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Most recent PHOTOS matching your search for 'sidewalks'...
  1. New sidewalk, corner of Lowes Lane and Jamestown Street (Photo ID: 86037)
    Brand new sidewalks can be seen drying at the corner of Lowes Lane and Jamestown Street in Columbia. The road is closed to through traffic from th... (click photo title to read more)

  2. Traffic challenges abound with work on sidewalks and festival (Photo ID: 85444)
    As the sidewalk upgrades continue on Burkesville Street and the hour of the closure of the square comes up at noon today, traffic is challenged. T... (click photo title to read more)

  3. Patriot Day display at Lindsey Wilson College (Photo ID: 85053)
    Lindsey Wilson College has a touching display around campus today. A small flag, representing each soul lost on September 11, 2001, is planted alo... (click photo title to read more)

  4. Sidewalks adapted for wheelchair, handicapped accessibility (Photo ID: 85031)
    A project 18 months in the making has now come to fruition. Eight different sidewalk locations in the City of Columbia will be adapted for wheelch... (click photo title to read more)

  5. Sidewalk improvement visible in this picture (Photo ID: 84970)
    One of the residents of Columbia who walk downtown regularly sent this picture showing what a dramatic difference the power washing is making on s... (click photo title to read more)

  6. Cleaning sidewalks on Lindsey Wilson Street (Photo ID: 84006)
    Work continues on pressure washing streets in Columbia. The city street department has worked on Lindsey Wilson Street, shown here, and the differ... (click photo title to read more)

  7. Sidewalk group gathers to plan next steps in City (Photo ID: 83379)
    Members of the City of Columbia Sidewalk Committee met with Mayor, Pam Hoots, at right, and sidewalk chair person, Mary Anne Loy, center, to discu... (click photo title to read more)

  8. Main Streets: Valdosta, GA (Photo ID: 83337)
    Neat brickwork and lots of manicured plantings mark the sidewalks in Valdosta, Georgia, spotted on a recent trip south. The plantings provide a ni... (click photo title to read more)

  9. Beautiful light snow in Columbia (Photo ID: 82675)
    We're waking to a beautiful light covering of snow in Columbia this Saturday morning, February 16, 2019. Law enforcement is advising we slow down... (click photo title to read more)

  10. First snow of 2019 - beautiful, dangerous (Photo ID: 82381)
    The first snow of the New Year was anxiously anticipated last night, beautiful to wake to early this morning, and by mid-afternoon today, Sunday, ... (click photo title to read more)

  11. (Ad) Ben Arnold for Mayor for ONE Better Community (Photo ID: 81330)
    Arnold for Mayor for ONE Better Community ONE Tax Tax the people in the city the same as in the county. No 2nd real... (click photo title to read more)

  12. Fall colors (Photo ID: 81242)
    After a week of cooler temperatures and a couple of days of soaking rains, the maples in front of the Carnegie Library building in Shelbyville hav... (click photo title to read more)

  13. City gets sidewalk upgrade in CAUD Burkesville Street project (Photo ID: 80004)
    A stretch of sidewalk originally poured during the administration of Mayor Coy Downey was totally replaced from from this point to about halfw... (click photo title to read more)

  14. Pedestrian Safety Progress: No parking improves line of sight (Photo ID: 78946)
    The Pedestrian Crossing at the Public Square and Campbellsville Street is now safer with the completion of the "No Parking" zone, giving vehicle... (click photo title to read more)

  15. An encouraging word to walkers at Blair Park (Photo ID: 78190)
    Getting in steps at Jim Blair Park. Walkers are reminded that speed is not the only consideration, that just by keeping moving they are beating ev... (click photo title to read more)

  16. Sidewalks: On the Pike are close to four feet wide- Picture II (Photo ID: 77995)
    This photo taken in the area of the linked photo, tells a different story about the sidewalk built in the administation of the late Mayor Coy Down... (click photo title to read more)

  17. Sidewalks - Mayor Downey sidewalks far wider than thought - Picture 1 (Photo ID: 77994)
    The Series of Sidewalks built in the Administration of Mayor Coy Downey are much better, much wider, than hearsay would have one to believe. They ... (click photo title to read more)

  18. Columbia City Council meeting Mon 12 Mar 2018 (Photo ID: 77646)
    Mayor Curtis Hardwick, center, above, presided over the Special Regular Monthly meeting of the Columbia City Council, Monday, March 12, 2018. All ... (click photo title to read more)

  19. Favorite old photo: A parade in Columbia presents questions (Photo ID: 77315)
    This photo is from the collection of Maxine Walker. The year is not given. But one structure, peaking around the corner on the left, is one 40s ki... (click photo title to read more)

  20. Sidewalk clearance: Best ever? Not perfection, but progress (Photo ID: 76838)
    The Columbia Street Department did an excellent job clearing streets during the latest snow, and maybe the best ever at clearing sidewalks. Sidewa... (click photo title to read more)

  21. Dust flying as crew works to finish sidewalks (Photo ID: 76349)
    The dust was flying this afternoon as crews worked to finish the sidewalks on the corner of Reed/Merchant and Campbellsville Streets in Columbia. ... (click photo title to read more)

  22. Where are they all about to go? (Photo ID: 75096)
    From the front of the Bank of Columbia, this murder (horde?) of Squarecrows appears formed up, at twilight, ready to move, cartoon fashion, for so... (click photo title to read more)

  23. Sidewalk Meeting: Pam Hoots introduces speaker from KTC (Photo ID: 73747)
    City Council member Pam Hoots introduced the guest speaker Troy Hearn, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator with the Division of Planning, KY Transp... (click photo title to read more)

  24. Photos show point of letter - mistake in signage, we think (Photo ID: 73739)
    Willenia, When we read your letter and thoughtful comments, we thought you ... (click photo title to read more)

  25. Sidewalk meeting: Barry and Mary Anne Loy (Photo ID: 73726)
    Key Columbia sidewalk users and researchers for improvement, Barry & Mary Anne Loy, played their parts on one of the two teams conducting a walkab... (click photo title to read more)

  26. Kid's Critique on July 4th Fireworks Display, Awesome! (Photo ID: 73544)
    Cars, cycles, strollers, lawn chairs in parking spaces, in yards and on sidewalks, all brought people together at dusk ready for the 2017 City-Cou... (click photo title to read more)

  27. City making crossings safer in Downtown Campbellsville (Photo ID: 73430)
    Selby Asphalt & Maintenance, Russell Springs, KY, was updating the pedestrian crossing on West Main Street, from South-to-North Columbia Avenue on... (click photo title to read more)

  28. Columbia Housing Authority: Another Good Place to Call Home (Photo ID: 73384)
    Columbia has done one thing as well as any where: Maintained public housing as a a Great Place to Call Home (Paula Propes motto for Columbia-Adair... (click photo title to read more)

  29. Observations: A lot going on on Greensburg Street (Photo ID: 73095)
    There's a lot going on in this picture. Most obvious is that the reconstruction of the intersection at Campbellsville Street & Merchant/Reed Stre... (click photo title to read more)

  30. Dr. Ron Rogers presided over productive Council meeting (Photo ID: 72476)
    City Council Member Dr. Ron Rogers was elected by fellow council members to preside at the Monday, May 1, 2017, regular session of the Columbia Ci... (click photo title to read more)

  31. Councillors give Mike Bell rapt attention (Photo ID: 71939)
    City Councillors, front to back, Ronald Rogers, Pam Hoots (partially obscured), and Mark D. Harris, gave rapt attention to the presentation by Mik... (click photo title to read more)

  32. Mike Bell makes dramatic plea for safe sidewalks (Photo ID: 71935)
    From his motorized chair, Mike Bell challenged Columbia City Council members to borrow the vehicle and experience what he and others experience ev... (click photo title to read more)

  33. A moment in historic City Council session, 3 Apr 2017 (Photo ID: 71934)
    The Columbia City Council, seated in background, above, made a number of landmark decisions last night, including taking a baby step toward safe s... (click photo title to read more)

  34. Mary Anne Loy announces a breakthrough on sidewalks (Photo ID: 68421)
    Mary Anne Loy announced a major breakthrough on the Sidewalks to the Schools project, to link Downtown Columbia to the Adair County School campus.... (click photo title to read more)

  35. Travel: Cannery Row (Photo ID: 67257)
    One of the sardine tins embedded in the sidewalks along Cannery Row.Related photo: ... (click photo title to read more)

  36. Columbia gets walking - Map reminds public of Sidewalks, plans (Photo ID: 67221)
    A Map Showing Sidewalks where they exist in Columbia is posted in the window of Lindsey College's Jeffries Building. Major sidewalk projects are ... (click photo title to read more)

  37. Mayor, City consider repair service to eliminate tripping hazards (Photo ID: 64673)
    Columbia Mayor Curtis Hardwick pointed out demonstration sidewalk repairs in front of City Hall done by a company which offered to do this repair ... (click photo title to read more)

  38. Pete Hedgepath answers call to help clear sidewalks at CU (Photo ID: 64448)
    Pete Hedgepath shovels snow from the Administration Building on campus. - Joan C. McKinney... (click photo title to read more)

  39. Fall Color 2015: The Gingkos (Photo ID: 63395)
    On Washington Street in downtown Shelbyville, the Gingko trees are the last to drop their leaves, and for the week before Thanksgiving, they've b... (click photo title to read more)

  40. Scenic Kentucky: N. 3rd Street in Bardstown (Photo ID: 63314)
    Pine boughs make for pleasantly understated Christmas decorations along the sidewalks of North 3rd Street in downtown Bardstown, Kentucky.... (click photo title to read more)

  41. Is it or is it not safe to cross? Is it in fact a crosswalk? (Photo ID: 61878)
    Downtown Columbia is a natural walking campus and should be part of what makes Columbia one of the most walkable cities in America. The .2 mil... (click photo title to read more)

  42. Scenic Adair County: Geraniums at or near peak (Photo ID: 61841)
    This morning at 6:17amCT, one of the most compelling sights were the Adair County Garden Club's red geraniums by the fountain. Red seemed to domi... (click photo title to read more)

  43. Crossroads: Patricia Trace & Dohoney Trail, Holladay Place (Photo ID: 60618)
    Dohoney Trace at Patricia Trail is now part of the City of Columbia Street System, and for some, it will be their most familiar crossroads. Hopefu... (click photo title to read more)

  44. The Big Dig: Intersection to be closed beginning Wed 27 2015 (Photo ID: 60439)
    Beginning Wednesday, May 27, the intersection of KY 55 and KY 206 - Campbellsville & Fairgrounds Streets - in Columbia, Adair County will be tempo... (click photo title to read more)

  45. Mayor Hardwick interview with Larry Smith (Photo ID: 59586)
    Larry Smith, right, interviewed Columbia Mayor Curtis Hardwick following the Mon 6 Apr 2015 regular meeting of the Columbia City Council. At the m... (click photo title to read more)

  46. A Catch-22 of Snow Removal (Photo ID: 59172)
    Some sidewalks are clear in downtown Shelbyville, but the resulting piles of snow make them all but inaccessible from the street.... (click photo title to read more)

  47. Sidewalks and parking lot were clean as spring at Kellyville Church (Photo ID: 59029)
    When snow falls, congregation members at Kellyville Community Church in the Coburg community of Adair County get to the church will snow shovels, t... (click photo title to read more)

  48. Road, sidewalk clearance good but a bit spotty (Photo ID: 58993)
    Main Roads, like the KY State Highway cleared Burkesville Street, KY 61 were in excellent condition this morning when this photo was taken. Accola... (click photo title to read more)

  49. Still Snowing in Shelbyville (Photo ID: 58973)
    The main roads were cleared briefly this morning, before a fresh round of snow covered them all over again. The sidewalks didn't fare much better. Th... (click photo title to read more)

  50. LWC Physical Plant Division keeps sidewalks clear (Photo ID: 58940)
    John Bush of the Lindsey Wilson College Physical Plant Division clears the sidewalk next to Biggers Sports Center Monday morning. Bush said that b... (click photo title to read more)

  51. Scenic Adair County, KY: The gorgeous gold of Pawpaws now (Photo ID: 57267)
    If for no other reason than their ornamental value, Pawpaw (or paw paw or paw-paw or Kentucky Banana) trees should be propagated on the lawns of C... (click photo title to read more)

  52. (Ad) Dr. Ronald P. Rogers for Columbia City Council (Photo ID: 57113)
    To the Voters and Citizens of Columbia. I am Dr. Ronald P. Rogers, candidate for re-election to the Columbia City Council. ... (click photo title to read more)

  53. (Ad) Re-Elect Linda Waggener to City Council (Photo ID: 56881)
    Candidate for Columbia City Council in the November General Election As a City Council member, ... (click photo title to read more)

  54. Scenic Green Co, KY: Look South, Main ST, Greensburg, KY (Photo ID: 56687)
    Took this picture recently of one of my favorite scenes from boyhood. Great when I was a student at Green County High School . . . as beautiful... (click photo title to read more)

  55. Tim Smith, Columbia Street Dept. checks meter (Photo ID: 55561)
    Tim Smith with the Columbia Street Department, has some good news for Columbia Taxpayers - the meter which controls much of the irrigation syst... (click photo title to read more)

  56. A Pat on the Back: Downtown Columbia sparkling (Photo ID: 55211)
    So many of us complain about the pace of renovation and restoration that huge accomplishments are sometimes overlooked. The west side of the Sq... (click photo title to read more)

  57. Jennifer Nuntavong (Photo ID: 54452)
    Jennifer Nuntavong, parent of an Adair County Primary Center student, gave a detailed report on problems with parking, safety, lack of sidewalk... (click photo title to read more)

  58. Polar vortex past, population returns to CU sidewalks (Photo ID: 53053)
    Not quite spring, not quite balmy, but pleasant weather today: The sturdent population, back after long holiday break and shortened days du... (click photo title to read more)

  59. Waiting for the Parade; Christmas in Columbia, KY (Photo ID: 52608)
    Chief Jason Cross, back to camera facing Jamestown Street, was at the Jamestown Street entrance to the Square when this photo was taken ... (click photo title to read more)

  60. Columbia City Council, August 5, 2013 regular session (Photo ID: 50798)
    Studying documents during last night's City Council, Clockwise from left were Councillors Dr. Ronald P. Rogers, Charles Grimsley, and J... (click photo title to read more)

  61. Scenic Taylor Co., KY: Dolling up Campbellsville Alleys (Photo ID: 50048)
    Campbellsville, KY is turning the alleys into more valuable assets. This one is part of the Citizen's Bank Main Street property. It started wh... (click photo title to read more)

  62. Happy Tail: Father's Day tribute (Photo ID: 49994)
    Peg Schaeffer's Dad My father was born in Arnhem, Holland on April 8, 1899. I inherited my love of animals, especially horses, from him. There... (click photo title to read more)

  63. Scenic Kentucky: Downtown Midway (Photo ID: 49694)
    Benches and flowers line the sidewalks of downtown Midway, Kentucky.... (click photo title to read more)

  64. Scenic Metcalfe Co., KY: The Courthouse at Christmas time (Photo ID: 47780)
    And this isn't even the prettiest side The restored historic Metcalfe County Courthouse is situated in the middle of a parklike campu... (click photo title to read more)

  65. Anthony Janes, Fabco, present ACHS with new bench (Photo ID: 47548)
    Adair County Elementary School (ACES) Principal Robbie Harmon modeled the new bench built by Anthony Janes, Fabco Manufacturing, Columbia, KY, ... (click photo title to read more)

  66. Columbia Street Dept. makes quick work of clean up (Photo ID: 44966)
    Superintendent Donnie Rowe, and the Columbia Street Department had debris cleaned from from the sidewalks around 200 and 204 Public Square ... (click photo title to read more)

  67. Lindsey Hill safer now (Photo ID: 43656)
    Lindsey Hill was made safer today for pedestrian crossings with the installation of signs before the crossings. The photo was taken as ... (click photo title to read more)

  68. Enjoying the Downtown Columbia Street scene - another way (Photo ID: 41961)
    Ronnie Furkins was enjoying the Fountain Plaza in Downtown Columbia, KY from an electric chair scooter he drove all the way from Harper Val... (click photo title to read more)

  69. Snow Day, January 7, 2011: Holly tree frosted with snow (Photo ID: 38732)
    by Ed WaggenerThe giant holly tree in the Garnett House yard at corner of Greensburg and S. High Streets in Columbia was frosted wit... (click photo title to read more)

  70. June Parson: Champion of sidewalks, speed limits, openness (Photo ID: 38602)
    City Hall, 116 Campbellsville ST, Columbia, KYVeteran Councillor June Parson right has earned a reputation as the guardian of... (click photo title to read more)

  71. Scenic Taylor Co., KY:
    New water feature at Campbellsville Universtiy
    (Photo ID: 35761)
    410 N. Hoskins AV, Campbellsville, KYA place to linger: The new water feature at Campbellsville University is located between Wi... (click photo title to read more)

  72. Lights of Christmas: Downtown LaGrange, KY (Photo ID: 33060)
    City Sidewalks: Graham and Evan took a break to just take the Christmas lights in Downtown LaGrange, KY.... (click photo title to read more)

  73. Walking Columbia, KY: To appreciate sight and smell of lilacs (Photo ID: 30106)
    WITH A GREAT NETWORK OF SIDEWALKS, the best way to really see Columbia is by walking. Strolling is not just for health this time of year, it's fun... (click photo title to read more)

  74. Scenes from City Council meeting March 2, 2009 (Photo ID: 29780)
    AROUND THE ROOM, at various times in the March 2, 2009 Council Meeting: Far left Councillor Edwin Taylor, a leading sidewalks advocate, mov... (click photo title to read more)

  75. Scenic Kentucky: Walking to work (Photo ID: 28490)
    WITH SIDEWALKS SHIELD BY PARKED CARS, well maintained shaded sidewalks with benches conveniently by, this town has maintained the healthy h... (click photo title to read more)

  76. Scenic Adair County: Keepers of the Clock (Photo ID: 24897)
    KEEPERS of the CLOCK is what Betty Sue Jasper captioned this photo. The pigeons are back. They may have been for years and nobody noticed. ... (click photo title to read more)

  77. Mayor Pat Bell, Columbia City Council meeting, August 6, 2007 (Photo ID: 24640)
    Columbia Mayor Pat Bell looks over documents after last night's Columbia City Council meeting. The mayor gave more details on the $94,000 S... (click photo title to read more)

  78. Director Directs as City sidewalk projects proceed (Photo ID: 24576)
    Early this morning sidewalk, construction was slowing traffice on Burkesville Street. This work is in addition to the $94,000 Safe Routes t... (click photo title to read more)

  79. Businesswoman shows you can win at City Hall (Photo ID: 21567)
    SUE ROWE is a hero to downtown folks who wanted the nuisance Bradford Pear removed from their corner. One neighbor,Genella Williams, who works in the ... (click photo title to read more)

  80. Archive Photo (Photo ID: 20030)
    Many new sidewalks, such as this one on Fairground Street, have been added since the beginning of the Hardwick Administration.This item first appea... (click photo title to read more)

 Most recent STORIES matching your search for 'sidewalks'...
  1. City of Columbia roads, sidewalk work means slower driving (Story ID: 106997)
    By Tiffany Collins Several projects on roads, streets, and sidewalks will be occurring in Columbia over the coming weeks. ... (click title to read more)

  2. Letter: P&Z/City Council Vote (Story ID: 106693)
    James Roberts writes: Linda, I think that the Columbia City Council and or Columbia Zoning Commission should be more concerned a... (click title to read more)

  3. February 14, 1978 Around Adair with Ed Waggener (Story ID: 105693)
    The article below first appeared in the February 14, 1978 edition of the Adair County News. Topics included downtown traffic, sidewalks, and the do... (click title to read more)

  4. February 28, 1978 Around Adair with Ed Waggener (Story ID: 105091)
    The article below first appeared in the February 28, 1978, Adair County News. It's a winter article about a summer topic--tomatoes. Dad always lov... (click title to read more)

  5. October 27, 1977 Around Adair with Ed Waggener (Story ID: 104467)
    This article first appeared in the October 27, 1977, Daily Statesman. Topics include the then-new Pizza Hut, the Saw Mill that used to be in the ci... (click title to read more)

  6. Grant applications sought for projects that use recycled KY tires (Story ID: 102097)
    Blair Park, the little acre park at the old Columbia fairgrounds and needed sidewalks all may qualify if there are projects to write about - Hilda ... (click title to read more)

  7. JIM - Renaissance in Columbia 1898-1911 (Story ID: 100038)
    By JIM This is written in honor of Ed Waggener, who never met a progressive cause for Columbia and Adair County he didn't embr... (click title to read more)

  8. Ofc. Dial & Gunner find syringes in playground in local park (Story ID: 98565)
    'We remind parents to be vigilant and if they see drugs or paraphernalia call us. We will come dispose of properly' - OFC JOSH BROCKMAN... (click title to read more)

  9. Columbia City Council 04 June 2018 - REPORT (Story ID: 97709)
    At the June 4, 2018, Regular Session of Columbia City Council: Council approves five board re-appointments recommended by Mayor... (click title to read more)

  10. Columbia City Council 07 May 2018 - REPORT (Story ID: 97177)
    In the City Council Meeting last night, 7 May 2018 Tables but will tackle Smoking Bans needed, soon, in City Approv... (click title to read more)

  11. Columbia City Council Meeting Mon 7 May 2018 - AGENDA (Story ID: 97086)
    ON THE AGENDA: Interlocal agreement re: NCIC System, with Adair County Fiscal Court. Parks & Rec improvements. Lindsey Wilson Sidewalks. ... (click title to read more)

  12. Log jam - strainer on Russell Creek pushing against bridge-Whose responsibility? (Story ID: 96925)
    From a Kayaker: "There is a big log jam at the 206 bridge over Russell Creek in Columbia, KY. Itís pushing on the bridge... City, County or St... (click title to read more)

  13. Vonnie Kolbenschlag thinks removal of box additions would help (Story ID: 96285)
    HIstoric courthouse would be more stately without the box - or wing additions, Vonnie Kolbenschlag says About: ... (click title to read more)

  14. Columbia City Council Special Meeting - 13 Mar 2018 REPORT (Story ID: 96176)
    In last night's City Council meeting Council approves action on sidewalks; authorizes Mayor Hardwick to seek inclusion of the ... (click title to read more)

  15. Carol Perkins: A new perspective on retirement (Story ID: 95157)
    'Guy thought retirement might look good, but after a month of being at home away from his travels, he has changed his mind.' Next ... (click title to read more)

  16. Columbia congestion/safety meeting held, gap discovered (Story ID: 94956)
    How could the state highway department not have records to show incidents of people being hurt on the Square? How could they not know of the need f... (click title to read more)

  17. Columbia City Council meeting 3 Jan 2017 - REPORT (Story ID: 94832)
    Council welcomes new City Attorney Dustin Warren City ABC Ordinance amendment prohibiting stand alone (Quota licenses)... (click title to read more)

  18. Columbia City Council: Mon 6 Nov 2017 - REPORT (Story ID: 93819)
    Council approves Dr. Ron Rogers as acting mayor for meeting and for future absences, if any, by Mayor Hardwick Council move... (click title to read more)

  19. Columbia City Council Meeting 2 Oct 2017 - Report (Story ID: 93158)
    In the Monday 03 Oct 2017 Meeting: City moves ahead with Sidewalk Work & Trip Hazard elimination Council approves eff... (click title to read more)

  20. Paving to begin 3 Oct 2017 on Main Street, Russell Springs (Story ID: 93012)
    One-Lane work zone, no on street parking; sidewalks will remain open. Work expected to take about one week during daytime hours. Click o... (click title to read more)

  21. BJF: Tragedy witnessed is reason to slow down, improve safety (Story ID: 92959)
    Safety on Columbia sidewalks/crosswalks has been in the news for many months, debating and building to action, but not fast enough for some victims... (click title to read more)

  22. Runner finds syringe on sidewalk on Fairground Street (Story ID: 92139)
    This sidewalk is highly traveled and used quite frequent by young children and students, especially college students going between parts of campus ... (click title to read more)

  23. Free health training opportunity for this area 15 Aug 2017 (Story ID: 91851)
    This meeting shines light on why environmental, social and political conditions are connected to health; why recent meetings on sidewalks, traffic ... (click title to read more)

  24. Cones used widely to increase safety in crosswalks (Story ID: 91792)
    By Ed Waggener Recent work by the Kentucky Department of highways to use paint to mark crosswalks has been a big step in the right d... (click title to read more)

  25. Melody Pollard: applauds getting official help and planning (Story ID: 91645)
    Comments re photo 73747 Sidewalk Meeting Pam Hoots introduces speaker from ... (click title to read more)

  26. Sidewalk meeting: Is downtown Columbia, KY a walkable city? (Story ID: 91617)
    Troy Hearn, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator with the KY Transportation Cabinet, helps Columbia Sidewalks get some answers with Walkability Study... (click title to read more)

  27. Columbia City Council Special Session Report 13 Jun 2017 (Story ID: 91110)
    2016-17 final budget approved Council will finalize budget for 2017-2018 - copy available at City Hall - tonight, at 6pmCT, T... (click title to read more)

  28. Mayor and Council - Mayor/Council comments (Story ID: 90982)
    An overview, with mayor and council comments Other stories from the June 5, 2017 session: ... (click title to read more)

  29. Columbia City council report: Mon 1 May 2017 regular session (Story ID: 90298)
    City Council approves needle exchange program for Adair County Gas refunds issue appears to be nearing closure City... (click title to read more)

  30. City Council hears compelling presentation for safer sidewalks Mon 3 Apr 2017 (Story ID: 89712)
    This is article one on the council session, Monday, April 3, 2017 City jolted into reality on sidewalks. Mary Anne Loy obtains promis... (click title to read more)

  31. Joyce Coomer: Some litter I wonder about (Story ID: 89355)
    Joyce M. Coomer writes: I've been walking some the past month or so around the downtown area and notice quite a bit of trash litte... (click title to read more)

  32. JIM - Mrs. Berg Visits Columbia: The Rest of the Story (Story ID: 88937)
    "And thus is the story of the young agnostic who, shortly before leaving Columbia, spoke to the News, in a charming Garrison Keillor / Powd... (click title to read more)

  33. JIM: News, views, reviews, & sage counsel, late December 1916 (Story ID: 87722)
    Christmas was a busy season of entertainments, just as now. And, just as now, 100 years ago the City of Columbia was being admonished for the poor ... (click title to read more)

  34. Letter: Walks carefully on concrete, unless the donuts are fresh (Story ID: 87695)
    Chris Reeder writes: This is very true!!! The parking lot at Krispy Kreme is blacktop and the sidewalks are concrete. I only run a... (click title to read more)

  35. Ralph Waggener suggests red brick sidewalks as alternative (Story ID: 87691)
    By Ralph Roy Waggener Publisher, It's Just for a Smile News After reading about the sidewalks, and hearing that black t... (click title to read more)

  36. Runner says concrete sidewalks harder on joints than blacktop (Story ID: 87686)
    Mike Bradshaw writes: As a runner I do this as well. The concrete sidewalks are harder than the blacktop on the highways. So mu... (click title to read more)

  37. Granny Nannie looks at sidewalks (Story ID: 87685)
    Granny Nannie looked at the sidewalks and didn't see any unsafe areas on her way into town along the path of the jogger. - Granny Nannie ... (click title to read more)

  38. Sidewalks condition in Columbia make running unsafe there (Story ID: 87684)
    Gary Rose writes: Has Granny Nannie looked at the sidewalks in Columbia? Due to the condition of the sidewalks the street is ... (click title to read more)

  39. Comment on Engineering and the human factor (Story ID: 86110)
    Comments re article 86092 Engineering and the human factor Jim Hudson... (click title to read more)

  40. Engineering and the human factor (Story ID: 86092)
    By Joyce Coomer No engineering idea, no matter how well planned out, no matter how well it looks on paper, no matter how wonderful... (click title to read more)

  41. Poetry by Joyce Coomer: Surfing the web (Story ID: 85909)
    Photographs on the Internet By Joyce Coomer Blacktop and road signs Light poles and wire Concrete and meta... (click title to read more)

  42. City Council 6 Sep 2016: Breakthrough on right of way issue (Story ID: 85493)
    Breakthrough on Right of way issue announced. Now sidewalks to the schools can proceed - application to the DOT simultaneously with grant writing a... (click title to read more)

  43. Supt. Reed gives upbeat report - 16 Jun 2016 meeting (Story ID: 83927)
    Report addresses Brighter prospects for funding Learning Center/Central Office building Success of Adult Training/Wor... (click title to read more)

  44. Mary Anne Loy Sidewalk Report warmly received by City Council (Story ID: 83680)
    Mary Anne Loy is hopeful that Town-to-School Sidewalk can be completed by start of School in August of 2016. Lindsey Wilson Main Campus to Sports P... (click title to read more)

  45. Keen-eyed Occasional Observer comments on Downing photo (Story ID: 82336)
    The Occasional Observer writes: Great photo! This view has changed considerably since my undergraduate days in the 19... (click title to read more)

  46. Columbia City Council Report, 4 Apr 2016 meeting (Story ID: 82311)
    In tonight's meeting Council member Ron Rogers presides while Mayor away Council hears appeal for support for chambe... (click title to read more)

  47. Writer fell through grate on Burkesville Street sidewalk (Story ID: 80758)
    Writer whose name is on file but chose to remain anonymous. His letter strengthens the argument for Mayor Hardwicks goal of removing tripping hazar... (click title to read more)

  48. Columbia City Council report: 1 Feb 2016 meeting (Story ID: 80683)
    Panhandling Ordinance takes a hit after challenge based on First Amendment rights by Columbia Attorney Mike Harris Mayor Hard... (click title to read more)

  49. CU welcomes volunteers to help clear sidewalks on campus (Story ID: 80388)
    By Joan C. McKinney, coordinating director of University Communications CAMPBELLSVILLE, KY - Pete Hedgepath has accepted Otto Tennan... (click title to read more)

  50. WKU Winter Weather Advisory Thu 21 Jan 2016 (Story ID: 80312)
    WKU campuses in Bowling Green, Owensboro and Glasgow will open today, Thursday (Jan. 21) on schedule. Campuses in Elizabethtown and For... (click title to read more)

  51. Columbia's sidewalks could be widened, adding beauty (Story ID: 78244)
    By Ralph Waggener Just thinking out loud . . . what if our sidewalks where widened by using solid bricks with a sand base to widen a... (click title to read more)

  52. Letter: Thanks for the Leadership on the sidewalks (Story ID: 77597)
    George Kolbenschlag writes: Thanks to Mary Anne Loy for her idea of forming a committee to work on bettering the sidewalks in o... (click title to read more)

  53. Ben Arnold: Engaged citizens - just what community needs (Story ID: 77594)
    Lauds Mary Anne Loy, Marsha Walker Ben Arnold writes: Reading Mary Anne Loy and Marsha Walkers comments, we h... (click title to read more)

  54. Marsha Walker: Elkton, KY got grant for sidewalks to schools (Story ID: 77589)
    Marsha Walker writes: Ed, just a few years back there were grants to build sidewalks to schools. My niece, who is city clerk in... (click title to read more)

  55. City of Columbia lowers ad valorem tax rate (Story ID: 77581)
    City hears detailed presentation of sidewalks by Mary Ann Loy. Committee appointed to examine needed changes. (Text of Mary Ann Loy pre... (click title to read more)

  56. Sidewalks/Crosswalks get full discussion, action by council (Story ID: 77579)
    The Columbia City Council took care of regular business on the agenda in the first ten minutes of Tuesday night's hour long meeting. With no Citiz... (click title to read more)

  57. Those Lindsey Wilson Sidewalks now a few days away (Story ID: 76632)
    A Whatever Happened to??? Update on Lindsey Wilson sidewalks Next previous story: ... (click title to read more)

  58. Ralph Waggener: What comes next after a plan has been made? (Story ID: 76573)
    The one thing a project like the covered sidewalks will do is get all Columbians to thinking of ways to make Columbia better and that's what is mo... (click title to read more)

  59. BJF: We need an overall strategy to get jobs (Story ID: 76556)
    Strategy would include making Columbia a more attractive place to live to as a strategy of jobs recruitment, economic development ... (click title to read more)

  60. Intersection of KY 55 & KY 206 to be temporarily closed (Story ID: 75406)
    Closure to through traffic starts Wednesday, May 27, 2015. Sidewalk closed, also. Closure for culvert replacement expected to last six weeks... (click title to read more)

  61. Columbia City Council Report Mon 2 Mar 2015 regular meeting (Story ID: 73636)
    In last nights Mon 2 Mar 2015 Columbia City Council Meeting:Council embraces program for safer sidewalks and crossings presented... (click title to read more)

  62. City Council Meeting, Monday, March 2, 2015 (Story ID: 73511)
    The Columbia City Council will meet in Regular Session on Monday, March 2, 2015, at 6pmCT, in City Hall, 116 Campbellsville Street, Columbia, KY, with... (click title to read more)

  63. All WKU campus open, on schedule for Mon 23 Feb 2015 (Story ID: 73432)
    BOWLING GREEN, KY (Sun 22 Feb 2015 5:35pmCT) - All Western Kentucky University campuses will be open and running on schedule Monday, February 23, 2015... (click title to read more)

  64. It's a go: Hart County is coming to Columbia today. (Story ID: 73383)
    The latest word at 9:24amCT, from Adair County High School Athletics Director Brent Campbell: 'Just got off the phone with Hart. It is a go for to... (click title to read more)

  65. Red Letter day! Grant will bring Sidewalks, Crosswalks for LWC (Story ID: 72616)
    Gov. Beshear announces 'Transportation Alternative Program' funding for Lindsey Wilson College. Program allows expanded transportation choices fo... (click title to read more)

  66. Public input sought for KY long-term historic preservation plan (Story ID: 71974)
    Online survey open. The survey takes five minutes to complete, at Survey (click title to read more)

  67. Likes Picture: Shelbyville Main Street in the Snow 17 Nov 2014 (Story ID: 71266)
    Maury writes: " City sidewalks busy side walks dressed in holiday style in the air there's a feeling of Thanksgiving."... (click title to read more)

  68. Gov. Beshear: State properties to go Tobacco-Free (Story ID: 69546)
    No tobacco use, including e-cigarettes, in or around executive branch buildings effective November 20, 2014Click on headline for complet... (click title to read more)

  69. JIM: News from the News, early September, 1904 (Story ID: 69470)
    It was an optimistic time in Columbia, with expansion on the South Side and a building boom in the Tutt Addition, the original part of Tutt Street ... (click title to read more)

  70. Council adopts recommendation to implement new tax, tax rate (Story ID: 69233)
    In last night's Columbia City Council Meeting Final step taken to establish Human Rights Commission The Council unanimousl... (click title to read more)

  71. Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Blue Water Trails - Floyd's Fork (Story ID: 67345)
    The Parklands at Floyd's Park is a Series of Five Parks and 27 miles of floating water. Click on headline for complete column and photo(s)... (click title to read more)

  72. Adair County School Board report, April 17, 2014 regular meeting (Story ID: 66775)
    Jennifer Nuntavong, Ashley Curry, traffic and safety problems around Adair County Primary Center; suggest crosswalks, sidewalks, more p... (click title to read more)

  73. JIM: Sidewalks were responsibility of property owners in 1909 (Story ID: 66079)
    The following three articles caught my eye; they're from the front page of the June 23, 1909 News. (The first two articles, as published i... (click title to read more)

  74. JIM: Columbia's Good Condition, January, 1909 (Story ID: 64633)
    Finances were good. All bills were paid. And the City Council was Pedestrian Conscious - with many rods of sidewalks decreed.Click on he... (click title to read more)

  75. Mike Watson: Hollowe'en and how it played out a century ago. (Story ID: 63004)
    In Adair County and Columbia By Mike Watson Adair County Historian "Hollowe'en comes on the 31st of Octo... (click title to read more)

  76. What will consultant see as he enters Columbia? (Story ID: 62001)
    Vonnie Kolbenschlag writes: Re: EDA consultant Here is something I have read: A VIBRANT DOWNTOWN IS A KEY COM... (click title to read more)

  77. Columbia City Council report, regular meeting, August 5, 2013 (Story ID: 61112)
    In tonight's City Council meetingCouncil approves 5 person Property Maintenance Code Board Debbie Yates approved for Par... (click title to read more)

  78. Columbia City Council report, June 3, 2013 regular meeting (Story ID: 59956)
    In the Monday, June 3, 2013, regular meeting Council gives enthusiastic reception to call for Human Rights Commission, for City... (click title to read more)

  79. Letter: At present, no right of way for Tutt Street sidewalks (Story ID: 58208)
    Additional right of way is needed for Tutt Street Sidewalks. - CM Jimmy Harper writes: The right of way on Tu... (click title to read more)

  80. A suggestion: Make speed limit 35mph out to Bypass (Story ID: 57536)
    Maury E. Lewis writes: I was out the other day and went by the Columbia post office and then I headed to Walmart. The speed lim... (click title to read more)

  81. ACPL will be closed all day today, Friday, January 25, 2013 (Story ID: 57184)
    Library plans to re-open on regular schedule on Saturday morning Updated in CM Events By Aleina Milligan New... (click title to read more)

  82. Adair Public Library closed; possible re-opening at 12pm noon CT (Story ID: 57177)
    Sidewalks, steps, and parking lot are very treacherous The Adair County Public Library, 307 Greensburg Street, Columbia, KY, will be... (click title to read more)

  83. Glad to see energetic debate about spending tax dollars (Story ID: 56864)
    But he asks, why is nothing being done beyond promises to make our streets safe to cross, and our sidewalks secure? At relatively no costs? Before ... (click title to read more)

  84. Mike Watson: Halloween a century ago (Story ID: 55442)
    By Mike Watson. Adair County Historian Halloween/Hollowe'en was celebrated enthusiastically over a century ago. Here are some ex... (click title to read more)

  85. A note on the closing of the 300 Quadrant of Square today (Story ID: 48045)
    A little pain in progress, but worth it in the end: Mayor Harris responds that those on the walk being rebuilt were notified, and that miscommunica... (click title to read more)

  86. Columbia not walker-friendly; for visually impaired it is downright dangerous (Story ID: 46700)
    Writer has almost been hit on many occasions. And for many, there is no alternative to walking. Having to use taxis to get get around is expensive,... (click title to read more)

  87. Adair Library reopening at 12 Noon, thanks Adair Road Dept. (Story ID: 42382)
    UPDATE 10:33amCT: Adair Library reopens at 12pm noon CTLee Ann Jessee writes:The Adair County Public Library, 307 Gr... (click title to read more)

  88. Adair Co. Library closing at 12:30pmCT, Wed., Feb. 10, 2011 (Story ID: 42356)
    The Adair County Public Library at 307 Greensburg ST, Columbia, KY 42728 will be closing at 12:30pmCT, today, February 9, 2011, due to slick sidewalks... (click title to read more)

  89. Adair Co. Public Library will open at 10amCT (Story ID: 41920)
    The Adair County Public Library located at 307 Greensburg ST, Columbia, KY will be opening at 10amCT, this morning, January 21, 2011 Please be advised... (click title to read more)

  90. Closings Jan. 21, 2011: Adair Co. Schools, plus more (Story ID: 41908)
    No School in Adair Co. School District Friday, January 21, 2011David Jones, Director of Student Transportation fo... (click title to read more)

  91. Columbia City Council meeting January 3, 2011 report (Story ID: 41566)
    Mayor Harris: An open, cooperative leadership with focus Jobs, Downtown, Sidewalks, Safer City Streets, immediate action day-to-day mai... (click title to read more)

  92. Adair County Library closing at noon; unsure of Tuesday (Story ID: 41144)
    The Adair County Public Library, 307 Greensburg ST, Columbia, KY, will be closing at 12pm Noon CT, today, Monday, December 13, 2010. "Due to The Adair... (click title to read more)

  93. Adair Co. Public Library closing at 4pmCT, March 8, 2010 (Story ID: 35474)
    The Adair County Public Library, 307 Greensburg ST, Columbia, KY will close today March 8, 2010 at 4pmCT because of our sidewalks being worked on. We ... (click title to read more)

  94. Book Club at ACPL for 4:30pmCT, cancelled (Story ID: 35017)
    The Book Club meeting at the Adair County Public Library, 307 Greensburg ST, Columbia, KY, has been cancelled for this evening due to slick sidewalks.... (click title to read more)

  95. Columbia City Council Meeting, Feb. 1, 2010 report (Story ID: 34748)
    In action last night at the Columbia City Council meetingCouncil approves Statement of Intent for Utilities MergerOn se... (click title to read more)

  96. Cancellations: No School Tues., Feb, 2, 2010: Snow Day (Story ID: 34744)
    David Jones, Director of Student Transportation for the Adair County School District has announced at 150pmCT, Monday, February 2, ... (click title to read more)

  97. Despite snow, LWC Physical Plant team stays on the job (Story ID: 34700)
    College's Open House; basketball doubleheader with Georgetown cancelledClick on headline for story + photo(s)By Duane Bon... (click title to read more)

  98. Columbia City Council Meeting, March 2, 2009 report (Story ID: 27931)
    Band money decision delayed, but Mayor tells supporters "It looks pretty goodPhase One sidewalks from Dillon Street to Schools a G... (click title to read more)

  99. Looking ahead: Supports idea of bike, walking trails (Story ID: 26827)
    Supporting: A bike trail should be built around ColumbiaYes, I agree we... (click title to read more)

  100. Columbia City Council meeting Dec. 1, 2008 report (Story ID: 26313)
    In last night's City Council meeting:Council tables CACEDA request for $10,000Council tables approval of "Renaissance Colu... (click title to read more)

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