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Who you gonna call? To find where septic tank drain lines?

Maury Lewis writes:
Who do I call to find out where my septic tank drain lines are?

I know there are people that find electric and water lines.

Who does the drain lines for septic tanks?

- Maury Lewis
Anybody know if Maury needs a dowser or another type of expert?

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Leaders of Pride Clean Up day in Adair County

2017-04-29 - Adair Annex, 424 Public Square, Columbia, KY - Photo from Gail Cowan.
Adair County Fiscal Court officials were on hand to welcome volunteers to the 2017 Pride Clean Up Saturday, April 29. As of 11amCT, four hours after the start up, over 40 bags of trash were reported ready for pick up. Some are continuing the work as temperatures head into the mid-eighties toward a predicted ninety for today. Safety and health were advised as first considerations to all volunteers. From left are: Magistrate Billy Coffey (District 5), Magistrate Terry Hadley (District 7), Deputy Adair CJE Andrea Waggener, Adair County Treasurer Melinda Quinn, Magistrate Harold Burton (District 1), Adair County Finance Officer Gail Cowan, and Adair County Sheriffs Deputy Aaron Rainwater.

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COF cites missing local-speak: 'Clumbee to Camelsvul'

COF writes:
Might couda made room fer "C'lumbee ta Camelsvu\" COF at Dun Roman High o'er Beautiful Downtown Knifley.
Whence others appropriated "Hows Mommanem" --COF
Comments re article 90255 Powerful words Moveins may still be ignorant of

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  Current Temperatures
Adair: 87 F
Casey: 85 · Cumberland: 90 · Green: 88
Metcalfe: 86 · Russell: 87 · Taylor: 88
Updated at 4:00pm Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Burkesville. Campbellsville. Columbia. Edmonton. Greensburg. Jamestown. Liberty. Russell Springs

Lillie is now re-united. She came home on her own

At 2:38, Marilyn Heitz Called to say, "Lillie is home. I just look out the back and she came walking toward the house, on her own. Thanks, though to everyone who watched for her." - EW

This is always good news, when a dog comes home overnight.. After Lillie was missing overnight, her family had hosted this ad, which in the end had no effect on the very welcome outcome. It was a part, however, of a charming little story:

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Powerful words Move-ins may still be ignorant of

CM is much obliged for this brilliant paper to a Once-of-this-Place Preservist, Unknown Ex-Pat, of the Native Tongue, Extant Somewhere or 'Somers' on this terrestrial orb. Incomers are advise to use the words sparingly at the store, only after practicing on the family until home denigration dies down. As always, identification the the Scribe will not be released. - CM
Click on headline for complete definitions and ways to use in a sentence: teejous, torj, come of banilla, right smart of a hand, that old puke and and that old rip.

By the Unknown Ex-Pat
Don't ask

Yesterday as I was working the garden, I got to thinking about words, mostly colloquial pronunciations, I heard in the Auld Sod when I was a wee tot. Some of them were:

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Events scheduled for today, April 29, 2017
All events are listed in Central Time. | Print Version | Submit your upcoming event using our Submission Form.
6:30amCT2017 Spring Sports Calendars: Adair County High School.
7:00amCTSquare Meals Cafe, Breakfast 7am-10amCT Menu/Details (ID:46933 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
Countdown: It's TODAY. Adair County PRIDE Spring Clean-up. 8m-12pmNoonCT Registration 7am-8amCT, with donuts & drinks send-off in the parking lot (inside Adair Annex if bad weather comes) adjoining Monroe Street, behind the Adair Annex, 424 Public Square, Columbia, KY. - ANDREA WAGGENER, Deputy Adair County CJE. DETAILS (ID:47054 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
8:00amCTFarmer's Market on the Square 8am-1pmCT
Now at Municipal Parking Lot, corner Campbellsville & Merchant Streets. (Sponsored) (ID:47078 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
10:00amCTUnused prescription drug disposal at KSP Post 15 (ID:46950 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
Adair Co. Sheriff's Office/DEA Drug takeback 10am-2pmCT, Parking, Taco Bell, 899 Jamestown Street, Columbia, KY. - HARRISON MOSS. DETAILS (ID:46963 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
SADIE is Available, adoptable
at Green River Animal Shelter
Green River Animal Shelter is the first place to look if your dog is lost. You'll always find a variety of puppies, kittens, dogs and cats ready and eager to join your family. NEW HOURS. Closing at 4pmCT during winter months Green River Animal Shelter open today, 10am-4pmCT. GRAS, 455 Appleby Drive, Columbia, KY. You can help. Adopt. Volunteer. Give Time, Donate Money. Give needed supplies. Encourage the staff at GRAS who are doing such a wonderful job! Stop by today. Thanks, KIM TUCKER
(See Animal control pickups and GRAS dogs for adoption in CM Animals - CM (ID:47088 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
10:30amCTSquare Meals Cafe, Lunch 10:30am-1pmCT Menu/Details (ID:47079 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
11:00amCTServices, Russell Springs, KY, for Allie Harris Emerson, 98, Russell County, KY (1919-2017) (ID:47074 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
ACHS Baseball faces North Hardin High School 11amCT/12pmNoonET at North Hardin High School, 801 S Logsdon Parkway (campus), Radcliff, KY - WES FEESE. (ACHS 2017 BASEBALL SCHEDULE) (ID:47082 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
NoonCTServices, 12pmCT/1pmET, Casey County, KY for Sue F. Hopkins, 80, Casey County, KY (1936-2017) (ID:47046 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
Chimes at Noon, Downtown Columbia. Two selections (ID:47080 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
1:00pmCTServices, Russell Springs, KY, for Billy Joe Allen, 70, Russell County, KY (1946-2017) (ID:47041 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
Services, 1pmCT/2pmET, Liberty, KY, for Arbutus Comer Hilton, 77, Adair County, KY (1939-2017) (ID:47057 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
Services, Greensburg, KY, for Linda Lou Whitlow Hodges, Green County, KY (1940-2017) (ID:47058 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
Game 2 - LW Baseball hosts Pikeville in MSC Tournament Opening Round at Egnew Park, 928 Russell Road, Columbia, KY - MATTHEW WURZBURGER. STORY (ID:47060 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
1:30pmCTLWC Softball at University of the Cumberlands. 1:30pmCT/2:30pmET at Briar Creek Softball Field, 6191 College Station Drive (campus), Williamsburg, KY 40769. (ID:47089 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
ACHS Baseball faces Madisonville HS at 1:30pmCT/2:30pmET at North Hardin High School, 801 S Logsdon Parkway (campus), Radcliff, KY - WES FEESE. (ACHS 2017 BASEBALL SCHEDULE) (ID:47083 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
5:00pmCTChimes for the evening, Downtown Columbia. Two selections (ID:47081 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
6:00pmCT4th Annual Hometown Celebration at First Baptist Church, 392 KY-80, Russell Springs, KY. (ID:46700 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)
Revival 26-30 Apr 2017, at Gradyville Baptist Church, 159 Old Gradyville Church Road, Columbia, KY. Bro. Robert Knight will be preaching each night, with different singers each night. - DEBBIE BENNETT. (STORY w/SCHEDULE of SINGERS (ID:46786 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)

Visit the Events Page for details about the events listed above, a printable version of today's events, and for events on upcoming days. Please use our Submission Form to let us know about your organization's upcoming events.

Over 100 Clean-up Crusaders off to Clean Up Adair County!

2017-04-29 - Parking lot back of Adair Annex, 424 Public Square, Columbia, KY - Photo by Innocent Bystander, submitted by AC Deputy CJE.
The possibility of bad weather did not deter the Clean-up Crusaders today. Adair County Deputy County Judge Executive Andrea Waggener at far right in front stands with many of the volunteers who were able to work today in the annual Adair COunty PRIDE Cleanup Day. There were over a hundred registered for the day The green safety vests, trash bags, water, juice, donuts, plastic gloves, insect repellent and sunscreen was provided by Adair County Fiscal Court. (Other names will be added when available).

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Today, SATURDAY with CM - 29 Apr 2017
For Day 119 of 2017. There are 246 days remaining in 2017.

Haiku by Robert Stone for April 29, 2017:
Spite and jealousy,
how sad when true description
of bitter person.
--Robert Stone, Saturday, 29 April 2017.
-1000 haiku twice now, now on to more days, Day 2055

There is no more text for this article. Click for printable version. Posted on 2017-04-29 00:02:33

Celebration is Sun 30 Apr 2017 - Lewis Garrison's 80th birthday

Everyone is invited to a Celebration of Lewis Garrison's 80th Birthday, 2pm-4pmCT, Sun April 30, 2017, at The Barn at Cedar Grove, 1000 Brockman Keltner Road, Greensburg, KY, in Adair County near the Adair/Green County line. "Your presence instead of presents, please." Amy Mitchum Mr. Garrison's birthday was April 26, 2017, but will be celebrated on Sunday.

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WKU To rename building in honor of Rep. Jody Richards

Adair Countian receives yet another high honor. Rep. Richards attended Adair County Public Schools and is a 1956 graduate of ACHS. He is the son of the late Demaree & Mary Richards of the Garlin Community.
Click on headline for complete story

By Bob Skipper

BOWLING GREEN, KY (Fri 28 Apr 2017) - Western Kentucky University's Board of Regents today (April 28) approved renaming a campus building to honor long-time WKU supporter and state representative Jody Richards of Bowling Green.

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2017-04-29 02:22:57 | Comments

Lost dogs dominate ANIMALS today.
- One sweet lady showed up at a home on Snake Creek Road. She's in Good Hands, but she has to be some family's pet.
- At 2:38pmCT, a happy ending to this story: Lilly is home.
Another Ms Dog, the lovely Lilly,
went out last night from her home in Bliss, Adair County, KY, and didn't come back. Of course her family is worried sick.
Details are in CM ANIMALS.


Munfordville certified as 16th Kentucky Trail Town

Munfordville joins Dawson Springs, Livingston, Morehead, Olive Hill, London, Stearns, Elkhorn City, Jamestown, Manchester, Berea, Columbia, Royalton, the Harlan County Tri Cities of Cumberland, Benham & Lynch, McKee and Slade as Kentucky Trail Towns.
Click on headline for complete story

By Seth Wheat
News from Commonwealth News Center

MUNFORDVILLE, Ky. (27 Apr 2017) - The Kentucky Department of Tourism today announced Munfordville as a certified Kentucky Trail Town.

The Kentucky Trail Town Program is a tourism based development program that provides a plan for communities to capitalize on their opportunities for outdoor recreation. Primarily an economic development based plan, it also seeks to increase opportunities for healthy physical activities through increased access to trails and recreational areas.

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Artists at the ready for Clean up day: Beth & Sydney

2017-04-29 - Parking lot back of Adair Annex, 424 Public Square, Columbia, KY - Photo by Linda Marcum Waggener,
Ready for face painting at Pride Cleanup today, Saturday, April 29, 2017, were Beth Cowan, daughter of Gale and Jamie Cowan, left, and Sydney Waggener, daughter of Andrea Waggener and Doug Waggener. Beth is a 6th Grader at Adair County Middle School. Sydney is a Junior at Adair County High School. Several groups signed up this morning. Among them were Charity Baptist Church, cleaning up the Holmes Bend area and the Adair County High School National Honor Society and Beta Club. The Adair Annex Restrooms were open today for the Clean-up Crew. - LINDA WAGGENER

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LWC Men's Basketball signs Peyton Gover of Somerset, KY

Gover was KY 12 Region Player of the Year
Click on headline for complete story

By Charles Balcom

COLUMBIA, KY - (Fri 28 Apr 2017) - The Lindsey Wilson men's basketball program has signed Peyton Gover for the upcoming 2017-18 season, head coach Paul Peck announced on Friday.

Gover joins the Blue Raiders from Southwestern High School in Somerset, KY.

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Oldham Co. KY man pleads in child porn case

Defendant found guilty of possessing, transporting and advertising images of child pornography
Click on headline for complete story

From U.S. Attorney's Office
U.S. Department of Justice, Western District of KY

LOUISVILLE, KY (Fri 27 Apr 2017) - United States Attorney John E. Kuhn, Jr., announced today that an Oldham County, Kentucky resident pleaded guilty in United States District Court this week, before Senior Judge Thomas B. Russell, to charges including the possession, transportation and advertising of images containing child pornography.

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Red Lick UMS special pre-homecoming service 30 Apr 2017

Related story: Red Lick UMC Homecoming is 21 May 2017
Click on headline for item below with photo(s)

By Chris Lagermann

Red Lick United Methodist Church, 3976 Mosby Ridge Road, Edmonton, KY, is having special services leading up to its third Sunday annual homecoming. Sunday, April 30, 2017, The theme for the congregation is "Putting on the Whole Armor of God". The children received a picture to color showing: "The Helmet of Salvation"; "The Sword of the Spirit"; "The Belt of the Truth"; "The Shield of Faith"; "The Sandals of Peace". Everyone is asked to use his or her imagination dressing in a way that represents one or more of these. Last year the congregation demonstrated "The Helmet of Salvation" by wearing hats. - CHRIS LAGERMANN

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ACHS Baseball faces two opponents at N. Hardin 29 Apr 2017

The Adair County High School Baseball Team will face North Hardin High School at 11amCT/12pmNoonET, and Madisonville High School at 1:30pmCT/2:30pmET, Saturday, April 29, 2017, both games at North Hardin High School, 801 S Logsdon Parkway (campus), Radcliff, KY - WES FEESE. - (ACHS 2017 BASEBALL SCHEDULE)

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Breakfast at Square Meals Cafe - Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017-04-29 - Farmers Market on the Square, Campbellsville & Merchant Streets, Columbia, KY - Photo by Linda Waggener, photo(c).
Breakfast, 7am-10amCT, is great this morning: Breakfast skillet with hash browns, scrambled eggs and sausage, toast and fruit cup. And the company is great, lots of adorable young families for company. Above, Mom Rachel Byrd holds Lexie, 8 months, while Kamden, two, gets set to eat. Lunch is 10:30-1pmCT. The menu: Beef Shish Kabob on Jasmine Rice, Asparagus, Garden Salad and Carrot Cake. A bonus: The main attraction is the Farmer's Market on the Square, 8am-1pmCT, today, Saturday, April 29, 2017. - LINDA WAGGENER.

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DAV Service office at VFW Post 6097 -01 May 2017

On Monday morning, 01 May 2017, the DAV service officer will be at VFW Post 6097, 411 Fairground Street, from 0800 hrs until 1000 hrs to assist any veteran with VA claims. Please bring all current paper work from the VA or DAV. If applying to get into the VA system you MUST have a copy of your DD-214 or other official discharge papers. JOE HARE, Commander

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Meeting 4 May 2017 to discuss ACMS swim team

Students and parents interested in establishing a swim team for Adair County Middle School are encouraged to meet at the ACMS gymnasium, 322 Gen John Adair Drive, Columbia, KY, at 6pmCT, on Thursday, May 4, 2017. - WES FEESE

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'Family' Echoed at Annual LWC Founders' Day 27 Apr 2017

More than 330 people hear moving student speakers Lindsay Daniel and Makenzie Montano, President Bill Luckey's account of a year with major accomplishments, future changes, and a school year when hearts were heavy with losses, made more bearable because the LWC community is a big, loving extended family. Keynote speaker Dr. Allan Mercer Parnell, whose biography is one of Adair County's greatest success stories, an inspirational address punctuated with his great humor, his testimony of faith, nuggets of business wisdom, and his reminder that giving is one of the great joys of his life. - EW
Click on headline for story with Travis Smith photo(s)

By Travis Smith

COLUMBIA, KY - (Fri 28 Apr 2017) 'LWC is Family' was a sentiment echoed many times throughout the night at Lindsey Wilson College Founders' Day Dinner, held Thursday, April 27, at the college's Roberta D. Cranmer Dining & Conference Center.

Lindsay Daniel, a student speaker from Jamestown, KY, spoke to a crowd of more than 330 guests about her struggles before attending college, and how the generosity of those connected with LWC have had a life changing impact on her.

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2017-04-28 14:52:29 | Comments | See topic Lindsey Wilson College

Adair Co. Budget Committee will meet 2 May 2017

The Adair County Fiscal Court Budget Committee will meet on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 9amCT in the basement of the Adair County Annex Building, 424 Public Square, Columbia, Kentucky. The meeting is open to the public. - Gale Cowan

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CES Soaring Eagles for the week of 24 Apr 2017

2017-04-29 - Campbellsville Elementary School, 315 Roberts Road, Campbellsville, KY - Photo by Calen McKinney, Public Information Officer, Campbellsville Independent Schools (CIS).
CES names Soaring Eagles

Campbellsville Elementary School recently named its Soaring Eagles for the week of April 24, 2017. They are, from left, front, kindergartener Melody Ward, first-graders Braxton Giles-Osinger and Ammarissa Nunez, kindergartener Alex Eggers, second-graders Malia Thompson and Gavin Martin and kindergarteners Karter Young and Justice Nelson. Back, third-graders Alexis Roddy, Jalen Embry and Maliyah Harris, second-grader Annabelle Brockman, first-graders Aiden Forrest and Elizabeth Foster, second-grader Carson Ford and third-grader Eleana Brewer. Absent from the photo is first-grader Bree Farmer. - CALEN McKINNEY

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KAAP to expand in Bowling Green, create 129 jobs

Aluminum parts manufacturer will invest more than $51.3 million in Warren County
Click on headline for complete story

By Woody Maglinger & Jack Mazurak

FRANKFORT, Ky. (28 Apr 2017) - Gov. Matt Bevin today announced Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products LLC (KAAP) will expand for a seventh time in Bowling Green, investing more than $51 million and creating 129 full-time jobs.

"This expansion by Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products is a shining example of growth among advanced manufacturers in Kentucky," Gov. Bevin said. "Since establishing its Bowling Green plant in 2004, KAAP has proven itself an excellent corporate partner in the Commonwealth's automotive industry. We are grateful for the company's dedication to the state and are excited to see this remarkable success continue."

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2017-04-28 11:20:02 | Comments | See topic Kentucky

Youth-centered anti-smoking work gets statewide recognition

Adair County is blessed with a talented group of young people and it is a privilege to work with them. Their work was fantastic so I'm glad they were recognized for that." - JELAINE HARLOW
Click on headline for story with photo

By Wes Feese
Media Relations, Adair County Schools

Seven local students and one recent graduate were part of a group recognized Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy's (KCSP) annual conference in Lexington, KY. The Adair County contingent received the award for Outstanding Youth Advocacy for its work with the Adair County Smoke-free Coalition. The students helped create a public service announcement calling for a countywide anti-smoking ordinance.

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2017-04-28 11:11:42 | Comments

Allie Harris Emerson, 98, Russell County, KY (1919-2017)

She was a member of the Mt. Eden Baptist Church and a homemaker. She was a native Russell County, KY, the daughter of the late Oliver Ray "Babe" & Liza Jane McBeath Harris and the widow of Argel "Bob" Emerson. She was the matriarch of a large, respected family. She leaves 22 direct living descendants, spanning four generations.
Click on headline for complete obituary with photo(s)

Allie Harris Emerson, 98, of Russell Springs, KY, died Thursday, April 27, 2017 at the Cumberland Nursing & Rehab Center in Somerset, KY.

Funeral service for Allie Emerson will be 11amCT, Saturday, April 29, 2017 at the Bernard Funeral Home Chapel, 367 N Main Street, Russell Springs, KY, with Bro. Paul Roy officiating. Visitation will be 9am-11amCT, Saturday. Interment will be in the Union Cemetery. Pallbearers: Joey Luttrell, Chris Luttrell, Tyler Crabtree, Matt Crabtree, Cory Crabtree, Ben Luttrell, and Terry Curtis.

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2017-04-28 10:58:32 | Comments | See topic Obituaries

Gary Coffey, 62, Milltown, Adair County, KY (1954-2017)

He attended the Amazing Grace Church, and was employed for Danny Pyles Excavating as a truck driver for many years. Gary was a fun loving guy who enjoyed riding horses with his grandkids. He was the son of the late Thomas Coffey & Pauline Stone Coffey Pegg. His wife, Judy Hatcher Coffey, survives. He leaves three direct living descendants.
Click on headline for complete obituary with photo

Gary Coffey, 62 of the Milltown Community of Adair County, KY, passed away Friday April 28, 2017 at 1:38amCT at his home after several weeks of illness.

Funeral service will be at 2pmCT, Sunday, April 30, 2017, at Stotts-Phelps-McQueary Funeral Home, 210 Greensburg Street, Columbia, KY, with Bro. Ronnie Janes & Bro. Jimmie Dale Cox the officiating clergy. Interment in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery in Adair County, KY. Visitation will be after 3:30pmCT, Saturday, April 29, 2017, at Stotts-Phelps-McQueary Funeral Home.

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2017-04-28 10:25:02 | Comments | See topic Obituaries

Red Lick UMS in all night singing apparel

2017-04-29 - Red Lick United Methodist Church, 3976 Mosby Ridge Road, Edmonton, KY - Photo by Chris Lagermann.
The congregation of Red Lick United Methodist Church, had a group photo taken at an all night singing, in their "Giving Generously" apparel. Row 1: Patricia Pedigo, Martha Jessee, Carol Mullins (and Sasha Hamilton the dog) Row 2: Lukas Lemmon, Lakota Lemmon, Jordon London, Kaleigh Huff, Emma Jessee, Olivia Jessee, Katherine Lemmon.Row 3: Chris Lagermann, Gina Duncan, Connie Taylor, Genola Sexton and Larry Hamilton. Row 4: Missy Lemmon, Brother Larry Lemmon, Linda helps, Chris Mullins. Row 5: Freeda Jeffries, Billy Jeffries, Ed Jessee, Chris Jessee, Connie Phelps, Danny Phelps, and Hyman "Silk" Estes. - CHRIS LAGERMANN. Click Read More for details on the Sunday, April 30, 2017 service for which the congregation will dress in a "Whole Armor of God" theme.

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Columbia City Council Agenda - Mon 1 May 2017

Completion of gas refund plan, needle exchange program, among items on agenda. Citizen Comments will come first on agenda.
Click on headline for complete agenda

The Columbia City Council will meet in Regular Meeting, on Mon 1 May 2016, at 6pmCT, in City Hall, 116 Campbellsville Street, Columbia, KY with the following agenda:

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2017-04-28 09:08:35 | Comments

What's Cooking in Columbia Today
Click restaurant names for hours, directions, and prices. Print What's Cooking

Betty's Country Cooking
MENU | 2339 Campbellsville RD, Columbia, KY (MAP) Phone 270-384-5664.
Betty's OKCC is now non-smoking. Breakfast served anytime. Hours, 6am-7pmCT Mon & Tue. Closed Wednesdays. Open 6am-7pmCT Thu. Open 6am-9pm Fri and Sat. Closed Sun.
Betty's Pick 3 Breakfast Special $3.50 Mon-Sat,6am-11amCT. Choices 2 eggs, 2 pcs Bacon, 2 Sausage Patties, 2 Sausage Links. Choice of Half Order of Biscuit & Gravy, 4 French Toast Sticks. 2 Aunt Jemima Waffles, or 2 Pieces of Toast. No substitutions
Lunch/Dinner Specials.
BETTY'S NATIONALLY FAMOUS BUFFET/HOT BAR (1 trip) - Buffet Meats: Catfish. Turkey/Dressing. Mesquite Chicken w/Rice.
Buffet Hot Vegetables : Mashed Potatoes/Brown Gravy. Green Beans. Corn. Mac & Cheese. Harvard Beets. Fried Apples. Broccoli Casserole. California Medley. Buffet Cold Bar - CORN SALAD. Peaches. Pears. Cottage Cheese. Sweet Pickles. Red Relish. Onions. Coleslaw.
Betty's Blue Plate Special Mon-Thu, 10:30am-4pmCT 2 pcs Catfish or 1 Meat + 2 Veggies & Roll - $5.99
Desserts - PIES BLACKBERRY COBBLER. Chocolate. Banana Split. Butterscotch. Coconut. Pecan. Lemon Meringue. Sugar Free. Betty's nationally famous OKCC specialty Sand Pie.

Patty's Liberty Road General Store and Deli
MENU In the Village of Vester, (Adair County), 5097 Liberty Road, Columbia, KY 42728. Patty Smith Edwards, owner & manager. Phone 270-380-1039 Hours: HOURS: 5am-5pmCT Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu. Fri. 5am-3pmCT Saturdays. Closed Sundays. Liberty Road Grocery & Deli is SMOKE FREE.
Head for the Ridge! We're OPEN 5am-2pmCT/6am-8pmET
Lunch Specials
- FRIED FISH Fish + Fries + Slaw & Hushpuppies. $6.99
- SHRIMP or CLAMS + Fries + Slaw & Hushpuppies. $7.99
- COMBINATION PLATTER 3pcs Fish. 6 Shrimp. Clams. + Fries + Slaw & Hushpuppies. $9.99
- BBQ RIBS today!!! With 2 sides, $9.99
- SUBSTITUTE SIDES - Baked Beans. Potato Salad. Coleslaw
- DESSERTS - Reeses Pie. Snicker's Pie. Call In Orders: 270-380-1039.
- INSIDE YARD SALE TODAY right here, at Patty's. See details, CM YARD SALES
- Patty Edwards

Bustin' Loose BBQ
MENU | 806 Burkesville Street, Columbia, KY. Phone 270-634-3239. Hours: Thu-Fri-Sat 10:30am-7:30pmCT or until Sold Out, whichever is first.
BBQ Lovers: Bustin' Loose is OPEN TODAY
Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.
Study our MENU for Eat-in or Carry-out Barbecue and Bulk Orders.
- Two BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches for $6. - Our Saturday Special - Meats: BBQ Shoulder, Chicken, Pork Chop, Pulled Pork
- Catfish: Served with 2 sides, $7
- Sides: Slaw, Potato Salad, Cabbage, Baked Beans, Vinegar Slaw, Fries
- Loaded Baked Potato: Includes one side, $7
Fridays after 4pmCT
- BBQ RIBS - Half Rack o BBQ Ribs, with 2 sides and bread. $10
- BBQ BRISKET - BBQ Brisket, with 2 sides and bread. $10

- Desserts - Homemade Fried Pies, $1.50 each!

- DELIVERIES - WE DELIVER ORDERS of $25 or more. Free in Columbia. Call 270-634-3239 to order.
Davey Burton, Pitmaster & Proprietor

Circle R Restaurant
MENU | - 712 Russell Road, Columbia KY. PHONE: 270-384-3212. HOURS: Monday-Thursday, & Sunday 6am-8pmCT; Friday-Saturday, 6am-9pmCT. Closed on Mondays.
Join us for Breakfast, anytime. (biscuits & gravy till 10amCT)

The coffee's hot, ready to serve. Enjoy traditonal breakfasts Kentucky families have enjoyed at the Circle R for over six decades.
- PORK TENDERLOIN DINNER Served with Choice of Two Sides. Bread. $7.99
- SIDES: We serve these sides everyday - Real Mashed Potatoes. Green Beans. Cabbage. Fried Apples. Pinto Beans. Cole Slaw. Pickled Beets. Mac-N-Cheese. Side Salad. Baked Potato. Sweet Potato Casserole.
- Desserts: Check the desserts case when entering the dining room.
Sammy Genakos, Executive Chef

County Line Diner
COUNTY LINE DINER (Formerly A & M), 7393 Campbellsville Road, Columbia, KY 270-805-8711.
Hours: MONDAY through SATURDAY - 5am-3pmCT/6am-4pmET. Non-Smoking..

- Breakfast Specials:
- Chicken Biscuit, $2.50. Tenderloin Biscuit, $2.75. Or CHOCOLATE GRAVY with Biscuits - $1.99
- Lunch Specials
- FISH BASKET With Fries or Tater Tots + Coleslaw + Hushpuppies. $7.99
- SLAWBURGER With Fries or Tater Tots. $7.50
- TURKEY CLUB Sandwich - With Tender sliced Turkey + Lettuce/Tomato/Mayo on Toast, the way folks like them around here. French Fries pr Tater Tots. $5.99
- DESSERTS - Homemade: Triple Fudge Cake with Chocolate Icing.
- SANDY FORD, Operator

Fiesta Mexico of Columbia
819 Jamestown St., Columbia KY. 270-384-6004. Hrs.: 10:30amCT daily; Sun, 11amCT
Authentic Mexican Restaurant / Celebrate Here
Large Party Room with Bar. Appetizers & Salads, Combination Dinners, Vegetarian Combinations, Especial of the House Grill, Especial Seafood, Especial Steak, A La Carte Orders, Side Orders, Kids Menu, Desserts and Beverages. Lunch specials every day until Dinner begins at 3pmCT.

About FIESTA MEXICO Columbia.

HWY 551 Auction House
Auction & GREAT FOOD! 5315 Knifley RD, just north of Egypt Christian Church. Phone 270-250-2030. Lic. AHO-3700.
TUESDAY AUCTIONS. Every 1st & 2nd Tuesday of Each Month.
Next Tuesday Auction:Tonight. Tue 02 May 2017

Great Food in Our Kitchen.
Great Bargains in our Auction House.

- New merchandise & used items. Household furniture. Lots More. Consign with us. We buy & sell estates.
Doors & kitchen open 4pmCT, Saturdays. Sale starts at 6pmCT. Saturdays. Lots of Furniture. Lots of Antiques.
MENU Subject to change or until supplies run out: Homemade Banana Pudding. Cheeseburgers. Hamburgers. Hot Dogs. Chili Dogs. Tenderloin Sandwiches. French Fries. Onion Rings. Soft Drinks. Water. Coffee.

Millerfield Cafe, LLC
- 1900 Millerfield Road, Millerfield, Adair County, KY. PHONE: 270-380-1149. HOURS: 7am-8pmCT - Tue thru Thu. 7am-9pmCT Fri & Sat. Closed on Sundays & Mondays. NQ Retail Malt Beverage Package License #001-NQ-6029 and NQ-4 Retail Malt Beverage Drink License 001-NQ4-3778. Served in Bar and In Dining Room. Free Wi-Fi. Smoking Permitted. HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS
Breakfasts your way. Biscuits & gravy till 10amCT. COUNTRY HAM/ANY MEAL - It's a feast!

- SALAD BAR: All you can eat, $6.99. One trip, $5.99. As 1-trip substitute side, 75 cents extra. Super Salad Bar.
- CATFISH - 3 pcs. Catfish + 2 sides & Hushpuppies, $6.99
- FROGLEGS - 3 Pairs of Froglegs. 2 sides & Hushpuppies, $6.99
- GRILLED SHRIMP - 5 Big Grilled Shrimps. 2 sides & Hushpuppies, $9.49
- BREADED SHRIMP - Big Serving. 2 sides & Hushpuppies, $9.49
- SEAFOOD PLATTER - 2 pcs. Fish. 2 pairs of Froglegs. 3 Grilled Shrimp. And breaded Shrimp. 2 sides & Hushpuppies, $11.99
- PORK CHOP DINNER with 2 sides & Bread. $8.99
- PULLED PORK BBQ Sandwich - 2 sides. $6.99
- BBQ PORK SHOULDER with 2 sides & Bread. $7.99
- SIDES - Red Potato Salad. Whole Red Potatoes with Corn on the Cob (1 side!!!) Baked Beans. Pinto Beans. Coleslaw. Mac & Cheese.
- BREADS - Cornbread & Rolls & Biscuits for breakfast
- DESSERTS Homemade Mississippi Fudge Cake. - Pecan Pie: And these homemade Banana Split. Butterscotch. Chocolate. Sand. Peanut Butter.
Owners Operators: Susan Nokes & Robert Biggerstaff

Tray's Garden
MENU | 906 Jamestown Street, Columbia KY. PHONE: 270-384-2838 HOURS: Monday through Saturday. Open 10amCT daily. Closed Sunday
SC Kentucky's finest all-you-care-to-eat Chinese Buffet

Buffet includes Chinese meat entrees - Nobody does Chicken better - Chinese or Fried Chicken (not served everyday). Always an array of freshly prepared vegetables, rice, soups, salads, and the buffet includes dessert. Lunch buffet just $6.99; Dinner buffet, $7.99
TRAY'S GARDEN: One of Columbia's oldest and proudest restaurant traditions. is now in its 22nd year in business in Columbia, KY.

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