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Tracking the discussion: wet vs dry in Adair County KY

By Linda Waggener

Following is a list of links to all news and opinions received on the issue of legalizing alcohol sales since January 1, 2016. The election will happen March 22, 2016 and voters will be urged to get out and cast their ballots for, or against, the legal sale of alcohol in Adair County, KY. respects all voices and will endeavor to print all who contribute signed letters of civil discourse on this very important matter.

Letters and comments from persons who have already stated positions may be held to make room for opinions of those who have not yet had their letters included.

Letters requesting name not be used with comments are subject to being left out -- in some cases names may be kept on file and the letter printed with that notation, but it is entirely up to the editor's discretion.

Letters with a call to action to vote one side over the other will be considered for paid advertising.

Note: Links are in chronological order - newest comments are added at the bottom of the list.

If your letter is left out, please click 'contact' below this article and let us know name and date it was sent.

  1. Rickie Williams: is this progress?

  2. Signatures goal met January 21, 2016

  3. Clerk certifies votes, election is definite

  4. Shannon Sexton: election will be held March 22, 2016

  5. Mike Ellis: questions budget assumptions

  6. Billy Joe Fudge: appreciates concern for accuracy

  7. Shannon Sexton: tax revenue depends on local rate

  8. Jon Halsey: refreshing to see...

  9. Brandon Burns: believes numbers are off

  10. Shannon Sexton: any tax more than we get now

  11. Clerk Lisa Greer: requirements for absentee voting

  12. Lake Cumberland wet-dry news

  13. Chris Oliver: alcohol purchases should benefit Adair

  14. Doug Beard: it's about responsibility

  15. Doug Peterson: Urges NO vote 22 Mar 2016 Adair Co election

  16. Charles Marshburn: statics questioned

  17. Shannon Sexton: statistics on wrecks in dry counties

  18. Lucy: better to buy where you live

  19. Michael Regan: teach them what Bible advocates

  20. Derek Nickel: look at counties voting yes

  21. Michael Regan: dark genie in the bottle

  22. Shannon Sexton: legalize it, regulate it, control it

  23. Shirl Moore: will vote against bootleggers

  24. Jenny Dawson: don't be intimidated by scare tactics

  25. Ron Heath: problem isn't consumption of alcohol, it's abuse of alcohol

  26. Laura Hurt: a clear link between dry counties and high meth use

  27. Amy Pike: it's about economics

  28. Patty McClister: don't drink but will vote yes

  29. Mary Bardin: prescription drug abuse much greater concern than alcohol

  30. Shannon Sexton: statistics added on teen fatalities due to alcohol

  31. Charles Marshburn: Which police responsible for Bootlegger?

  32. Kevin Jenkins: a balanced budget also talks about the cost of alcohol

  33. Steve Grider: what percent of crimes occurred in wet vs dry counties?

  34. Cindy Harvey: believe the tax will help economy overall

  35. JIM: a look at our history and perils of drink

  36. Jon Halsey: exploding containers just one of many dangers

  37. Kelvin Bailey: appreciate the ongoing robust discussion

  38. Michael Regan: Can you see a bar in heaven?

  39. Billy Joe Fudge: alcohol doesn't kill people, people kill people

  40. Jon Halsey on Wet/Dry: Wants more truth, less truthiness

  41. Randy Young: Alcohol is a drug>

  42. Mark McKinnon: Wet/Dry decisions based in Logic or Emotion

  43. Tommy Kemp: calls for immediate ban on sale of Mountain Dew in Adair County

  44. Don't mix religion into this argument

  45. Bruce Sexton asks where are we going?

  46. Randy Young says your vote counts

  47. Shannon Sexton clears up misinformation

  48. Anita Rees agrees on what the real question is

  49. MB asks how much we've lost by Bootleggar selling instead of legal

  50. Doug Beard looks at perceptions

  51. Absentee voting

  52. Randy Young responds to Kevin Jenkins

  53. Tommy Kemp asks how far we should let laws reach into our personal lives

  54. Jon Halsey agrees about laws reaching into personal lives

  55. Carol Perkins emphasizes the need to register and vote, especially for women

  56. Wets decline debate with Drys because ďWe are all ChristiansĒ

  57. Gerald Doss: Misplaced concern. Meth is the new concern

  58. JIM looks at the lighter side of history, itís not right to advocate trafficking in whiskey

  59. Doug Beard: Vote for dry is a vote to continue illegal sales

  60. Randy Young: We all want progress but is this the progress we need?

  61. Penny Day: A comparison to legal sales in the UK

  62. Doug Peterson: questions PAC and its chair for more disclosure

  63. Michael Regan: Vote no sign stolen

  64. Shannon Sexton: thinks AFV graphic ad misleading

  65. Billy Joe Fudge: wet/dry issue is about freedom

  66. Shannon Sexton: stealing or damaging campaign signs is illegal

  67. Shannon Sexton: writing as a private citizen, Christian, wife, mother, realist

  68. Randy Young: nothing good will come from it

  69. Chris Oliver: most of the nation figured this out in 1933

  70. Mark Hale: will vote no, but outcome should not divide the county

  71. Shannon Sexton: response to provide requested disclosure

  72. George Kolbenschlag: will vote yes for five main reasons

  73. Jana Esch: will vote no, legalization brings acceptance, normalcy

  74. Mark Selby: Bible says to obey the laws, so why do we allow bootleggers here?

  75. Ed Waggener: how to find full disclosure on state website

  76. Author on file: to those who vote NO, what have you done or plan to do to stop the illegal sale of alcohol in this county?

  77. Ed Waggener: full disclosure of leadership for both sides of wet/dry issue

  78. Tommy Jones: questions what else protestors are calling evil here

  79. BJ Hagy: a no vote helps bootleggers keep making their living

  80. Jane Potts: why no prayer gatherings to end bootlegging?

  81. Lee Ann Parnell: donít see any yes side standing against bootleggers either; divisions can easily be resolved with common respect

  82. Randy Young gives scripture

  83. Granny Nanny says use whole scripture

  84. Charles Marshburn says Granny hit nail on head

  85. Mitzi Bault: itís about choice

  86. Michael Regan: why canít we say we oppose alcohol sales?

  87. Wendy Burt: first alcohol was at age 13, communion ó did that lead me down the path of ruin?

  88. Shannon Sexton: drys canít have it both ways

  89. Charles Marshburn sends election alert number

  90. Author name on file: Christian-parent-teacher tells why she will vote 'Yes'

  91. Deb P: responds to Christian parent teacher voting yes

  92. Charles Marshburn worries over mass migration

  93. Willard Jessie: why canít the law enforce alcoholic beverage laws?

  94. Brandon Burns: why not have wet/dry at regular election?

  95. Shannon Sexton: will be hard to find a dry county to move to

  96. Laura Hurt: itís nonsense to say self control is an exception

  97. Taft Neal: the alcohol witch hunt

  98. JIM: illegal for wet/dry election to take place at regular election time

  99. Richie Melson: lost two family members to alcohol

  100. Tommy Jones: raise taxes to make up for lost alcohol sales

  101. Wanda Kerns: Doesn't want alcohol easily available

  102. Guy Babin: It's already 'Wet' in Paradise USA

  103. Ed Pipalski: taxed enough already

  104. Grannie Nannie: suspicious of those who rail

  105. Trish Zatkoff: God gave us free will

  106. Former AC Superintendent Rev. Darrell Treece comments on Wet/Dry issue

  107. Marcia M. Shuffet for in-between Wet & Dry

  108. Chris Reeder: Thankful for right to vote

  109. Chris Murphy: we are being misled, pray for revival

  110. Roger Young: Chicago has dry neighborhoods

  111. Tommy Jones: Christians commonly consumed alcohol until Wesley

  112. Ralph Waggener: Wet/Dry: The vanilla extract story

  113. Randy Young: Drunk drivers don't think or care

  114. Robert Krug: Dry's quotation not quite right

  115. Granny Nanny: reason for baking so much

  116. Letter: Randy Young appreciates clarification

  117. Gary Rose: 70 proof vanilla extract

  118. Shannon Sexton: Dry supporter's letter doesn't fact check

  119. Amy Pike wonders why no comments allowed on AFV site

  120. JIM: the wife does a lot of baking

  121. Gary Rose: Quote in its entirety

  122. Michael Regan: No vote is on the side of Light>

  123. Shannon Sexton: Light shines on both sides

  124. Doug Beard: The Holy Bible repudiates "prohibition": compilation of all verses containing the words "wine" or "strong drink" a wonderful resource

  125. Anita Rees: it has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with responsible parenting

  126. Randy Young: points to horrible accident to make people think

  127. James Murrell: Cautionary note on selective scripture quotations

  128. Wanda Kerns: bet they got drunk on the way from Lebanon

  129. Anita Rees: ignorance referred to - alcohol is already here

  130. Jon Halsey: My imperturbability bucket has run dry

  131. Anita Rees: compliments to Christian parent teacher who will vote yes

  132. Kelvin Bailey: Some dry posts provide legitimate fodder for PAC

  133. Gary Rose: Facts, not emotions on Wet/Dry

  134. Laura Hurt: The vote is about legal or illegal sales

  135. Does anybody know? Do bootleggers card people?

  136. Mitch Bragg: Really?

  137. Jamey Hayes: So many Yes posts make me want to vote No

  138. Gail Power: All the no vote signs make me want to vote Yes

  139. Jon Halsey: Both the issue and the discussion are simple choices

  140. Ed Waggener: Question this morning: Do legal sales folks need another Wow!

  141. Shannon Sexton: Another Wow! factor

  142. JIM: So much 100 years ago is relevant today

  143. Link: WBKO-Tv story on Cave City, KY after legal sales

  144. Mary Norris: where might bar and grill be?

  145. Sen. Girdler's letter on change

  146. Mike Watson: Noticed several Vote No signs spray painted Yes

  147. Shannon Sexton: PAC condemns vandalism of any yard signs

  148. Signature on file: blames wet forces for vandalism

  149. Shannon Sexton: Neither side has escaped vandalism, blame

  150. Wanda Kerns: Vandals were likely children or very low life adults

  151. Amy Pike: Signs won't be voting March 22, the citizens will

  152. Jane Potts cites Cave City as model for Columbia/Adair Wet/Dry

  153. Adair Clerk lists Polling Places, Officers, 22 Mar 2016 Election

  154. Randy Young: Should follow McCreary County

  155. Jim Garner: Requests citation on claims about Somerset

  156. Ed Waggener: Absentee votes at good pace for Wet-Dry election

  157. Mike Harris: Researchable data about violence, crime, Somerset

  158. Joyce Coomer: I would like some answers

  159. Jerry Holt: Yes vote would result in cleaner roadsides

  160. Jon Halsey: Answers to Joyce's questions

  161. Mark Hale: Regardless of outcome, no need to get upset

  162. Jon Halsey: tack Mark Hale's words of wisdom on doors of every polling place

  163. Clerk Lisa Greer: Local Option Election is this Tuesday 22 Mar 2016

  164. Jon Halsey offers answer

  165. vote in three days

  166. Mike Ellis: Doesn't think legal sales will stop littering

  167. Linda Waggener: Voting yes to end duplicity, buy legal-local

  168. Rickie Williams: still see no proof of progress

  169. Jimmie Cox: agrees with comments

  170. Jon Halsey: the bottom line

  171. Mike Ellis: Life with an alcoholic parent

  172. Shannon Sexton responds to help demonstrate economic side

  173. Marsha Walker: Agree with yes vote because it's our right

  174. Joyce Coomer: changed from yes to no vote

  175. Randy Young: alcohol related tragedy in Horse Cave

  176. Tommy Kemp: just uncover your eyes and you will see

  177. Charles Marshburn: where can I get an application for bootlegger license?

  178. Shannon Sexton: you can vote if you're 18 and registered in Adair County

  179. Marcia Shuffett: not crossing that line

  180. Shannon Sexton: loss of life is tragic; did alcohol come from a wet county or a bootlegger?

  181. Marcia Shuffett: not crossing that line

  182. Shannon Sexton: loss of life is tragic; did alcohol come from a wet county or a bootlegger?

  183. Mike Ellis: 39 counties had increase in collisions

  184. Amy Pike: there's more to consider on the Horse Cave story

  185. Ed Waggener: absentee votes now total 277

  186. Chris Oliver: vote will be over tomorrow but if it doesn't pass, the wet/dry issue will not go away

  187. Sharon R. Thompson: Will vote against easier access

  188. J. Brandon Thompson: Vote outcome should not divide citizens

  189. Shannon Sexton: Vote. Let freedom ring!

  190. Billy Joe Fudge: We should celebrate every election day

  191. Adair Clerk Lisa Greer: Polls very busy this morning

  192. Yes vote wins

  193. Yes vote wins by over 600

  194. March 22, 2016 Special Election Results

  195. Mark Hale: The big vote is behind us

  196. Randy Young: thanks to all

  197. Question about next step

  198. Mayor Hardwick: now comes the hard part of making it work

  199. Shannon Sexton: Adair County made history yesterday

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