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Want to rent - Looking for a spacious 3 BR/2 bath house, close to town. Preferably good sized yard with garage. Can give references, good stable income, family of 4. Email,text or call 2702509474. --Tonya Grant

Looking to buy good used storm doors for rental property. Please call 270-634-0659 - Mitzi

Want to Buy Belly Milker I am looking for a good used surge belly milker or delaval style milker. If you have one to sell, please call me at 270-378-4562 - Jennifer --Jennifer Krell

Does anyone have a desktop computer with Windows XP or Windows 2000 on it that they'd like to sell? Please contact

Chevy man wants 3/4 ton 4wd full sized pickup - We're in the market for a mechanically solid older 3/4 ton 4wd pickup (full size) for our farm. My wife Aline says I can't use her fancy new Grand Cherokee lest it get a scratch, or worse - cow manure in the wheels. She can keep her fancy chariot - -no bed or tailgate in the back anyway! So I get to buy an old farm truck. I'm a Chevy man, but any brand that is in sound running shape would be welcome, especially if it has a V8 and a manual transmission. Cosmetics are not important; readiness to work is. The budget is $3,000 bucks. - Guy of Gradyville. 270-205-1669

Dehumidifier Wanted Looking for a reasonably price dehumidifier. - Michelle Mann. Call or text 270-805-1311

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