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Adair CO Fiscal Court regular meeting report: April 11, 2006

Roads added, dropped, speed limits
added to this Fiscal Court Report for April 11, 2006

Chart courtesy Adair County Judge Jerry Vaughan's office, Lisa Lee, secretary

Openings of Green River Animal Shelter, new Adair Regional Jail Restrictive Custody Facility announced. Magistrate Stephens calls for restrictions on door-to-door solicitations, wants blanket county road speed limits. New trailer for backhoe authorized; lone dissenter wanted to shop for used equipment.
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By Ed Waggener
In Tuesday night's Adair County Fiscal Court meeting, two major institutional openings were announced.

The first was the opening of the Green River Animal Shelter, on Tuesday, April 18, 2006, followed by the Grand Opening set for Saturday, April 22, 20006.

The second major opening will be the Adair County Jail Restrictive Custody Facility (RCF), which will start taking residents on Monday, April 17, 2006.

Jailer William "Bug" Knight told the court that he had received the final go-ahead from the State and was told by the State that the facility would be filled by a week from Saturday.

Deputy Adair County Jailer Tim Bradshaw will be in charge of the Restrictive Custody Facility.

The RCF will have five full-time employees and several part-time workers. Approximately half the residents of the RCF will be from the transfer of low-risk inmates from the Adair County Regional Jail, Mr. Knight said.

Jail revenues will go solidly over $1 million a year

Court members were told that the Restrictive Custody Facility will have revenues of approximately $30,000 per month, which, added to the downtown jail's revenues will take the Adair County Regional Jail budget solidly over $1,000,000.

The meeting, with all Magistrates Present, and Judge Jerry Vaughan presiding, was held in the basement of the Adair County Courthouse Annex, starting at 7:00 p.m., on Tuesday, April 11, 2006.

Employees added to both facilities

In separate actions, the court approved one new part-time employee to the Green River Animal Shelter. Alice Mallory was added to the staff at $5.50 an hour.

The facility is already accepting animals from Adair, Metcalfe, and Russell Counties. Debra Shaw is the shelter's full-time director. The shelter is budgeted to have a staff of one full-time and two part-time employees.

Judge Vaughan noted that all work on the animal shelter by Hatcher Construction had been completed, all bills had been paid, qualifying Hatcher Construction to a final draw of $8,800.

The court approved the return of Ricky Burris to full time employment at the jail. Burris had resigned a $10-plus an hour post a year ago because of an unrelated to work medical problem. He be paid $9.00 an hour on return as a new employee. The court approved the the transfer of Toon Burton and Johnny Foster to the new facility. They will be paid $7.50 per hour.

Court approves Policies and Procedures

The court approved a new Policies and Procedures manual. Jailer Knight said that the new rules do not change the Jail's policy on the hiring of relatives, as requested by Deputy Jailer Tim Bradshaw at an earlier court meeting. "I didn't know anything about that request," Mr. Knight said. He also said that Deputy Bradshaw's wife would not be working at the Minimum Security Facility, as Bradshaw had earlier requested. Deputy Bradshaw had presented the Jail report to the court on Jailer Knight's behalf. Mr. Bradshaw will be among the jail employees transferred to the Restrictive Custody Facility.

Clean-up is already well underway, A.L. Sinclair says

County Solid Waste Coordinator A.L. Sinclair said that almost all the major highway roadsides have been cleaned. "We just lack West 80, 61 north, and six miles of 704 to have all the major highways cleared," Mr. Sinclair said.

"There is a lot less trash to pick up this year. I can see improvement," Sinclair said. Judge Vaughan said that the highways were to be cleaned three times each year, as long as the litter abatement funds hold out.

Court members were given Spring Pride Cleanup Week schedules. Dumpsters will be placed at Knifley, Pellyton, Gradyville, Glens Fork, and Breeding during the week of Monday, April 24, 2006, through Friday, April 29, and announced a schedule of free tipping at the Adair County Transfer Station on L. Willis Road (east of KY 61 just south of the Louie B. Nunn overpass).

The free tipping schedule is as follows:
  • Thursday, April 20, 2006: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Friday, April 21, 2006: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, April 23, 2006: 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
Certain restrictions will apply

Items not accepted at the dumpsters and transfer stations include: Tires, batteries, sealed paint cans, brush, lumber, rocks, tanks (acetylene, oxygen, propane, or anything sealed, hazardous material, light fixtures or ballasts.

Court authorizes purchase sale of surplus equipment

The court declared one grader, one Ford dump truck, one Chevrolet dump truck surplus. In a separate vote, the court okayed placing the vehicles in an upcoming Nissley Equipment auction. The equipment is currently at the county highway barn on Campbellsville ST, but will be delivered to the auction site shortly.

Approves establishment of independent corporation to own Justice Center

At Judge Vaughan's request, the court approved the establishment of an independent corporation which will own the Adair Justice Center. The action also authorized Judge Vaughan to sign documents related to the corporation on behalf of Adair County.

Highway department gets trailer to haul newly-acquired backhoe

On the advice of Third District Magistrate Tony Loy, the court voted 6-1 to buy a new trailer from Leitchfield Truck Equipment, Leitchfield, KY, for $9,760. The 30-ft trailer is equipped with air brakes. In the polling of the magistrates, Sixth District Magistrate cast a vote for the purchase contingent on the trailer having a one-year warranty, but changed his vote when A.L. Sinclair gave an unqualified endorsement to Leitchfield Truck Equipment.

Sinclair testimony tips scale for Leitchfield Truck Equipment

"All during my years with the forestry service," Mr. Sinclair said, "we bought a lot of trailers from Leitchfield and they are straight shooters. They have been in business 37 years. I've never heard a complaint." The sole dissenter was Seventh District Magistrate Terry Farris, who wanted the highway department to buy a used trailer.

But Fourth District Magistrate J.M. Shelley urged the immediate purchase of the trailer. "We've got to be able to move the backhoe around the county. It's already saving us a lot of money," Mr. Shelley said. The backhoe is currently being used in a major bridge project on Chestnut Grove Road. When complete, the Nell Community Bridge Number 2 will make the Nell-to-Breeding road an all-weather, with a hard surface all the way.

Roger Stephens wants restrictions on Carolina travellers

First District Magistrate Roger Stephens called for restrictions on the Carolina travellers who come into the county each spring selling barn painting, roof painting, driveway sealing, and other items.

"One came by my place and said he wanted to paint my roof for the same price as he had done it before, $300, and I told him he'd never painted my barn. He said that we'd flipped a nickel over whether it would be $300 or $400 and that I had won." Stephens said. "I told him to get out. I told him he'd just proved himself a liar."

Stephens wanted a solicitation law specifically to restrict the activities of the Carolina travellers. But County Attorney Jennifer Hutchison said such a law would have to apply to Adair Countians and to everyone else.

The county attorney agreed to research the matter and bring a an ordinance to court later. The thinking is that it would apply to door-to-door solicitors. "Very few, if any, Adair Countians solicit door-to-door," Magistrate Stephens said.

Stephens asks that blanket speed limits be set on county roads

With a growing list of county roads getting road-specific speed limits, Magistrate Stephens also requested that the county consider having a unified set of speed limits on county roads. The first and second readings of the roads at each meeting has taken a lot of court time, and the repeated legal advertising is costly, he said.

No action on Stephens' proposal was taken at this meeting, and a number of roads received first or second readings for speed limits.

Action was taken as follows:


Adding to county maintenance
Ed Nell Rooks Road................ 00.20 mile
Ellis Road (extending) ................. 00.20 mile
Adding to county maintenance

Sandy Fork Road ................. . 00.20 mile
Combest Road ................. . 00.20 mile
Removing from county maintenance

Billy Rodgers Road ................. (CR#1548)

Private Passageway
1, Curtis Ln
Removal from county maintenance

Clynus Mclister Road
Adding to county maintenance

Huntington Way ................extending 00.20 mile
North Feathersburg Road- ................ . 00.20 mile


35MPH -------------------Creekbend Road-----------District 2
35MPH--------------------Flatwoods Road-----------District 1
Court order approves pass-through of $10,016.66 to Ambulance Service

A single court order was approved, which read, "Court Order, April 11, 2006. The Adair County Fiscal Court does hereby give permission to the judge's office to write a check in the amount of $10,016.66 to the Adair County Ambulance Service for Senate Bil 66. (Budgeted money--have already received the check).

The transfer is a simply bookkeeping matter.

Bill Anderson speaks on behalf of Adair County Rescue Squad

Citizen Bill Anderson spoke on behalf of the Columbia Adair County Rescue Squad, but used a more diplomatic tone than he had earlier this month when he addressed the Columbia City Council.

Anderson told the court that the rescue squad needs additional support from the community, from the City of Columbia, and from the Court. He was asked about the Bingo Hall income, and told the court, "I had thought that when I built the Bingo Hall for them, it would end their money needs." However, he said, the cost of equipment keeps going up. "You know that. You know about equipment costs," he told the Court.

He added that the Squad wants to improve the Rescue Squad building, and help is needed there. Judge Vaughan agreed with Anderson that the Squad is needed and is doing a good job. "You're in our budget," and added, "we have also help in your projects with equipment."

Anderson gave general answers to a question from Magistrate Roger Stephens about the Squad's Bingo income. Anderson said that last month the Bingo Hall took in approximately $34,000. He said that the Squad only gets 40% of the after-expenses money, but did not specify the exact amount.

Attendance good

The meeting was well attended. All magistrates were in attendance. In addition to the previously mentioned, also present were Republican Seventh District Magisterial Primary Candidates Jeff Bryant, Terry Hadley, and Gary Mann, and Fifth District Republican Primary Magisterial Candidate Kennybuck Downey, County Treasurer Larry Dudley, Deputy Judge Gail Cowan and Judge's office Secretary Lisa Lee.

End of this report
Note on county officials list: Our list of county officials, corrected below, had previously listed Mary Allender as the Disaster Management Director. That position now correctly lists Greg Thomas in that position, and Mary Allender is now correctly listed as 911 Coordinator.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Greg Thomas for writing, "I was reading over the Court Agenda for this week and scanned down and saw where Mary Allender was listed as Adair County Emergency Disaster Coordinator. It's no big deal but to my knowledge she has never been. I have been the Counties (the current title is) Emergency Management Director for 15 years, Chuck Helm before me, Mark Royse before him, Mike Vest before him and than Old Daddy Bill Walker. Mary has worked with all of us in some manner such as PIO and much need detailed work."

Our thanks to Greg Thomas for this information, and to anyone who, in the future, helps us with news accuracy.
Information about Your Adair County Fiscal Court
A list of your Adair County officials

Regular monthly Adair County Fiscal Court meetings are held at 7:00 p.m., each second Tuesday. The meetings are open to the public.

County Judge Executive Jerry Vaughan; Office email:

Magistrates on the Adair County Fiscal Court include:
  • District 1: Roger Stephens. 270-384-5404
  • District 2: Wid Harris. 270-384-4443
  • District 3: Tony Loy 270-376-6004
  • District 4: J.M. Shelley 270-384-0324
  • District 5: Billy Dean Coffey 270-384-4201
  • District 6: Joe Rogers 270-384-4831
  • District 7: Terry Farris 270-384-3840

Adair County Judge Jerry Vaughan
421 Public Square, Suite 1, Columbia, KY 42728
Phone 270-384-4703; Fax 270-384-9754

Adair County Deputy Judge Gale Cowan
Adair County Judge's Secretary/Payroll Clerk Lisa Lee
Adair County 911 Coordinator Mary Allender
Adair Co. Disaster Management Director Greg Thomas
Adair County Treasurer Larry Dudley
Adair County Roads Supervisor Jobe Darnell
Adair County Dog Warden Jimmy Harmon
Adair County Solid Waste Coordinator A.L. Sinclair

Adair County Attorney Jennifer Hutchison-Corbin
Adair County Coroner Rick Wilson
Adair County Court Clerk Ann Melton
Adair County Circuit Court Clerk Dennis Loy
Adair County Jailer William "Bug" Knight
Adair County PVA Wm. Feese, Jr.
Adair County Sheriff Steve Cheatham
Adair County Surveyor Mike McKinney

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Matching pair of beautiful puppies at Green River Animal Shelter

2006-04-12 - Green River Animal Shelter, Jim Blair Drive, Columbia, Adair CO, KY - Photo Ed Waggener. This winsome pup has a twin, hidden, in its suite at the Green River Animal Shelter. The site will be open Tuesday, April 18. The official Grand Opening of the Shelter will be Saturday, April 22, 2006. Already, Animal control officers from Adair, Russell, and Metcalfe Counties have placed several dogs at the shelter. These two dogs, above, are in wonderful condition. They came from a foster home in Cane Valley, where the pups had been fed, housed, and loved, while awaiting the opening of the shelter. Director Debra Shaw will release exact details on the Grand Opening shortly.
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Seventh District Magistrate Terry Farris: Wanted county to continue shopping for trailer

2006-04-12 - Adair CO Courthouse Annex - Photo Ed Waggener. Seventh District Magistrate Terry Farris discussing baseball before the start of the Tuesday night, April 11, 2006, Fiscal Court meeting. His was the sole dissenting vote in the session which followed. Farris split with the majority on the purchase of a new trailer to haul the Highway Department backhoe. Farris wanted to delay the purchase to shop for used equipment. He was on the losing side of a 6-1 vote. The court approved the purchase of a 30-ft. trailer from a Kentucky firm, Leitchfield Truck Equipment, a 37-year-old Grayson County trailer manufacturer.
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Getting Restrictive Custody Facility ready for Monday, April 17, 2006 opening

2006-04-12 - Columbia, Adair CO, KY - Photo Ed Waggener. Adair County Regional Jail Deputy Byron Hixon was at work landscaping around the Adair County Regional Jail Restrictive Custody Facility, Wednesday, April 12, 2006, in preparation for the Monday, April 17, 2006 opening. The facility is located at the northwest corner of Campbellsville and Service Roads. The facility is expected to be at its full 36-bed capacity by Saturday, April 22, 2006, Jailer William Knight told Fiscal Court Tuesday night. Hixon is one of five full time employees at the RCF. Deputy Adair County Jailer Tim Bradshaw will manage the facility.
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