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Today, Sat. Sept. 6, 2008: MS walk at Christian Life Center

EVENTS: Spotlighting, in brief, today's events for Day 250 of 2008 (Leap Year - 116 days remaining).

  • Today: Adair MS Walk at CBC Christian Life Center, Hudson Street
  • Today: KY Historic Preservation Conference at Bardstown
  • Today: Drawing for Corn Toss sets PVA office. Benefits MS Walk
  • 7:00am til 9:00amCT: Breakfast, followed by Day Long activities including Pie Supper at Tarters Chapel United Methodist Church
  • Reminder: Send mail from home to Adair Countians who are deployed to war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. How to mail to servicemen and list of addresses

For events in detail and to scan future events into 2009, Click here

This date in history: Click Here to access facts from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia about this day in history.

Countdown to Second Sunday: It's only 36 days to Sunday, October 12, 2008, when Adair Countians make a bold move for a healthier, wealthier, happier community. Tentative location: The new Columbia Western Bypass by Adair Elementary School. A huge turn out is expected. For further information, contact Kelli Bonifer at the UK Extension Service.

Countdown to November 4, 2008 General Election 59 days remaining. Ballot position, local candidates Register to vote in the office of Adair County Court Clerk Sheila Blair Mon.-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pmCT. Presidential Polls

Monday, September 8, 2008. One 1) Cases in Adair Circuit Court (Judge James Weddle). Forty-six (46) cases in District Court (Judge Michael Loy). Click Here to check Adair Court schedule at the Kentucky Court of Justice Website. To visit Adair Circuit Clerk site, Click Here

The 2008 Westlake Regional Hospital
Saturday, September 13, 2008! Events all day!

Westlake Primary Care - (270) 384-4764
Edmonton Primary Cre - (270) 432-5782
Westlake Primary Care of Russell County (270) 858-3636

Real Estate Auction Calendar:
There are currently many once in a iife time opportunities in Adair County Real Estate. For listings and links, Click Here

Thursday, September 11, 2008. 12:30pmCT. Absolute Auction, : 300 Bomar Heights, Columbia, KY. 15,500 sq. ft. Sprinklered former Medical Office/Hospital.
3.57 Acres. Remax 100 Auction Team/Hansford Auction Co. Click Here for current auction and upcoming auctions
Next OPEN HOUSE at 300 Bomar Heights: Monday, September 8, 2008, from NOON to 2:00pm.
(ADV): To see What's Cooking in Adair County, KY, today, Click Here
  • BETTY'S OK COUNTRY COOKING KY 55 North/Campbellsville Road across from Trinity United Methodist Church, Columbia, KY. Phone (270) 384-5664. Plenty of parking. Table seating for parties from 2 to ten. Sit down service or serve yourself at the big buffet.
    HOURS: Open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, from 5:00amCT to 9:00pmCT. Closed Sundays.
    ON THE BUFFET TODAY, Saturday, September 6, 2008: Meats: Catfish. Turkey & Dressing. Baked Ham Vegetables Mashed Potatoes. Green Beans. Fried Apples. Candied Yams. Broccoli Casserole. Baby Carrots. Lima Beans with Tomatoes.On the buffet cold bar: Potato Salad. Coleslaw. Peaches. Pears. Cottage Cheese. Pepper relish. Sweet onion. Buffet includes Cornbread. Rolls. Buffet consists of one Meat and Vegetables, one trip only, $7.25; Extra Meat, $1.25. Child's buffet for children under 6, $4.95. Three Vegetables, $3.95; Four Vegetables, $4.95, Vegetable Plate, $5.95.
    IN THE PIE CASE: Today's cobbler: Blackberry. Homemade Banana Split, regular and Sugar Free. Special Cakes: Triple Chocolate Cake. Lemon Cake. Every day: Sugar free dessert daily. Peanut butter pie. Plus all our usual pies, starting with Betty's Famous Sand. and Chocolate. Butterscotch. Cocanut. Pecan. Apple. Caramel Apple. Banana Split. Lemon.
    FULL, COOKED TO ORDER BREAKFASTS served anytime. NEW! Everyday until 10:30! Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits! We have Grits. Try our Western Omelets. Country Ham. Pancakes. Sausage links. Gravy (White seasoned with sausage and Chocolate Gravy served until 10:30amCT.

    5097 Liberty Road, Vester, KY. Breakfast anytime. Lunches packed. Pies a specialty.
    "What are you having to eat today"
    Hotbar Special: Saturday, September 6, 2008,: Salisbury Steak with Brown Gravy. Mashed Potatoes. Green Beans seasoned with Country Ham (As a soup, with crackers or cornbread, slice of sweet white onion, just $1.79). Sliced, Garden Fresh, Adair County Red Ripe Tomatoes. Sliced Crisp KY 206 Cucumbers. Bob's Crunchy, Crusty Cornbread Squares.
    SANDWICHES: At Bob's, we'll cut a country store sandwich and fix it up the way you like it. Made to order eat in sandwiches with the widest variety of cold-cuts in Adair County. Eat here. Or let us fix your lunch to go.
    The PIE SITUATION: Kay's Back! Chocolate Pie. Cocanut Pie. Butterscotch Pie. Chocolate Pie. Plus Kim's Hummingbird Cake. And Turtle Cheesecake here at the Cheesecake Capital. (Eat your heart out, New York City.)
    Celebrate We've got a Ribeye Special. Big cooked to order Ribeye Steak, Your Choice of Potato, and Bob's big, Fresh Cut Tossed Salad, all for only $7.99.
    Looking ahead Have Sunday Dinner tomorrow with a Roast Turkey Dinner at Bob's. Thanksgiving is every Sunday in Vester. Hotbar Feast, $5.99.
    SPECIALS From the Drink Case: Aqua Fina bottled water, 99 cents! Also, 4/32 oz. Powerade Drinks, just $5.00. Dasani, 20 oz. just 99 cents.
    Gas up at Bob's: Save money with one stop shopping. Fill in groceries and hardware, deli food, and gas in one stop.

  • The DAIRY DIP,
    Jamestown ST, Columbia, KY. Phone (270) 384-4644.
    Special Satirdau, September 6, 2008:
    TBA. You can't beat that for yumminess or value!.Look for posters in windows. Great deals, everyday. Stop in and see the colorful new picnic table umbrellas we ve added. There's no better place to enjoy the perfect weather we're having than to have a picnic lunch in the wonderful shady at Dairy Dip, and come down for a picnic under the stars tonight. - Patricia Willis.

    Start the day right. Take a box of Donuts from Donut Express on sales calls, to work, and home to be a hero everywhere you go today!
    Donut Express. 605 Fairgrounds ST, Columbia, KY. Nick Wortham, proprietor. Start the week off right. Make Today special with Fresh Hot Donuts from Donut Express. Take a $5.00 dozen box to work, on sales calls, or home to make the family happy. They're good! They hot and they're ready, today. Made right here in Columbia! And they're making Columbia famous!

  • What's Cooking in Adair Co, KY: BBQ better than any in Chicago

    Well, what was cooking for special orders Labor Day weekend--
    and will be cooking again TODAY, Saturday, 6, 2008.

    Ol' Joe Barbee's day was made yesterday, August 30, 2008, with the arrival of Iva Hovious, left, and her mother, Joyce Hovious. Though the store was officially closed for Labor Day, Ol' Joe had the smokers going for the wise barbecue fanciers who had ordered take out and catering. Joyce Hovious is originally from White Oak, above Green River on KY 551 and now from Burbank, IL and her daughter is from Worth, IL, close to each other communities near Chicago. "We've got barbecue in Chicago, but nothing that comes close to this," Joyce Hovious said. They were here to stock up for Labor Day picnics, but got enough to warm up for future meals in Chicago and for a tailgate party at the Purdue University football game before just before Halloween. Joyce Hovious says she left Adair County when she was one day old. She was the favorite niece of the late Ivy French, she says. Her parents were the late Dorothy Barnett Redford and Ernie Redford. "He was a Red-ford," she says, "But he always drove a blue Chevrolet." Oh yes, Joyce Hovious attests to a rule of the Epicurean Kentucky, "Barbecued boston butt is best warmed over." That gives hope to the thousands of Ol' Joe fans who fret that, as an orthodox barbecuer, he will not sway from his iron clad rule of being open only on first and third Fridays and Saturdays. "We're not in it for the money," he says. "Our barbecue is a labor of love." The store will be open next on Friday, September 5, and Saturday, September 6, 2008. Many other critics have already rated Ol' Joes better than anything in Owensboro, Memphis, Kansas City, or Lockhart, TX.
    OL' JOE BARBEE'S B&B QUE Open Friday, September 5, and Saturday, September 6, 2008. Located on North Hwy 55, Columbia, KY. Phone (270) 384-2360.
    MENU: Click here for menu.
    OPEN NEXT: Open Friday, September 5, and Saturday, September 6, 2008.
    Hours: We advertise 10:30amCT until around 8:00pmCT. But good barbecue is both science and art, and sometimes it is ready as early as 9:00am and sometimes our closing time is around 7:30pm, if we're sold out by then.
    Ol' Joes B&B Que is the Home of Ol' Joe's Original KY Wings, Ol' Joe's Sauces and Rubs, and just about the best barbecue you'll find anywhere. Slow smoked to perfection. Meaty ribs. Delicious barbecued chicken. Generous servings of pulled pork on a plate with two sides or or a big hearty sandwich. Sampler plates.
    Sides: Potato Salad, Vinegar or Creamy slaw, Baked Beans.
    We offer Bulk Barbecue and sides: For carry out and picnics. Boston butts, whole or pulled, full or 1/2 racks of ribs, Whole Chickens, and KY Wings in any count you want.
    Specialty items Loaded Potatoes. A meal in itself.
    Desserts: Lemon Pound Cake, Chocolate Chip Cake, Italian Cream, and Hummingbird Cakes, by the slice or by the whole cake. Occasionally, Pies
    CATERING: Let us cater your next homecoming, reunion, party, or event. Call now to book Memorial Day and July 4th. (270) 384-2360 or (270) 634-0602 (Catering, bulk order hotline).
    Special orders: On occasion, Ol' Joe can be persuaded to cook brisket for carry-out orders. You won't find better brisket, anywhere. Not in Dallas, not in Waco, not in Glen Rose. Not in the whole state of Texas. Perfect smoke rings. Perfectly tender. A special treat.

  • RERUN'S HOLMES BEND GENERAL STORE. 3399 Holmes Bend Road, Columbia, KY.
    Phone (270) 384-7253: For carryouts and expedited orders. Let us prepare your Green River Lake picnic! Hours: Mon-Sat: 4:00am to 9:00pmCT.
    Breakfast: FOR THAT GREEN RIVER LAKE COUNTRY HAM BREAKFAST, this is the place. Best Country Ham on Green River Lake Breakfast Any time of day. Cooked to order. Eggs, bacon, ham, tenderloin, and the best sausage you ever ate. Country biscuits. Redeye or sawmill gravy. Generous portions. Kinfolks prices. We treat everybody like favorite cousins! Get Famous Nick's Made-in-Columbia Donuts right here.
    DAILY SPECIAL:Saturday, September 6, 2008:
    Special: Rerun's giant BBQ Roast Pork sandwich, plain or dressed up, with a huge serving of French Fries, All for just $5.00. Or, let us cook from Rerun's extensive menu.RERUN's: For The BEST FOOD on GREEN RIVER LAKE.
    Great Gas Stop Save money. Fill up your car and your boat tanks at Rerun's for cheapest gas before Green River Lake.
    PUTT-PUTT MINIATURE GOLF COURSE OPEN!Rerun's 18 hole Putt-Putt Miniature Golf Course is open. Just $2.00 per game per person. Check in at Rerun's Holmes Bend General Store to pick up clubs to play next door. Special deals for Church and School Groups, Birthdays and other Celebrations.

  • What's Cooking for Adair County School District Kids
    Monday, September 6, 2008: BREAKFAST: Breakfast Pizza. Juice/Fruit. Choice of Low Fat Millk. Cereal choices and toast offered daily at breakfast. LUNCH: Pimento Cheese Sandwich or Bologna & Cheese Sandwich. Baked Cheetos. Carrots with Dip. Grapes. Choice of Low Fat Milk. Salads available daily. Fruit and/or juice offered daily with lunch. To see menu through September 26, 2008, Click Here
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  • Ja Ci's Boutique has new shipment of Plus Size Clothing
  • Mitzi's is reducing inventory as quickly as possible before closing in September because of health reasons
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Columbian Theatre:
Tonight: "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". It is rated PG and will play nightly at 7 and Sunday at 2 pm only. The Columbian TheatreSPORTS CALENDARS

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"Chapter II. Planning" Rivermen of the Cumberland online today.INDEX to Rivermen of the Cumberland By Chris Bennett
The story will be carried in 8 mini chapters, they will go online as they are written. Just click on each chapter title, underlined and linked, as it is posted, to read it. The index will be carried in the "Today" section of ColumbiaMagazine for easy access.
Chapter I. "Why would any one take a river trip" tells my history on the river, and what inspired me to go on my trip.
Chapter II. "Planning" Planning the trip, and finding some one that would go with me.
Chapter III. "Day one" Creelsboro to Burkesville, 25 miles traveled in 5 hours
Chapter IV. "Day Two" Burkesville to Cordell Hull 89 miles traveled in 11 hours
Chapter V. " "Day Three" Cordell Hull to Nashville 157 miles traveled in 10 hrs
Chapter VI. "Day Four" Nashville to Lake Barkley 143 miles traveled in 11 hrs
Chapter VII. "Day Five" Lake Barkley to the Ohio, then on to the Mississippi, back to Paducah, Up the Tennessee River to KY Lake. 150+ miles traveled.
Chapter VII.I "Reflecting on our trip"

Academic calendarsCultural events calendarsSPORTS SCHEDULESAdair County Schools "Learning for a Lifetime"

For 2008-2009 School Calendar, Click Here.

School website was updated September 4, 2008Click Here Daily for the comprehensive Adair County Schools website. In a community with some of the world's best websites, this frequently updated one is a standout. Find your child's school for important contacts, athletics, clubs/organizations, faculty staff listings, SBDM Council meetings, events, and links.


2007 Adair County Band website. Doyle Lloyd, webmaster.

Click here for Adair County Band Audio Tapes. Great gifts!

Columbia Rotary Club's Adair County "Walk Around the World"
See Standards in CM Classifieds Healthcare
  • 24,901.5 miles is goal.
  • 307 Miles Walked, reported through July 30, 2008
  • 24,594.5 Miles to Go!
Send in your miles totals to : rotarywalk@gmail.Com
to be included in the next report, shortly after August 21, 2008

Click here for Adair County Band Audio Tapes. Great gifts!

Western Bypass from 24,000 feet, 13 minutes from Lexington, KY, photo by Doug Campbell, Columbia Pilot posted on CM on June 28, 2007.

Perry Parrish Aerial Photographs: CWB, others, August 9, 2008 Photos of Holladay Place, Majestic Yachts, The Long Bridge, the Adair Justice Center, Adair County Water Treatment Plant, ACES and ACHS, Green River Lake, and Adair School Property will be in the series.

Wolf Creek Dam
To access the Army Corps of Engineers Wolf Creek Dam website online, Click Here

Wolf Creek Dam Weekly Progress: Latest, Dated August 22, 2008 Water level, down, at 680.73 feet Click here for August 22, 2008 (latest) Wolf Creek Dam update.

2008 Kentucky Primary & Election Calendar & Candidates
See candidate filings for City Council, Constable, School Board, and Soil Conservation District races. Click Here

Click Here for 2008 Election Calendars at the Secretary of State's website.
To see the results by precincts or absentee voting, click on links below:
Absentee totals. White Oak.Eunice-Pellyton. Little Cake. East Columbia.Ozark.S. Columbia-Ozark. Glens Fork-Melson Ridge. Gradyville-Nell. Sparksville-Breeding. Milltown. West Columbia. Cane Valley-Holmes. Knifley-Roley. North Columbia. Hurt.

For complete filings at Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson's office for President, US Senator US Representative, State Representative, Justice of the Supreme Court, Judge of the Court of Appeals, and District Judgeships, Click Here.

Voter Registration is open in the office of Adair County Court Clerk Sheila Blair. Office hours 8:00am-4:00pmCT Monday, Friday. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Qualified individuals who are not registered to vote may do so starting Wednesday, May 28, 2008. "Registration books are closed from April 22, through May 27, 2008. (fourth Tuesday preceding through first Monday following primary)(This time period may vary depending on whether the last day to register to vote falls on a state or federal holiday. If the last day to register to vote falls on a state or federal holiday, the period runs until the end of the next day which is not a Saturday or Sunday nor a state or federal holiday.)," according to Secretary of State Trey Grayson's website and word from the office of Adair County Court Clerk Sheila Blair.

Please remember to submit events, celebrations now for January 2008 and all of 2008 calendar of Events and Celebrations and to send new and updated entries for the Directory of Churches

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Portrait of dog who showed up at Beat Geisselhardt's

2008-09-06 - Near Westlake Regional Hospital - Photo By Beat Geisselhardt.
"This dog is still at our house," Beat Geisselhardt wrote September 5, 2008. "I took a picture this morning" The photo now accompanies the following classified:
Small dog found near Westlake Regional Hospital
A small dog turned up at a residence near Westlake Regional Hospital. It may be a Jack Russell Terrier, is a girl, about 15-20 lbs in weight, short haired, brown/black in color. The dog is very friendly and well behaved. She was not wearing a collar but remains of one were found in the neighborhood. If you are missing this dog or are interested in providing a good home for her please call (270) 634-2439A Today's Picture Album photo See CM Classifieds ANIMALS

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Is Columbia, KY, resident a magnet for hurricanes?

2008-09-06 - Lindsey Hill, Columbia, KY - Photo By Dan Koger. LWC photo.
Nita HesfordClick here for story

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Privy Matters: You know you are a redneck when

2008-09-06 - The Holler, Old Clearsprings Road, Columbia, KY - Photo By Shamarie Claiborne.
"You know you are a red neck when the directions to your house include the following...'At the outhouse turn right and you are there!'" Shamarie Claiborne wrote with this picture. The photo was taken this past week. The architectural treasure still stands in The Holler, Old Clearsprings Road, Columbia, KY. Flickr. A Today's Picture Album photo

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Scenic Adair Co., KY: Beautiful but bit eerie

2008-09-06 - Fairgrounds St., Columbia, KY - Photo By Ed Waggener.
Sometimes in the evenings when rainclouds are in the east and the sun is shining from the west, the shades of green of the trees, the patterns of the roofs at the Fairgrounds, and that one tree which appears singly illuminated, make a beautiful, but a bit eerie, scene, as it did Friday afternoon. A Today's Picture Album photo.

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