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Betty's Country Cooking
MENU | 2339 Campbellsville RD, Columbia, KY (MAP) Phone 270-384-5664.
Betty's OKCC is now non-smoking. Breakfast served anytime. Hours, 5:30am-9pmCT Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri & Sat. Closed Sundays. Credit Cards accepted
Betty's Pick 3 - Breakfast Special - $3.50 Mon-Sat, 6am-11amCT.
$2.99 BREAKFAST Mon-Fri. Choose 2 pcs Bacon. Two Sausage Links. One Sausage Patty. Also: One Egg. ALSO: One Biscuit and Gravy.
Betty's Blue Plate Special. 10:30am-4pmCT. Meat & 2 Plus Roll. $5.99

LUNCH DINNER BUFFET - After 10amCT/11amET till closing.
Buffet Hot Bar MEATS: Catfish. Breaded Tenderloin. Salisbury Steak w/Brown Gravy.
Buffet Hot Bar VEGETABLES: Mashed Potatoes. Green Beans. Corn. Mac & Tomatoes.. Pinto Beans. Baby Carrots. Turnip Greens. Corn Nuggets.

Buffet COLD BAR: Peaches. Pears. Cottage Cheese. Sweet Pickles. Red Relish. Onions. Coleslaw.

- Betty's is world-famous for Desserts. Look at the choices today!!!

Desserts: - RAISIN PIE. Pecan Pie. Caramel Apple Nut Pie. Turtle Track Pie. Cookies & Cream Pie. Chocolate. Butterscotch. Coconut. Apple. Sand Pie. Banana Split. Lemon Meringue. Sugar Free CHOCOLATE PIE.
- Betty Ollestad

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