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Thanks from Ann Melton, Adair Co. Judge Executive (Pd. Pol. Adv.)

To each and every citizen of Adair Co., KY

Thanks so much for your vote of confidence. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to continue as your Judge Executive.

I would be remiss not to thank all those who have worked for our cause so passionately. I thank those who campaigned for me, those who help underwrite the effort, those who publicly endorsed this administration and those who set the record straight when that had to be done.

I especially thank my dedicated and gifted staff. They are the best any administrator could hope to have.

To my opponent, I want to thank you for your many years of service to this community. I wish you the best.Your vote meant more to me than at any other time in my career as a public servant.

What it said is that the people of Adair County want to forge ahead, with new ideas, with new commitments for better government.

It said that you didn't want to turn back the clock to the old ways of doing things.

It said that you want County Government to wring every last cent out of every tax dollar you pay.

It also said you aren't afraid of change, when that change brings a better quality of life.

Most of all, it said you liked the spirit of doing things together.

It has been my profound pleasure to preside over the most progressive era in Adair County history.

Yes, Adair County still faces tremendous challenges. But we have never had so many opportunities to change things for the better.

If we fail to take advantage of these opportunities, we'll have no one to blame but ourselves.

Change happens when we share ideas. My promise to you is that, regardless of your position in the last election, my office will continue to be open to all Adair Countians who have suggestions to improve life here.

Together, we'll make the new decade we are entering one that 100 years from now, history will recall as one of a new departure, when Adair County set its course, forever, in the right direction.

As we close a season of contention, let us now enter the period of Thanksgiving with gratitude for what God has so richly bestowed on us as a community, and let us enter the Christmas season with joy and hope.

Thank You,
-Ann Melton
Adair Co. Judge Executive

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