 mural/banner at FM2
    Posted: 2017-06-07, Story ID: 90974

  117. Doug Beard offers splendid suggestion on an FM 2 murals
    Posted: 2017-06-04, Story ID: 90914

  118. Adair Democratic Party meets Fri, 9 June 2017 at Cranmer
    Posted: 2017-06-04, Story ID: 90907

  119. Sycamore Springs: 2017 Crusade scene stirs silent 'Thank You'
    Posted: 2017-06-03, Story ID: 90897

  120. Jon Halsey: Here's a News Flash:
    Posted: 2017-06-03, Story ID: 90892

  121. Vicky Pike: Update on Free Tipping day, 27 May 2017
    Posted: 2017-05-25, Story ID: 90747

  122. Joyce M. Coomer: Spraying only enhances target plants
    Posted: 2017-05-22, Story ID: 90673

  123. Senator Max Wise's Legislative Update. 20 May 2017
    Posted: 2017-05-20, Story ID: 90648

  124. Harry Mack has stopped telemarketers with call-blocker
    Posted: 2017-05-17, Story ID: 90581

  125. Jon Halsey: Political parties pushback to keep robocalls
    Posted: 2017-05-13, Story ID: 90528

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