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Free Yard Sales continue - for qualifying ones
A reminder on what qualifies for FREE in CM yard sales. See new FREE AD Deadline.: FREE Yard Sale ads deadlines Free Yard Sale ads for the coming weekend are posted Sunday, Mondays, Tuesdays, anytime, and until 9amCT, Wednesdays. Call 270-250-2730 for help. Ads not submitted by the deadline may still be posted at standard rates.

There's already listings for this weekend in CM Yard Sales. Because of the ever increasing volume and traffic on, we're urging advertisers who wish to post FREE to submit early in the week, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and no later than 9amCT, Wednesdays.. Ads received after that time may not be posted as Free ads.
  1. The yard sales MUST have street and number for venue.
  2. Send the email to one addressee only
  3. Free Yard Sales for the weekend should be posted Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and no later than 9amCT, Wednesday on CM to assure Free Posting.
  4. Free Yard sales ads are for Individuals in Adair, Casey, Cumberland, Green, Metcalfe, Russell and Taylor Counties.
  5. The submission should follow the CM style, as closely as possible. (But we'll edit for first timers - people who have submitted less than seven times - and infrequent senders)
  6. OUR PAYMENT??? - Just reciprocate by telling folks about CM and the Yard Sale Service. Send letters to us and let other readers know your ad on CM worked. And, of course we appreciate the win-win when the low cost front page paid ads are posted.
Please Rates and Terms for posting instructions and payment instructions. Most CM Classifieds are now in the Paid Category. If there are any questions with your email submission, just call 270-250-2730.

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