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JIM: From a high of 4 locations, only one Jerry's in BG still open

Jim remembers the year he toiled at Jerry's was "the best education I ever got."
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By Jim

To the best of my knowledge, the Jerry's in Bowling Green at Exit 28, near the Corvette Museum & production facility, is still in operation. It's the only one still open of the four that flourished there decades ago.

The others were on the US-31W Bypass, out US-231 (Scottsville Road) near the I-65 interchange, and at the south end of Westen's campus, not far past the railroad overpass and diagonally across Russellville Road from Holley Carbureator.

I worked at the latter location as busboy, dishwasher, and occasionally as grill cook for a year in '77-'78, mostly on night shift. At the time, it was one of only two or three restaurants in town that was open 24/7, so when the bars in town closed (1 a.m. week nights, 12 a.m. Saturdays), that Jerry's location would do a land office business.

And too, it was the unofficial substation for the campus, city, county, state law enforcement. Many times in the wee hours there was enough gunpower in the dining area to take over a small to medium-sized banana republic.

Between that, the revolving door of managers (five during my brief stint, and I missed the sixth by a matter of days) and waitstaff, and the regular -- and perhaps too many irregular -- customers, the year I "toiled away" there was the best education I ever got anywhere.

The old Jerry's building on Russellville Road has long since been taken down and the space occupied by an Arby's. - JIM

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