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Red ripe Southern Magnolia tree berries

2017-09-24 - Columbia, KY - Photo by Ed Waggener,
They are gorgeous, but are they edible by anybody but birds and varmints? Some parts of the Southern Magnolia - Magnolia Grandiflora - are found in recipe books, particular the blossoms which are pickled and used to flavor elderberry win. These are adding color to an already pretty autumn. - EW
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Tommy Hardesty: Walks Sidewalk every day, and observes

2017-09-24 - Adair Annex, 424 Public Square, Columbia, KY - Photo by Ed Waggener,
Tommy Hardesty of Gradyville, KY was enjoying a morning cup of coffee from McDonald's this morning. Usually it's part of his morning walk from the restaurant to and around the square, and back to McDonald's. Sunday morning, 24 Sep 2017, he had already done that and had returned on his "udden-udden," his pet name for his motorcycle. (He's a walking encycllopedia of TV series, failed to ask him if "udden-udden" was from one of those). Asked about sidewalk safety, Hardesty said he had neither had a close call with a motor vehicle at a crossing or a problem with tripping hazards, but he has had two incidents on his motorcycle: Once when a vehicle bumped it from behind when he was circling the Square, and another time when a vehicle from Burkesville Street (the famously dangerous crossing) and bumped him again. His statement on tripping hazards was in agreement with another pedestrian, who noted that one has to walk a lot and "pick up your feet," not to have falls. Still, there remain many tripping problems reported by others, some very, very mindful and quite agile, but more particularly by older people and those not in great condition who benefit from walking more than anyone. - EW
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JIM: Jane Lampton Pink Cottage Marker made news 25 Sep 1957

2017-09-24 - Corner Greensburg Street & Public Square - Photo Submitted by JIM
From the Adair County News 70 years ago this week: this sketch and announcement in the September 25, 1957 edition of a plaque to be dedicated to mark the location of the girlhood home of Jane Lampton (Clemens). The text under under the sketch reads:

"Home of Jane Lampton, on corner of John Butler Lot

"On Sunday, September 29, at 4 o'clock the marker that locates the "Pink Cottage" will be unveiled on the square in Columbia. The 'Pink Cottage' was the girlhood home of Jane Lampton, the mother of Mark Twain.

"The public is invited to attend the dedication service that the members of the Jane Lampton Chapter N.S.D.A.R. are holding in memory of Jane Lampton."

The sketch is signed "Sallie A. Baker." Miss Baker (1872-1953) was a daughter of Judge H.C. & Dolly Lisle Baker. Her obituary referred to her as a "progressive and civic minded citizen" who was both a charter member of the Columbia Woman's Club and the founder of the Jane Lampton Chapter D.A.R. It also spoke of her as being "a talented artist and an accomplished musician."
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