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Adair Fiscal Court Meeting, August 9, 2011 report

In last night's Adair Fiscal Court session
  • Chairman McCammish reports on Economic Development progress
  • Continued progress overcoming decades old City Utilities neglect
  • Court takes no action on proposed browning of roadsides
  • Jailer Rick Wilson gives report
  • Magistrates accept low bids on surplus mowers
  • County treasurer reports Fiscal Year end balance of $875,909.68 in all funds
  • Court orders approved, with three farmer/magistrates abstaining on dead animal removal vote
  • Reading of Roads
  • Judge announces layoffs, hours cut backs at animal shelter
  • Judge says proper recognition of Dakota Meyer is being studied
  • Litter abatement going better in Adair County than lots of place - A.L. Sinclair

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By Ed Waggener

In last night's Adair Fiscal Court meeting, the Court took no action following a histrionic presentation for a herbicide spraying of roadsides, heard encouraging news from the Columbia/Adair County Economic Development Authority, and great news from the Columbia/Adair County Utilities District.

The court also approved a first reading of the redistricting ordinance setting new boundaries for the magisterial districts, had continued good news on the county treasury, and learned of cut-backs at the animal shelter.

Chairman McCammish reports on Economic Development progress

Columbia/Adair County Economic Development Authority (CACEDA) Chairman appeared before the court with an encouraging update, in light of the constrained budget of the authority, on the economic development front.

Mr. McCammish welcomed the addition of Columbia business leader Anthony Janes to the board, which, he said, fully populates the 7-member authority board. He said that, while CACEDA operates on a very tight budget of around $30,000 a year, he believes its new priorities are the most effective way to build the economy. He listed the priorities as follows:
  1. Administering the Green River Commerce Park. This involves selling and leasing property in the showplace industrial park off Campbellsville Road on the north side of Columbia.
  2. Supporting existing businesses and encouraging entrepreneurship. He said that CACEDA has a new alliance with Lindsey Wilson College's Entrepreneurship Center, headed by Linda McKinley-Grider, which he said is very effective now and looks even more promising in the future.
  3. Working with businesses interested in moving to Columbia. Mr. McCammish noted that Columbia/Adair County is at a disadvantage with some other Kentucky communities because it cannot give huge financial incentives to plants
McCammish said that at recent seminars he has learned that the two biggest challenges to getting more jobs in Kentucky are lack of job education and drug issues.

CJE Ann Melton commended the board for its efforts, and noted that Columbia/Adair County does have the same incentives as other localities with state and local tax incentives. She agreed that growing local businesses and encouraging entrepreneurships is a top priority.

Mr. McCammish noted, in a letter to CM Wednesday, August 10, 2011, that the $30,000 figure should have been "around $45,000": "I mis-stated the Columbia-Adair County Economic Development Budget at the Fiscal Court last night. Our "pro-forma" budget (excluding extraordinary things like adding a waste system to Green River Commerce Park) is actually around $45,000 per year - down from over $100,000 in 2007. We do try to run a lean ship, but not quite that lean."
Continued progress overcoming decades old City Utilities neglect

Columbia/Adair County Utilities District General Manager Lenny Stone delivered the district's quarterly report to Fiscal Court. with some of the really bright spots for the economy.

Mr. Stone told the court that CAUD has undergone routine audits in the first six months of this year, and that all of them of had come back with good reports.

He said that the merger of the city water and sewer system with the Adair County Water District and the Columbia/Adair Water Treatment plant is now complete, with final signings on July 21, 2011, and that the final settlement, with the City of Columbia delivering a check for accounts due of $391,258, reduced liabilities transferred from the City to CAUD from $2,144,000 to $1,752,258.

He told the board that scatter site lines for CAUD's Phase 11 have all been installed.

He apologized from the delays in blacktopping after recent work on Fairview and Jones ST, but said the contractor responsible has indicated this will be remedied in the next two week.

Mr. Stone said told the court that a new Water Salesman, a coin operated bulk sales device, is now operational at CAUD's the Columbia/Adair Utility District's Holladay Place/Raider Bob million gallon tank. He said the Water Salesman accepted its first quarter on Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

The device replaces one recently removed from Holloway Drive by Lindsey Wilson's soccer stadium.

"We hadn't meant to replace it," he said, "but we kept getting calls from farmers wanting to buy bulk water, especially in dry times, so we put this one in." Mr. Stone said that CAUD plans to extend the service to communities on the edge of the county, starting with Knifley and Breeding, and possibly other locations. The sales are profitable, he said, and badly needed.

Without giving great detail, which will come at CAUD's next meeting, he said that the District has received an SRF Federal 1% loan, which comes with a 20% principal forgiveness, to run alternate lines from Plumpoint to Knifley and from East 80 to KY 55, which will allow the district to ship water, as needed to those two areas, which are now dependent on single line sources.

He said that CAUD is seeking Economic Development Administration money which will be 80% grant, 20% loan, for which would help with flood and sewer projects, and would give the district money to repaint tanks, particularly the more neglected ones taken over by from the City of Columbia.

Stone reported that the Sparksville project is making expected progress. The going is slowed, he said, because of the need to go through so much rock. He said that he expects the construction of the district's 750,000 tank at Sparksville to begin around September 1 and that he expects the entire project to be complete within one year.

Stone said that the EDA money the district is applying for will include funds to remedy the mudslide on the Sally Ray Troutman hill, toward town, and money to stop Russell Creek from flooding the utility's waste water treatment plant. "We aren't going to do anything to flood homes upstream," he said, "but we do want to protect the plant."

Stone said that when the funds are secured, the District will get the advice of the Corps of Engineers, then input from an independent hydrologist, and finally, will hold public meetings to discuss the options.

The stakes are high. He told the court that he would estimate the cost of replacement of the sewer plant at $20-25 million.

There was really encouraging word for the antiquated, long neglected water system taken over by the District from Columbia Utilities. Stone said that approval has been received to use money saved from the Sparksville project in Downtown Columbia.

He said that the district foresees $8 million in costs, to be done in major phases of $4 million each.

He said that the project will be done in smaller steps, to allow the district to get a real feel for what's going to be involved in restoring the system. "We'll probably do a $1 million project first," to get an idea what we're facing."

He apologized ahead of time for the construction problems. "It's going to be a mess," he said, "but we want to do all we can to reduce the problem."

He also told the court that all board members are now required to have 8 hours of training, and that new member Robert Flowers will be taking the training next.

Court takes no action on proposed browning of roadsides

The court heard a presentation by a representative of a herbicide spraying company, seeking to use chemical sprays to retard roadside vegetation.

Despite the salesman ending his spiel with what was maybe a first, making a motion that the court act on his request, the court took no action, to the relief of Adair County Solid Waste Coordinator A.L. Sinclair, who was concerned with run-off of toxic material into the streams.

The salesman cited Lincoln County as one example of the practice being put to use. (On a recent trip to Lincoln County, Linda and I were appalled at the ugly brown roadsides in what is otherwise one of the most beautiful areas of Kentucky; whether it was caused by the spraying advocated by the herbicide salesman or not, it was a horrid, depressing sight. - - EW)

Court members agree to continue District by District road work

Court members agreed to continue massing County Road Department crews in one district at a time, now on a week-by-week basis. Sixth District Magistrate Joe Rogers (5) said that he was leery of the process at first, but that after witnessing the increased efficiency, he was in favor of it. Magistrates Billy Dean Coffey (5) and Sammy Baker (3), agreed, and CJE Ann Melton said that the practice would continue.

Jailer Rick Wilson gives report

Adair County Regional Jailer Rick Wilson told the court that the net billings for the month of July were $67,623.04, down only $297.70 from the previous month.

He acknowledged the leadership of Jail Deputies Donnie Bennett and Dennis Selby for the jail garden's success. The garden saved $2,716 in food costs, according to Jail Dietary Supervisor Judy Derman. CJE Ann Melton again commended the improvement at the regional jail under Jailer Wilson, and told the court she had seen the inmates shucking corn and breaking beans at the jail entrance, and told the court, "I've seen the garden from the road, and it is really pretty."

She also took time out to wish the Jailer a belated Happy Birthday (August 8, 2011). "I saw the cake and the 5-0 on it," she said. The jailer acknowledged that he is, indeed 50.

Magistrates accept low bids on surplus mowers
Bids were opened for surplus county mowers. A push mower bid of $5, the only one received, from Tony Denton, was accepted. A zero turn mower was awarded to Jody Perkins, who bid $735 for the machine.

The bids for the zero bid mower are as follows:
  • Jody Perkins - $735
  • Terry Williams - $635
  • Michael Decker - $352
  • Tom Brock - $351
  • Tony Denton - $150
  • Phillip Greer -$150
  • Roy Lockridge - $30
CJE Judge Melton drew a chorus of "Highest! Highest! Highest!" calls from the court when she slipped and said, before the vote, the motion was to accept the "Lowest," bids for the mowers. She quickly restated the motion correctly and the court voted on a roll call vote, to accept the Highest Bids.

County treasurer reports Fiscal Year end balance of $875,909.68 in all funds

County treasurer Barry Corbin's year end financial statement was unanimously approved. It showed reconciled balances in all county funds of $875, 909.68.

The court unanimously approved possible budget transfers which might be needed in the coming month.

Court orders approved

The court approved an annual payment of $7,200 to Melissa Handy for the lease of the County Transfer Station. The check will be presented to her September 1, 2011. The amount was increased under a 10 year contract which held the cost to $6,000 for five years, with the last five years at $7,200.

The court approved 4-0 with three abstentions, the payment of $7,500 to the Adair County Conservation District for dead animal disposal. Magistrates and farmers who could possibly benefit fro the payment, Magistrate Sammy Baker (3), Magistrate Joe Rogers (6), and Magistrate Billy Rowe (7) abstained. Voting for approval were Magistrate Harold Burton (1), Magistrate Daryl Flatt (2), Magistrate Perry Reeder (4) and Magistrate Billy Dean Coffey (5)

The court approved $100 payments to Doyle Lloyd, Joey Curry, and Johnny Vaughn for service on the Board of Assesment Appeals.

The vote was unanimous.

Reading of Roads

Adair County 911 Mapping and Addressing coordinator presented the reading of the roads.The court gave second and final readings to:
  • District 4: Establishing Creekside Lane as private passage way
  • District 5: Removing Jeff Hatcher Road from county maintenance and setting a 25 mph speed limit on Corbin Richards Road
  • District 6: Imposing a 25 mph speed limit on Turkey Trace
Judge announces layoffs, hours cut backs at animal shelter

Judge Melton announced that all part-time employees had been laid off at the Green River Animal Shelter and the the shelter will now be open to the public 3.5 days per week instead of 5 days. She said that one of two full time employees has given notice of acceptance of another job.
hr>Click to GRAS report to Fiscal Court, July 2011
Judge says proper recognition of Dakota Meyer is being studied

Judge Melton again noted the pride Adair County shares with Green Co., South Central Kentucky and the nation in Dakota Meyer, who will be presented with the Congressional Medal Honor at at to be announced date. "I've been talking with Mayor Harris (Mark D. Harris, Mayor of Columbia), and veterans about what will be appropriate. We want to do something fitting and really big," she said. "We are so proud of him."

A.L. Sinclair says litter abatement to resume September 1, 2011

Adair County Solid Waste Coordinator A.L. Sinclair said that pickup along Adair County's major roads will resume on September 1, 2011. He promised that all funds allocated to the program will be effectively spent. "We won't be sending any money back," he said.

Sinclair said that the Adair County Recycling Center is doing well. "Prices are up," he said. And told the court that $47,000 worth of new equipment, including a new paper shredder and a machine which will remove boards from hardback books have been installed.

Mr. Sinclair said that he was very proud of Adair County cleanliness. "We're doing a lot better than most counties," he said.

The court adjourned at 8:10pm, 1 hour and 10 minutes after it started.

End of Report, August 9, 2011, meeting

Regular monthly Adair County Fiscal Court meetings are held at7:00pmCT., each second Tuesday. The meetings are open to thepublic.
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Adair County Judge Executive Ann Melton
421 Public Square, Suite 1, Columbia, KY 42728
Phone 270-384-4703; Fax 270-384-9754

  • Adair County Attorney Jennifer Hutchison-Corbin (2000)
  • Adair County Coroner Todd Akin (20011
  • Adair County Court Clerk Sheila Blair (2007)
  • Adair County Circuit Court Clerk Dennis Loy
  • Adair County Jailer Rick Wilson (2011)
  • Adair County PVA Wm. Feese, Jr.
  • Adair County Sheriff Harrison Moss
  • Adair County Surveyor Mike McKinney

  • County Judge Executive Ann Melton (2007) is a voting member ofFiscal Court and may vote on all proposals before the court; Office:Adair Courthouse Annex
Magistrates on the Adair County Fiscal Court:
  • District 1: Harold Burton (2011)
  • District 2: Daryl Flatt (2011)
  • District 3: Sammy Baker (2007)
  • District 4: Perry Reeder (2007)
  • District 5: Billy Dean Coffey (Feb. 2005) (270) 384-4201
  • District 6: Joe Rogers (1990)
  • District 7: Billy Rowe (2011)
Adair County Constables
  • District 1: William "Bill" Troutwine
  • District 2: Shannon Rowe (2011)
  • District 3: Robert R. Loy
  • District 4: Chris Janes (2011)
  • District 5: Tim Bottoms
  • District 6: Jason T. Rector
  • District 7: Joe Collins, Jr.

  • Adair County Finance Officer, Fiscal Court Clerk Gale Cowan
  • Adair County Judge Administrative Assistant Lisa Lee
  • Adair County Mapping and Addressing Coordinator Justin Bailey
  • Adair Co. Disaster Management Coordinator Greg Thomas
  • Adair County Treasurer Barry Corbin
  • Adair County Roads Supervisor Jobe Darnell
  • Adair County Dog Warden Jimmy Harmon
  • Adair County Solid Waste Coordinator A.L. Sinclair

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New Water Salesman at Holladay Place

2011-08-10 - Beside Holladay Place Water Tower, Columbia, KY - Photo by Ed Waggener.
Adair County Water District General Manager Lenny Stone told Fiscal Court last night, Tuesday, August 9, 2011, that the new Water Salesman beside the Columbia/Adair Utility District's Holladay Place/Raider Bob million gallon tank accepted its first quarter on Tuesday. Mr. Stone said that there is a great demand among farmers for the bulk water. The new Water Salesman replaces one which was previously on Holloway Drive, beside the Walter S. Reuling Stadium. Stone apologized for the road, which is still private but is in the City. He told the court that CAUD anticipates adding Water Salesmen in communities around the county, starting with Knifley and Gradyville. (Watch for the complete Adair County Fiscal Court Report for August 9, 2011, by 8:15amCT)

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