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Rain ponding in Columbia Sunday 17 Feb 2019

2019-02-17 - Downtown Columbia, KY - Photo by Linda Waggener,
It's raining so hard at 12:57pmCT that there's a new pond developing in the drive in downtown Columbia, KY. Even had a bit of thunder along with the heavy rain - quite the opposite of yesterday's sun and snow covered ground.
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Mystery - where is this service station?

2019-02-17 - ??? - Photo by Linda Waggener,
Can you recognize the location of this station, a building model popular in the 1960s if my memory serves. Many have been torn down but this one looked like it was ready to open. If you have a guess, just click 'comment' below, then select my name on the pop up list - Linda Waggener.
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Saturday's light snow brings out horses in relief

2019-02-17 - Adair County, KY - Photo by Linda Waggener,
This dark horse usually isn't noticed first in the duo living on Roseland Plantation in Columbia, that is until Saturday's snow. In the snow that covered the ground and all the limbs for a few brief hours, the black color brought attention first to him.
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