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Birdcall Clock I have a birdcall clock that has gotten out of synch, so the wrong bird sings at each hour. Anyone who knows how to fix this can have it for free. Call Kathryn Krug, 270-384-1053 or 270-250-2714, or email klkrug@duo-county.com.
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Freecycling Breyer Horse Stable - Attention Breyer horse owners! I have a handmade 4 stall stable made for my daughters by my dad three decades ago for their Breyers. Nobody has little ones to pass this on. It is painted nicely with two saddle racks still in tact on the exterior. Has been in barn and needs to be cleaned up and enjoyed. Also have older formica toddler table with two chairs. One needs the back repaired but I have the pieces. email if interested: pamdailey66@gmail.com --Pam Dailey
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