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Speckled Lima Bean I am looking for the large speckled lima bean to buy. They are called Christmas Lima and other names. Thanks --JD Hadley, 270-634-1055

Wants information on cellular service - I want to know if there is anyone out in the magazine area that has used or is using Consumer Cellular. Maury Lewis 270-634-2092 -Maury Lewis

Land wanted, Adair County - Looking for 10 to 20 acres good land to purchase. Would prefer level or lightly sloping in Adair County. Contact Heidi 270-634-4388 or David 270-634-4387.. --Heidi Caron

Wanted to buy a used in good condition 3 point PTO driven, bulk seed spreader to seed my pastures. Call Dan at (270) 378-6643. Submitted by: Dan Thies, (270) 378-6643 e-mail;

Wanted: (Over a barrel for metal barrels) - With at least two ominous predictions of bad winters, I have decided to get busy building a wood-burning heater for my shop. Looking for two metal 55-gallon barrels in good shape with both ends. Please contact Guy at 270-205-1669. Winter-phobic in Gradyville - Guy Babin

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