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RATES and TERMS, CM Classifieds/Advertising Effective Oct 15, 2014:
Rates subject to change at any time
Put CM BANNERS - to work for you.
For as little as $1 up up to $25 per hour (Rates Double for Exclusive in Spot), depending on position, get the power of Columbia's Front Page BANNER Ads. We make it easy. Use any Contact/Submit button to submit, or Call 270-250-2730 or 384-3979. Anytime! It's Easy, Quick, Effective. Minimums may apply. Special set up fee: $50 minimum, plus hourly rate for position.

Flyers, Posters are Always Paid Advertising
Flyers and posters, for any cause, are advertising. $100 up. Call 270-250-2730.

Side Ads
Constant Reminders. 24/7 Mini-Billboards on CM, the busiest Information Highway in South Central Kentucky, from $80 per month. $50 set-up, 3 month minimum applies.

PAID Classifieds
Adair County Christmas. Animals for sale. Announcements. Automotive, Benefits and Fundraisers, Boats, Business Listings, Cards of Thanks, Clothing, Education and Instruction, Electronics and Computers, Employment, Entertainment (with a charge), Farm Equipment, Food and Wine, Furniture and Appliances, Golf, Healthcare, Horses and Supplies, What's Cooking, Mobile Homes, Motorcycles and ATVs, Musical Instruments, Personals, Photography, Public Notices (We're carrying most free, however, as PSAs), Rentals, Real Estate and Auctions, Reunions, Revivals and Church Announcements, Services. Venues for Meetings. Any REWARD offered ad.

Classifed Banner Ads 120 pixel tall by 640 pixel wide. One time $30 setup charge, then $2 a day with a 10-day minimum run, or $30 per month. Banner ads really stand out.

FREE Classifieds
FREE Text only Non commercial CLASSIFIEDS: Animals - text only and with Photos - except those for Sale or with Fees or Offer Rewards, Bicycles, Books, For Sale, FREECYCLING, Games, Lost and Found, Miscellaneous, Swaps and Trades, Venues for Meetings, Wanted to Buy (or just Wanted), Yard Sales. Free ads are for INDIVIDUALS living in Adair, Casey, Cumberland, Green, Metcalfe, Russell and Taylor Counties.

Charges: Paid Categories: Text only $10 for up to four lines per month. $2 per per month each additional line

Charges for In Line or Linked Photos in Classifieds-Our option: Add $25.00 for each month. (Some animals ad photos free). For multiple photos, ad $15 per additional photo.

WHAT'S COOKING Section - Regulars : Put your restaurant on the in the queue to become a regular. Call 270-250-2730, when you think your Restaurant is Ready. An incredible Advertising Buy for those who qualify.

ABOVE WHAT'S COOKING - Occasional Advertisers : Advertise two ways: With Banner Ads by the hour over a longer period of days. Or, by the day in What's Cooking. Or both. Either way, $29.95 minimums apply.

Studio Time: Rates for Ads requiring special graphics or photography are based on advertiser submitted copy. Ad composition/creative time available as an option. $60/hour.

Remotes: Yes. We do special "CM originating now from (name of location)" remotes. Call 270-250-2730 for to arrange. Time/mileage/other expenses apply.

Photography: Check CM Classifieds for Service. Or, if Independent Photographer is not available, call for availability of CM staff photographer, at 270-250-2730. Time/mileage/other expenses apply. $10.00 up.

Charges for offsite links: from Classifieds are $10 monthly. From front page, $29.95 Individually priced. For Social Media, subject to acceptance: Links are $199.95 from Classifieds, $179.95 from front page.

PAYMENT: PayPal to Check to, PO Box 906, Columbia, KY.

CONTACT US: or 270-250-2730.

TO CHOOSE A HEADING FOR YOUR AD see, the list at CM Classifieds. to see whether the classifications is Free or Paid.
TO SUBMIT YOUR CLASSIFIED with choice of Classification using any Contact/Submit button. It's that simple.

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