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County Line Diner
COUNTY LINE DINER (Formerly A & M), 7393 Campbellsville Road, Columbia, KY 270-250-9415.
Hours: MONDAY through SATURDAY - 5am-3pmCT/6am-4pmET. Non-Smoking..

Breakfasts - Served all day.

- COUNTRY HAM: Two Eggs. Hashbrowns. Toast or Biscuit. $7.99
- Breakfast Hot-n-ready Biscuits: Chicken, Tenderloin, Country Ham

Lunch/Dinner for Today/TBA/

- TBA: Choice of Two Sides, & roll - $7.99
- SIDES: Pinto Beans. Fried Taters. Mustard Greens.
- BIG BOWL of PINTO BEANS - - A meal in itself with bread. $2.99
- SWEETS: Pineapple Upside Cake. Carmel Apple Cake. Pecan Pie.

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