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Honoring Adair County Veterans who have served our country

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"This Very Honorable List": Last Updated June 1 2008, at 7:29amCT. Lenis Jones' family

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Jessie Clyde Aaron, Korean War; Samuel H. Absher, World War I; Willis "Dick" Acree, WWII, (4/26/2006); Billy Allison, Korean War; John Atchley, WWI; Larry Antle, Army, Vietnam; Mark Adamsm Kenneth Adams, Troy Carnell Andrew, Korea; Mike Allen, Harold C. Allison, John Amtree, Korea; Gilbert Adkins; Jaremy Austin (purple heart recipient) Iraq; Eddie Arnold, U.S. Army,Vietnam in 1969-1971;Sheldon Alley, U.S. Marine Corps (Devildog):
James Absher family
James Absher was in the Army; one son, James Absher, JR, was in the U.S. Army; the other, Joseph Absher, was in the U.S. Navy.
Joseph Caldwell Akin, WWI and WWII; Joe Akin, Korean conflict; Ralph B. Akin, WWII;

Jason Bledsoe, James Bevell, Vietnam; Olis Raymond Bernard, USMC, WWII; James Boston,Vietnam; David Harold Bennett, Vietnam War, Jerry Burbridge, Vietnam; Joe Birdwell, Vietnam; James Bryant, Stanley Bryant, Ronald Dale Brock. US Army Interment Haven Hill Cemetery, Columbia, KY; Amos Burch; Coy Bray, Vietnam War; John D. Blakey, Vietnam era service in South Korea; Carol Wayne Bennett, Vietnam; Michael Bryant, Little Cake Area, served in the US Air Force; Josh Allen Butler, WWII; Ernest "Ernie" Barrett, Viet Nam; Donnie Barrett, Viet Nam era; Leonard Kendall Bardin, WWII, Deceased, Chance, KY; Phillip Chad Bardin, Gulf War, 82nd Airbourne; James Mitchell Bragg, Vietnam era

Hardy Bailey, Jr; Howard Bailey; Parker Bailey, WWII; Melvin Bailey, career spanned over 30 years, retired as Colonel- WWII, Korean Conflict, Vietnam; Arthur Bailey; William "Billy" Bailey, WWII; Rod Bailey, Marine Corps during the Reagan Administration. He was in Beruit and Grenada; Zach Bailey served three years in Iraq; Edwin Carl Bailey, U. S. Army, Vietnam Era, Wurzburg, Germany 1969-1971; Ronald Bryant, US Air Force 1956-1960, Buried Rest Haven Cemetery, Edinburgh IN

Willard Baker, Willie Elmer Baker, both WWII; Chris Baker, Vietnam; Alfred Baker , WWI, France; Delmon Baker, Korean Conflict;

Harry Beard, German occupation and Korea; Dean Beard, Vietnam Conflict; First Sergeant Jim Beard, Ret. 22 years US Army. 3 tours each, Germany and Korea, and 1, Vietnam; Bobby Dell Beard, Korean War;

William C. Beaty, John M. Beaty, Vietnam War; Delmer L. Beaty, WWII; James Carlis Beaty, Korea;

Bennett family list submitted by Chris Bennett (Sept. 8, 2007) and others
William M Bennett Revolutionary War (died in Adair County, granted land for service in the war): John Bennett war of 1812; Brothers, Robert Bennett, Oliver Bennett, Ben Young Bennett, War with Mexico. All three were born and died in Adair County KY; Youngest Brother, Elisha Bennett, War with Mexico, Civil War Union 13th KY Calvary, Ananias Bennett, James Oliver Bennett, Civil War Union 13th and 1st KY Calvary; Bill Zack Bennett WWII; Kenneth Bennett WWII, Donnie L Bennett Vietnam; David H Bennett Vietnam; Chester M. Bennett, served from 1966 through1968 in Germany during the Vietnam War;

David Owen Biggs died in Vietnam; James Biggs, Korea;Blair
Charles E. Blair, Vietnam; William C. Blair; William L. Blair, US Army, Desert Storm, Pellyton Community; Wilbert Alton"Boss" Blair of the Pellyton community, US Marines, Vietnam Veteran;

Samuel Bomar, Cajer Bomar, WWII;

Bottoms: The four sons of Marion and Ider Bottoms
Edward Bottoms, Knifley, KY, killed in action, WWII; Robert Bottoms, Knifley, KY, WWII; Jackie Bottoms, Knifley, KY, WWII; and his twin, Jimmy Bottoms, WWII.

BradshawNelson Bradshaw; L.T. Bradshaw, USAF, Korea; W.I. Bradshaw, USAF, WWII;

Melvin Branham, Army Vietnam era; Nelson Branham, Army WWII; George Henry Branham, USAF WWII & career retiree; TSGT Brandon Branham, currently (Oct. 2007) serving at Hill AFB, Utah; Robert Brockman, WWII;

Harry Neal Breeding, WWII; William Montgomery Breeding, Civil War (Union); Marvin Lee Breeding, WWII; James Thomas Breeding, WWII;

Lewis P. Brockman WWI: Aldus Brockman, WWII; Robert L. Brockman, WWII;

Gary Brown, WWII; Roscoe Brown, WWII; Robert Brown, WWII; Radius Brown, Vietnam; Henry Clavis (Buckie) Brown, P.O.W. WWII U.S.Army;

Will Burchett, WWI; Perry Burchett, 2nd LT, Field Commission, WWII; James Burchett, Korea era; Joe Burchett, WWII; Kenneth Burchett, WWII;

Wally Burress, Army, 1986-90; A Z Burris, Army, WWII; Arvin Burris, WWII era; James Burris, WWII; Bolin Burris, WWII; Phillip Burris, Vietnam era; Tony Burris, Vietnam era; Bobby Burris, Vietnam; James Todd Burris, Gulf Storm era; David Burriss, WWII; James Bailey Burris, Sr, Vietnam;

Burris, four sons of Logan Burris
Cautis Burris, Army, WWII, Finis Burris, Army, WWII; Wiliam Albert Burris, Army, Korean War; and James Earl Burris, US Air Force, Korean War; all four are the sons of Logan Burris.

Dave Burton, 20 years USAF, Desert Shield/Storm, Ret. Feb. 2005; Donald Burton, WWII; Delmer Burton, WWII; Delmer Lee Burton, WWII; Elbert Burton WWII; George A. Burton, Korea; H Hollis Burton, (dec.), Korea; Kevin Burton, Gulf War; Kevin Burton, WWII; Lawrence Burton, JR, Korea; Michael "Mickey" Burton, Iraq; Norman R. Burton, US Army Europe; Gilbert Burton, WWII; Waymon Burton, WWII; Jerry Burton, WWII; Isaiah "Pete"Burton, (9/18/2006); Odie R. "Bouncer" Burton, WWII; Sgt E-7 Kevin Burton, Desert Storm, active duty 2007, Drill Sergant training soldiers for Iraq, at Ft. Knox, KY; Gilbert Burton, Little Cake Community, US Navy, World War II (1943-1946); Claude Burton, WWII, served in the Philippines; Harlan Burton, Korean War, Army; Jeffrey L. Burton, US Air Force 1975-1980 and KY Air National Guard 1983-1986;

David Lewis Caldwell, Korean War; Drake Crawhorn, Ronnie Callahan; Martin Callahan, WWI; Paul J. Cravens, USN, WWII; Michael W. Crabb, 19671970, Vietnam War Veteran: Clyde L. Corneal served two tours in Vietnam; David R. Claycomb, Korean War, (5/29/2006); Jimmie Dale Cox, US Army; Robert Clutterbuck, USAF, from July 1968 to July 1972: John R. Clutterbuck, Army Infantry during WWII. He served on 3 fronts during the war. (1942-1945) Involved in the Battle of the Bulge; Clayton Howard Compton, Air Force WWII, Korean War; Mike Crabb, Vietnam; Bobby Compton; Eva Frazier Chism of the Bliss community was a nurse during WWII. She is buried in Columbia City Cemetery. Gary David Cox, Air Force; Jimmy Dale Cox, Vietnam era; Leon Cole, WWII Army paratrooper, killed in action; L.W. Cole, WWII U.S. Army; Mike Callison,Vietnam era, 1966-68; SSG Lannie H. Cockerham (1948-2004), Bronze Star for work in developing the system used to keep track of military personnel, Vietnam Era;

Judith S. Caldwell, US Army, Vietnam era; Rick Caldwell, US Army, Vietnam era, (Rick & Judith S. Caldwell are husband and wife);Campbell
Leon Campbell, Maxie Campbell;

Arlin Cape, served at Ft. Custer, MI, killed by hit-run driver March 1942; Garvis Cape, Army, WWII, 3 years, 3 months overseas, including Normandy Invasion d. 1963 at age 43; Johnny Cape, Korea, died auto accident 1963; Robert Lee Cape US Army;:

Aubrey Case, WWII; Arlie Case, WWII; Thaxton Case, WWII; Edward Case, WWII, Ralph Case, WWII;

Leonard Cheatham, WWII; John Cheatham, WWI; Hazard Cheatham, WWII; Wilburn Cheatham, Korean War; Gravely Cheatham WWII; William Cheatham, WWII; Ronald Cheatham, USAF, Desert Storm/Shield;

Herman Chelf, WWII, (3/18/2006); Newman Chelf, World War I; Paul Chelf, US Army, WWII; Marshall Chelf, Army, WWII; Presley Chelf, WWII:

George Russell Claywell, Army Vietnam era; Herbert Claywell, Army Vietnam era; Calvin Claywell, Army Vietnam era; Floyd Claywell; Molten Claywell: Calvin Claywell, Justin Claywell;

Hollis E. Coffey, WWII; Haven Coffey, Vietnam;Paul Coffey, Vietnam; Joe Norman Coffey, Korea; Clarence Coffey, World War I and Quince Coffey, WWI.

Chris Collins, US Army, 1998-2001: James S. Collins, Sr., WWII; Preston Collins, Korean Conflict, (2/11/2006); Ralph Collins, Mark Collins, John Collins, Ray Collins, WWII; Merlin Collins, Murlin Collins, WWII; Herbert Collins; Gregory D. Collins, Sr, (active duty 7Jan 1975-18 June 1975 then returned to active duty 1 March1978 thru 1 Mar 1983); Joe N. Collins, Sr. (d. 22 Aug 1977), served in WWll;

Earl Conover, (POW) WWII; Buel W. Conover, US Army, WWII; Eugene P. Conover, US Army, WWII; John A. Conover, US Army;

Bill Conn, Sr., U.S. Army (20 years), WWII; Bill Conn, Jr., Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam era; and Joseph Conn, U.S. Marine Corps;

Joe Cooley, WWII and other hostilities; CWO Ralph W. Cooley, US Army, ret. WWII, Korea, Vietnam; Charles Michael Cooley, US Army; Charles T. Cooley, US Army; James L. Cooley, US Navy; Joseph Elmo Cooley, US Army; Ralph W. Cooley, JR, USAF, rept.p; George Cooley, Navy, WWII and other hostilities

Bryan Coomer; Jessie Coomer, in Iraq; Alton Coomer, WWII; Brooks Coomer, WWII; Lawrence Coomer, WWII; .James Brian Coomer Veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Still on active duty as of June 3, 2006; Norman Coomer, Korea; Buell Coomer, WWII; Matthew Coomer, Iraq; Washington (Mack) Montgomery Coomer, (Union) entered from Gradyville and is buried at Antioch in Sparksville, KY. Civil War;

Clarence "Buck" Corbin, Korean War, (My Dad, Rita Neat); James Corbin, WWII; Owen Corbin, WWII; William "Tootie" Corbin, US Navy, World War II; Tommy Corbin, Little Cake Area, US Army; Payne Corbin, WWll;

Clifton Cowan, WWII; Ira Cowan,, WWII; Elvis Cowan, WWII; Elvin Cowan, Vietnam;

Nolan Cundiff, WWII; W.J. Cundiff, WWWI; Earl Cundiff, Korean War; Derek Cundiff, Iraq II;

Ralph G. Curry, Korean Conflicet through October 2, 1952 through October 1954; Leonard S. (Steve) Curry, Vietnam; Donald Curry, U.S. Army, stationed in Germany; Capt. John R. Curry, 13th Kentucky Cavalry, Civil War, buried in a field in the Vester area of Adair County:

H. Jay Damron, U.S. Marine Corps, Saudi Arabia; George DeHart, Civil War, First Kentucky Calvary, Company H:. Doug Darnell, Montford Darnell, Phillip Duvall, Vietnam; Fred Lee Dickson, stationed in Honolulu, during Korean War; Michael Dubree, Iraq; Bradley Dubree, Iraq; Howard Dulin, Edwin Downey, served with Merrill's Marauders in WWII; Kenneth Downey, Korean War; Wayne Dixon, passed away 1997. Purple Heart in WWII; Bushrod R. Davis, Civil War; O.A. "Cotton" Durham, WWII; Douglas Durham, WWII: Marvin Dale Dulworth; Jerry DuVall, Iraq;

John Dickerson, Korea: Thomas A. Dickerson, Vietnam; Charles Edwin Dickerson, WWII; Walter Fred Dickerson, WWII;

Robert C. "Bob" Dohoney, WWII (11/11/2005); Billly Ray Dehoney, Harry Lee Dehoney, Gene Dehoney, Bob Dehoney, Joe Dehoney, Chris Dehoney;

Donald E Doss, two enlistments seven years service, 1950s, Germany, Turkey; Sydney Doss, WWI; Carl L. Doss (d), WWII, from Pellyton; after war served as escort for bodies of soldiers;

Earl Dudley, Vietnam; William Earl Dudley, WWII;

Start, separate listing of Dunbar brothersThomas Oliver Dunbar, US Air Force WWII (career); Gwinn Clinton Dunbar, US Navy WWII; Robert William Dunbar, US Marine Corps WWII; Luther Dial served in the U.S.Army and also served in the Air Force, Served in France and in the Phillipines; Alton Lewis Dunbar; End, separate listing of Dunbar Brothers

Orville Ellis, Lucian Edwards, Dean Ellis, Coy Ervin WWII; Charles Carlos England, US Army, served in Germany; Edward Enyard, seriosly wounded WWII; Bunk Enyard, Died in Battle in Europe WWII

Owen Johnson Estes WWII; Dallas R Eaton, Vietnam Tommy Edwards, US Army 1966-1968;

Billy Flatt, Eddie Fair, WWII; Joe Fair, Vietnam; Terry Fair, in Iraq; James E. Fletcher, Veteran, (5/19/2006); Danny Firkins, Army, Vietnam era; Darrell Firkins, Vietnam; Michael Firkins, WWII; James Murphy Ferguson, died in Vietnam; John "Duck" Fudge, WWII; Marion A. Fudge WWII; Henry Fudge WWII; Dan Farr, Vietnam War; Jim Flowers, Dessert Storm; James Ferguson, died in Vietnam; Allen Frankum; Craig Furkin; James Rufus Feese, WWII, US Armyl Herbert Franklin, served 20 years including Vietnam, retired at 39, and now lives in Edmonton, KY; Chief Boatswain Mate Gary Fausnaugh, United States Coast Guard, Iraq;

Austin Finn, Korean War; Clifton Finn, WWII, Germany; David Finn, Viet Nam Era; Foster B. Finn, served in Europe and N. Africa, WWII; Harold David Finn, USAF, Korea; Simon Finn, WWI, France;

Savoy Foster, US Navy; Willie Foster, WWII;

Luster Ray (Radio) Furkins, Army WWII; Overton Ray (Bugs) Furkins, Army & USMC Vietnam era; Robert Irvin (Bob) Furkins, Army Vietnam era; William Kyle Furkins, 2 tours Vietnam USMC; Harry Louis Furkins Army Vietnam era; Larry Marshall Furkins, Army SP/SVC European Theater Cold War era;

Lewis Garrison, Army, Korean Conflict; Albert (Bud) Gibson, Army, WWII; Ron Goetz, Lester Goetz, WWII; Willis Cecil Graves, WWII; Morrison Garrett, Korea; James Graves, WWII; Edward Graves, WWII; Willis Ceisler Graves, WWII; Leon Gadberry, WWII; Charles Green, Darrell Green, Joseph Gadberry, Ballard Goode, WWII; Sanford Green, a POW in WWII; William Kelly Gibson, Pvt., WWI; Littleton (L.J.) Goode WWII (5/17/2006) ; Robert T. Gossett, United States Marine Corps, Vietnam; Charles H. Green, served 1954-1957, old Skywarf outfit, then transferred to Corps of Engineers for rest of enlistment;Gaskins
Alvin Reed Gaskins served in WWI; Three sons of Alvin Reed Gaskins and Mary Ann Williams Gaskins were 1) Paul Gaskins: 2) Ruben Gaskins, Paratroopers, WWII; 3) James Ray Gaskins, Marine, Korean War: Phillip Gaskins, Vietnam; Paul Gaskins, WWII;

Vince Giles, Walter Giles, WWII; Dewey Giles, Travis Giles, Vietnam; Jeff Giles, Iraq; Henry Giles, WWII; James W. Giles;

Hollis Austin Gilpin, Navy, WWII. involved in Battle of Leyte Island in the Phillipines theater; James Otaly Gilpin, WWII; Lawrence Alvis Gilpin, WWII;

Henry Goodin, WWI and WWII; Chester Goodin, WWII; Howard Goodin, Korea; Wesley Goodin, WWII; Edwin Goodin, MSgt, Little Cake Area, US Air Force, 1955-1976;

Edward Grant, Vietnam era, stationed in Germany; Tony Grant, Korea; Sidney Grant, Little Cake Community, WWII; Forrest Lee Grant, WWII; Clyde Grant; Norman Grant, WWII, Mark Lee Grant, WWII; Dick Grant, WWII: Bill Grant, WWII; Woodruff Grant, WWII; Dr. Edward W. Grant served in the Army 1952-54 and his son Kerry Grant served in the US Navy from 1985-2005; C.W. Grant, Navy, WWII; Leland Grant, WWII; Loren Grant, WWII; Murvin Grant, Army, WWII; Lilburn Earl Grant, 101st Airborne, Vietnam; James Wolford Grant, WWII;

Daniel Marion Grider 18881949, US Army WWI; Walter Edwin Grider 1933-2005, US Army; Edward Grider, WWII; Alvis Grider, WWII; Van Grider, Vietnam; James Grider, Jackie L. Grider, Anthony H. Grider, Desert Storm; Daniel Marion Grider (1888-1949), US Arm WWI; James Chrisley Grider 1922-2005, US Army WWII; Junior Grider; Everett D. (Bud) Grider, born in 1930, now living in Nineveh, INA1C, 4 years, Air Force, mostly in North Africa; J.B. Grider, born in 1935; Army for approximately 4 years, then Marines for approximately 16 years, Staff Sergeant, Vietnam and Korean Conflict and retired to Russell Springs, KY;

Brandon Hackney, now serving with Marines in Iraq; Isaac Ramey Hagan: O.W. Hale, WWI; Dennis Hall, Welby Hammond, WWII; Robert Lee Hamlet, Korea; Curtis Hardwick, Vietnam; Herbert Harrell, Korea; Wallace Thompson Hatcher, US Navy, WWIIl, deceased; Noel W. Hayes, WWII, died 01/12/2004; Sgt. Brian W. Held, served as a Marine in Iraq on two tours; Billy Helm, Vietnam; James W. Hendrickson U.S. Navy, USS Lexington cvt (training aircraft carrier) 16, 1967-1970; Charles Hiter; Hartsell Hodges, WWII; James W. Holcomb, WWII; Eric Howard, Air Force, from Mt. Carmel Community; WWI; Earl Huddleston, WWII; John E. Humkey, Korean War. Awarded Silver Star for gallantry in action.; Edward Lee Hurst (husband of Frances May Dunbar), US Army WWII; Thurman W. Hinton, WWII, Korea; Dustin Harris, U.S. Marine Corps (Devildog); Jason Scott Harris, U.S. Marine Corps (Devildog);br>
Benjamin F. Hadley served in WWII in the Fiji Islands; Gerald Dwight Hadley, Vietnam; Buel Hadley, Korea; Glen Hadley, WWII; Rejeena Brock Hadley, US Army; Clifton Hadley, US Army;

Billy Joe Hagy, retired post Vietnam era; WWII George Frank Hagy, WWII;

James E. Hancock, WWII; SGT Robby Hancock (added Jan. 7, 2006 while serving second tour of duty in Iraq); Jeremy Wayne Hancock, US Navy; Marion Hancock, WWII; Gaither Hancock, WWII;

Jimmy Hare, Korea; Harlan Hare, WWII; Lacy Hare, WWII; Joe Hare, Vietnam Conflict; Doug Hare; Elza Hare, WWII;

Alfred Harper killed in World War II; J.D. Harper, WWII; Jimmy Harper, Vietnam;

William Harmon; MIA (missing in action), WWII; Neal Harmon, Korea; Gilbert Harmon, Korea; U.S. Harmon, World War I; Edwin Morris Harmon, killed in WWII; William David Harmon 1964-1968 U.S.Army;

James E. Hatfield, Knifley, KY, WWII; Travis Hatfield, Knifley, KY, Korean War;

Hack Harvey, WWII; Dale Harvey, Korea; Donnie Harvey, Korea;Reece Harvey, three Bronze Stars, WWII;

The brothers who served in World War two:

Donald Blake Hawkins, WWIII, deceased (1963 in Nashville, TN); Dorman Reneau Hawkins, WWII, (deceased 1996 in Columbia, KY); Marion Forest Hawkins Jr., WWII, (alive 2007 in Irvington, KY); Marion was a graduate of Columbia High School the brothers' parents, Forest and Ada Hawkins, had moved to town in the early forties."

Charles Victor Henry, Korea; Dr. V. P. Henry, served in France as Chaplain during WWI; Steve Henry, Little Cake Area, SMSgt, US Air Force, 1973-2002; Steve Henry Jr, Little Cake Area, TSgt, currently serving in the US Air Force, stationed at Hill AFB, UT; Brian Henry, Little Cake Area, SSgt, currently serving in the Kentucky Air National Guard;

C. J. Holt, Ronnie Holt, Earl Dean Holt, Air Force; Ronnie Holt; Dallas Holt;

Gene Hoots, World War II; William Ralph Hoots, World War II;

George Hovious, WWII; Joseph "Jodie" Hovious, WWII; Troy Hovious, WWII; Marshall Hovious, WWII; Kenneth Hovious, WWII; Richard Hovious, WWII; Roger Keith Hovious, US Army, Vietnam War;

Adolph Hughes, Staff Sgt., WW II, Gunner in Air Force; James E. Hughes, Pvt. Army, Served in Korea, 1966 serving for 2 years;

Richard Earl Humphress; Garnett "Blue" Humphress, US Army, WWII;

Norman Hurt; Bernard Hurt of Breeding, KY, is a Veteran of the Korean War; William Hurt, born September 16, 1757 and died November 12, 1842 Revolutionary War, who is said to have been with General George Washington at Valley Forge and crossed the Delaware River with him;

Hutcheson, Hutchison, Hutchinson
Carl Hutchison, WWII; Logan Ray Hutcherson, World War II; Robert C. Hutcheson US Navy, Vietnam era 1969-1971;

William Luther Irvin, WWII; Ernest "SmallBoy" Irvin, WWII;

Mason Judd, WWII;

Latecia Jackson: Bill Jackson; Ricky A. Jackson, WWII;

Ronnie Janes, Bernard Janes, Vietnam; Willie Janes;

Shelton Jessie, Korean War;Bobby D. Jessie, USAF, near beginning of Vietnam War; Granville Thomas Jessie, Army, WWII; Marvin Jessee, WWII;


Wallace Elza Johnson, WWII; Brian Johnson, WWII; James Johnson, WWII; Coleman Johnson, WWII; Lee Bolin Johnson, WWII; Fred Johnson, WWII; Joseph Johnson, on alert 5/2005; Charles Johnson, Iraq; Chris Johnson, Army National Guard; Joe T. Johnson (for whom Joe Johnson Little League Park, Columbia, KY, named), Fairplay, KY, Army, WWII;

J: Willard Jones, WWII; Harry Jones; Clayton Jones (deceased); Randall Jones; Marcus Jones (retired); David Jones; J. L. Jones; Dennis Jones; Bobby Clifton Jones, Desert Storm (Retired 20 years); Stanley Clifford Jones, service during Korean war (Retired 20 years); Randell Jones (retired); William Clay Jones, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2005-2006, first combat tour US Army, National Guard;

Jones family: Sons of Lenis and Tinie Jones.
These names are also listed elsewhere. Submitted by Shirley Jones

These are the sons and grandsons of Lenis and Tinie Jones: Marcus Jones, Korea and Viernam, Purple Heart and Silver Star, Army and Air force. Retired over 20 years. His two sons David Jones active duty, Army, Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Dennis Jones, Amy Researve serving now. Stanley Jones, Korea, Air Force, retired after 20 years. His son, Bobby Jones, Desert storm, Air force, retired after 20 years. Clayton Jones, Army, Deceased. Harry Jones, Army, Germany, guarded Berlin Wall. Randell Jones. Army, Korea. Tank comander. Retired after 20 years. A son in law, Norman Hurt, Army, Korea era. A grandson in law, James( Jimmy) Luttrell KY Army National Guard, Desert Storm. End of note posted June 1, 2008.

L.C. Kessler; Marvin King, WWII; , Paul Kelsay, WWII; Bobby Kielsay, Vietnam; Otis Kell, World War II; Paul "Pedro" Kelsay, WWII; Woodrow Kendall, WWII; Coakley "Buddy" Knifley, Korean War: Kris Knight, serving with Marines in Iraq; Calvin C. Kemp, WWII; Daniel 'Ches' Kessler, World War I. He was injured in the Battle of the Argonne Forest, France, 1918. He lived in one of the oldest houses in Adair County, built in the 1800s in Old Portland; Paul W. Kirby, Breeding, KY, served with the 218th Military Police Patrol Boat River company in Vietnam in 1968-1969; PFC Daniel Kermeen, USMC, currently stationed (Oct. 13, 2007) at Camp LeJeune, NC; Issac Keith, 13th Ky Inf. Civil War;

Danny Kelly, WII; Ted Kelly, WWII; Elijah Kelly, 27 Ky Inf. Civil War; Elroy Kelly US Army; Willie R. Kelly, US Army;Keltner
J. W. Keltner, Vietnam; Robert Keltner: J. K. Keltner, Korea; George T. Keltner, US Navy. WWII and Korea; George Howard Keltner, USAF, Korea; James Howard Keltner, US Army, served in Germany; Phillip O. Keltner, US Army, WWII; Richard Keltner, Korea; Raymond Keltner, WWII

John William Kerns, served in Union Army During Civil War, buried in Allen Cemetery, Adair County; James Hobert Kerns, WWI; Rufus Kerns WWII; Glenn Kerns, U.S. Army; Dallas Kerns, U.S. Army; Lee Roy Kerns, U.S. Army; Joe Kerns, U.S. Army; John Edd Kerns WWII & Retired; Olen Kerns WWII; Terry Kerns, Desert Storm;

John Crockett Kimbler, Union Army, United States Civil War; A.G. Kimbler, WWII; James Edward Kimbler, Korea; John J. Kimbler, Vietnam; W.A. Kimbler, two tours, Vietnam;

Juene Leiby, WWII; Enid J. Leiby, Major, US Army, WWII 1942-1955; Harim Lemon Army, WWI; Hollis Lemon Army, WWII; Mack L. Lemon Army, WWII; Ken LeFaive, WWII; Jimmy Luttrell, 623rd KY Army National Guard, Campbellsville, KY, Desert Storm/Desert Shield; Herbert Lee Lacy, Army WWII; James (Jim) Lacy, Army WWII; Ralph Jason Lewis, U.S. Army WWII; Hugh Maxwell (Mack) Lewis, U.S. Army, Korea; David Wayne Lee, the son of Willie and Dimple Lee, served in Vietnam from 1968-1969; Michael D. Lemmon, 21 years in the US Army and KY National Guard and retired with rank of Sergeant;

Bobby Dean Loy, US Army 1955-1958; Piner Loy, WWII; George Loy JR, Korean War; William Loy, WWII; Charlie Edgar Loy, WWII; Eros Loy, US Army; Morris "Red" Loy; Lawrence Preston Loy, Army, WWII;Robert Dellous Loy WWII South Pacific; Wesley Loy WWII Europe; Harris Loy Korea; George T. Loy, Vietnam; Garnett Loy, World War I; Hindman Loy, World War II;

Sgt. David F. Mann, served in Korea; Bobby Marshall, Purple Heart recipient,Vietnam War; James C. Maupin, US Army, WWII; Arnold Mayse served in Europe in WWII, landing on Utah Beach, serving under General Patton in the 3rd Army; Edwin Paul Maggard, WWII, (4/8/2006); L. G. "Peanut" McKinley, WWII; Ralph Mings, Korea; Eugene Melson, Korea; Mitchell McFarland, WWII; James William Murrell, WWII; Harold Mouser, WWII; George A. Meredith; John Meadows; Raymond Moran, US Army, WWI; Donnie Moon, Veteran, (1/16/2006); John McCarol, US Navy, WWII; Wayne McGuffin, Vietnam Veteran; William A. Merritt, US Army, World War II, served in Burma and India; disabled veteran and a true patriot; Marvin McIntyre severed in World War II, 1942 -1945 in the Phiippines. He now makes his home in Flordia

Eldridge McClister, WWII; Norris McClister, WWII; Oliver McClister, WWII;

McGaha; all brothers
3 brothers were all natives of Adair County: Loren McGaha, WWII, US Army, Heavy Artillery; Thera McGaha. WWII, US Army, Medic; Leonard Waymon McGaha, WWII, US Army, 87th Infantry, Division 312, Combat Engineers:

Frankie McGowan, KIA, Vietnam Conflict;

Edward N. McKinney, World War II (1941 thru 1947) Navy-Served on Aircraft Carrier, rising to rank of Aviation Machinist First Class; LeRoy McKinney, World War I; Donald L. McKinney, U.S. Army, Vietnam War Era;

Joseph Lynn McLean, WWII;

Arthur McQueary, LTC; Coy McQueary, Korean Conflict, buried in Bearwallow Cemetery on KY 206;

Raymond A. Martin, US Navy, WWII; James Matthew Martin, WWI; Henry Leslie Martin, WWI; Lowell A. Martin, WWII; Clifton W. Martin, Korea; Oreon H. Martin, Korea;

Gary Melton, Vietnam; Herman Melton, WWII; Roy Melton, WWII;

Dakota Meyer, United States Marine Corps (currently-9/24/2007-serving in Iraq); Dwight Meyer, Korea;

James Russell Miller, WWII, (6/23/2006); Dale Miller, (Caldwell Chapel Cemetery, Knifley, KY);

Charles E. Mitchum, US Air Force, Korean Conflict; Marvin Mitchum, WWII; Press Mitchum, Korea; William L. Mitchum, WWII;

Cosby Monday, WWII; Dwight Monday, US Marine, (9/25/2006) ;Dwight Monday, Korea:

Donald F. Moore, US Army ret, service in Korea, Germany, Viet Nam and stateside; Liston Moore, WWII;

Mary Goodson Henry Morgan, 2nd Lt. serving for 3 years as a nurse in a field hospital in Italy during WWIIl Jack B. Morgan, John Anderson Morgan, George Morgan, Jack Morgan, Vietnam; Anderson Morgan, Vietnam;

Marshall Dale Morrison, Vietnam; Charlie Morrison, WWI, France; Darrel Morrison, Vietnam; Mike Morrison, Vietnam period, Germany; Oval Morrison, US Army: Earl Morrison, Crew Chief on B-24, 461st Heavy Bomber Group, 766th Squadron, WWII 1941-1945 Army Air Corps then in Army Reserve, recalled to active duty in Korean War, serving in Japan 1951-1953;

Ruel C. Moss, Purple Heart, WWII; Guy C. Moss, WWII, (5/17/2006);

Russell Murphy, WWII;

Harvey Nash, WWI; Samuel Neat, WWII; Dennis Neat, Vietnam; William Jesse Neat, US Army Ret, 1975-1996, including 2 tours Republic of Korea; Howard Cecil Neat served in WWII; J.W. Noe, Korean Conflict; Omer Neat; SGT William Douglas Nobles, Iraq; Shelby Nokes, branch unknown Vietnam era; CW3 William N. "Bill" Nobles, US Army Aviation 1974-1988;

Neal Owsley, Charles Overstreet, Korea; Howard Overstreet, Veteran, (5/29/2006); Paul Loveless of Glens Fork served in the US Army during WWII and guarded the Enola Gay while it was stateside, before it took that infamous flight; MSG Robert Osborne Ret. U.S. Army Veteran of Desert Storm and Iraq Freedom; William L Overstreet, from the Knifley community, killed in Viet Nam April 9, 1969;

Lowell E. Page, Korean War; Robert Cecil Pankey, Air Force, (4/27/2006); James C. Pelly; Raymond Pendleton, WWII; James M. Perryman, William Perryman 17591854, Viginia militia, War of the American Revolution; Herman Peterson, POW; Odell Pritchett, WWII; James Pritchett, MIA, WWII; Henderson Decalb (H.D.) Patterson, Army Korean War era; Lee Powell; Russell Perkins, Vietnam; Robert Elmo Page, World War II; Willie Ray Partin served in Europe during WWII; Donald Piercy WWII; James R. (Penny) Phelps, Army, WWII; Thomas Preston (Cotton) Phelps, WWII; SPC Mark Pickett, C Co. (Airborne) 1/17 Inf. Brigade, 6th Infantry Division, Fort Richardson, AK

Floyd D. Pelston, Korean War, U. S. Army; Jesse Pelston, WWll, U.S. Army; John R. Pelston, WWll, U.S. Army; Thurston E. Pelston, WWll, U.S. Army;

John Ely Pike, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, Civil War, buried in the old Mt. Carmel Cemetery, but was moved to new Mt. Carmel Cemetery when Green River Reservoir was being developed; Bobby G. Pike, Vietnam; Morris Pike; W.T. Polston, Korean Conflict, (10/15/2006); Benjamin Harrison Pike, WWI PSC, U.S. Army, buried in Cane Valley Cemetery; Thurman L. Pike, WWII; William Alvin Pike, WWI, Co. A. 125th. Infantry, buried in Cane Valley Cemetery, Cane Valley, KY;

Lester L. Pollard served and died in World War II; Mont L. Pollard served in World War I; CPT Shane Pollard in Iraq, expected home December 2007; E-6 George Pollard, six years with the National Guard;

Brent Powell, scheduled to go to Iraq in June; Raymond Powell, WWII; Jerry Powell, Vietnam;

Leonard O. Prock from Pellyton, WWI; Johnnie O. Prock from Pellyton, US Air Force, 1953 to 1957; James C. Prock, Civil War, First Kentucky Calvary, Company H;

Staff Sgt. Kenny Lee Pyles, US Army, who returned from Iraq the 19th of November, 2006; Rodney Pyles,(Caldwell Chapel Cemetery, Knifley, KY); James Pyles; Walter "Jug" Pyles, WW II; Kenny Pyles, Viet Nam era;

Buddy Quinn, WWII;

Gary Rexroat, WWII, James Rice, Burt Rosenbaum, Houston Ray, H. W. Roach, WWII; Ozie Redford, , Cliff Roach, John W. Roberts, Kazimierz Rusek, US Army; Garold "Gary" Russell, WWII; Charles W. Reese, WWII, (1/8/2006); Elvin Bradley Romines, Pvt., WWI: Marshall Rowe, WWII, (9/15/2006); Bryan Royse, killed in action, WWI; Dan Royse, US Army, Korean Conflict (9/15/2006); SGT Roger Rucker, U.S. Army; Patricia (Rowe) Rufus U.S. Air Force '83-'92 (Desert Storm); Coy Rice, WWII; Garold "Gary" Russell, who served in WWII; Theron Reed, Little Cake Area, CMSgt, US Air Force, 1979-2005; Capt. John Cano Romines, World War I; Bill Rigney, Jr., Vietnam; Bill Rigney III, Desert Storm: Dean Roach; Larry Rooks, Vietnam; Edgar Rooks, WWII; John Ross, Revolutionary War; Charles Alan Reams, USAF, served 4 years in the era between Korea and Vietnam; Albert Rippetoe, 12 Ky. Inf. Civil War;

Earl Redmon; Edward Redmon; Elmer Redmon, WWII; W. A. Redmon, WWII and Korean War; Crystal Redmon; James Redmon, WWII

Paul Reeves, Army; Danny Reeves, Air Force, Vietnam Conflict; Joseph Preston Reeves, WWII; Dennis Reeves, 82nd Airborne, Army, at Ft. Bragg, NC;

Pete Reliford, Vietnam; Simpson Reliford, WWII; Charles Reliford WWII

Audy W. Rich, WWII' Dennis E. Rich, WWII; William Stanley Rich, WWII; Robert T. Rich, WWII;

Howard Lewis Robertson, Vietam War; Hollis Ray Robertson, Chester Robertson, James Robertson, World War II Veterans;

Jackie Rogers, Vietnam; J.C. Rogers, World War II; Charles Cantrill Rogers, WWII; Houston Rogers, Korea; Clifton Rogers, World War II; Clevis Rogers, Army, WWII;

Thomas Slaubaugh, Marine, Viet Nam; Stephen Slaubaugh, Air Force, 1968-1992, Retired; Clifton "Whitie" Vaughn, WWII; Chelcie K. Stone, Vietnam-era service in Germany (1966-67); Jack Stone, Bob Stone, William Vanhoy, Maurice Sallee, Otto Svorc, Brad Scholl, J.R. Sherill, C. R. Sherill, Larry Dean Sherill, Desert Storm; Rodney Stargel, National Guard 20 years, B-Battery 623Fa, served in Iraq in Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom; Bobby Strange, Vietnam; Billy Sullivan, Vietnam; Jack Stone, Bob Stone; , Milton Stephens, WWII; Conflict; Earnie S. Sapp, WWII; Marshall Roscoe Squires, US Navy, WWII; Randy Schmidt; Edger Sullivan, WWII, (7/5/2006); Cosby Sinclair, World War II; Lester Charles Schmiege (husband of Barbara Dunbar), Maritime Commission WWII;Willard Twyman Stephens, WWII: Jackie Stinson; Thurston Sullivan, U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserves. Retired from Army Reserves as CW3 Warrant Officer with 27 years total service.

Daniel W. Sanders, WWII; Benjamin H. Sanders, WWII; Wayne Sanders, WWII; Charles Sanders, (7/27/2006); Charles Sanders; Herbert Sanders, WWII; Thomas H. Sanders, WWI, Pellyton Community

Kenneth Scott, Korea; Greg Scott, just returned from Iraq; Troy Stanley Scott, wounded and died in WWII; Clisby E. Scott, Vietnam; Travis Scott, US Army WWII, deceased; Isham D. Scott, Company L Reg Cavalry (Union) entered from Gradyville and is buried in Columbia Cemetery. Civil War; Charles Herbert Scott, Korean War, 1951-1953; Harlan Scott , Korean War, 1953-1954:

Bobbie C. Sexton, retired USAF, Vietnam; J.C. Sexton, Army, WWII;

Morris D. Shepherd; Gerald G. Shepherd; William Richard Shepherd, Vietnam;

Lyle Smith, Jack Smith, Odell Smith, Vietnam; Mason Smith; Luke Smith, Army Desert Storm; Donnie D. Smith, CMSGT USAF Vietnam era (retired) career airman who died in 1994 of cancer. Laid to rest in Fudge Cemetery, Breeding, KY; S.F.C. Richard Neal Smith, U.S. Army, serving in Iraq (2007); Deed Smith served in World War I Served in France.He was buried at sea;

J. T. Sneed, J. B. Sneed, WWII; Lester Sneed, Phillip Sneed, Vietnam; Lemon Clavis Sneed, WWII; William Howard Sneed, WWII; Donnie Sneed, Vietnam Conflict; Ronnie Sneed, Vietnam; Amos Sneed, Vietnam; William Taft Sneed, WWII; Gary Curtis Sneed Vietnam 1966-1968 U.S.Army; Eother L. Sneed KIA Korea U.S. Army

Carl Clyde Sparks, MIA (missing in action) WWII; Rayburn Sparks, WWII; JB Sparks; Fred Sparks; James H. (Jiggs) Sparks, Army, Korean Conflict (d. April 9, 2001), and J.C. (Joe) Sparks, WWII, Gradyville Sparks Mill owner/operator (d. April 13, 2005); and W.A. Sparks, WWII;

George W. Stotts, Korean War; Donald Stotts, Larry Stotts, Frankie Stotts, Johnny Stotts, Vietnam; Theron Stotts, Glenn Stotts, Russell Stotts, World War II; J.D. Stotts, Vietnam;

Sergeant Christopher "Scott" Tarter is currently in Iraq; Joe Tilus, Scott Tarter; Charles Tupman fought in WWI; Harold Dean Tedder, Korea; Walter Herman Tutt, Army, Korean Conflict;

Carlo Taylor, WWII; Will Sam Taylor, WWII; Bryan J. Taylor USMC Desert Storm; Lisa J. Taylor USMC; Lawrance Taylor, WWI; Edwin N. Taylor, Germany; Paul Taylor, WWII; J.B. Taylor, Korea; Marion Huston Taylor, US Navy, WWII;

Four brothers from the Pellyton community Ray Thomas, Vitus Thomas, Joe Thomas and Elba Thomas all served in Europe during World War II, and their names were sent in by their great nephew Keith Overstreet who is serving his country now;

James Bradford Thompson, WWII; Uncles, Carl Thompson Korean War and William Thompson WWII; Tyler Thompson killed in action WWII;

Edgar Troutman, WWII; Robert Troutman, killed in WWII; James Troutman, WWII; Fred Troutman Korea;

Kermit Rosco Tucker, US Air Force, Korean War; Bryan Woodrow Tucker, USAF;

William Coy Turner, Chance, KY. Purple Heart, died in Vietnam Conflict; Rick Turner, Pellyton community, WWII; Jerry Turner, Vietnam Conflict; Ralph Turner, WWII; Calvin Turner, WWII; Willie Ralph Turner, Vietnam; Ronnie R. Turner, U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War (d. August 29, 1996); Ormal Turner, WWII; Eshia Turner, WWII; Lyle Turner, WWII, survivor of the Baton Death March in the Philippines;

David D. Upchurch served in US Army from 1971-73 (Germany);

Paul Vanarsdale, served during Korean Conflict (d. January 1995); Clifton "Whit" Vaughn, WWII; Daniel "Danny" W. Vaughn, Viet Nam era;

George Ward, WWII. Killed in action in France; Imogene Ward; Thomas H. Werth, MSG, US Army retired, 42 years toal service, 20 years active duty, 22 years Army Civilian, Vietnam veteran; James Aaron Westmoreland, MIA, WWI; Harry Hugh Westmoreland; Larry Steven Watson, Charles Warren, Korea; Norman Wooten, Albert Lewis Woodrum; SSgt Arthur Lee Waggener, career USAF, Vietnam, died while in service; James L. Wisdom, Navy, WWII; William "Bill" Watson, (d. September 3, 2007) Cundiff community, World War II; James L. Wisdom, Navy, WWII; SFC Chester W Whittington, March , 1981 to April, 2003 KY Army National Guard. Desert Storm Veteran


Hughes Walker, U.S. Army during the Vietnam era, though he did not serve in Vietnam. He left service as a 1st Lieutenant; Stewart Walker served in the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserves. He had a long career in Army aviation and left the service as a Lt. Colonel; William R. Walker, Sr. served in WW I; William R. Walker, Jr. served in WW II;

Three brothers: 1) Edward Webb, U.S. Navy, WWII; 2) Paul S. Webb, U.S. Army, WWII; 3) George H. Webb, U.S. Navy, Korean Conflict;

Zack Webb (d), WWII, from Roley; Zack Kendall Webb, Roley community, served in Vietnam;

Freeman West, Vietnam; William Paul WEST, WWII; Raymond WEST, WWII; Robert Scott WEST, WWII; Hershel L. West, WWII; Richard West, Vietnam;

Joseph "Jodie" Wethington; Billy Joe Wethington; Thomas Wethington; Luard Wethington, Verlin Wethington, Richard Wethington; James Harold Wethington, 20 year USAF veteran. Served in Korean War and Vietnam War;
Note: Five of Wethington veterans all from one family
Jodie, Luard, Richard, Verlin, and Imogene Wethington Ward, (listed in "W") all of whom served in WWII, are brothers and sister, the children of Leonard and Mary Green Wethington of the Roley Community.

Aaron Wheeler, WWII; Everett D. Wheeler, 8 years, USAF;

John T. White, WWI and WWII; William White, WWII; Jack White, Navy; Billy Joe White, Air Force; Beacher White, Air Force; Bobby White, Army; Donald Ray White, Vietnam Conflict;

Jim Williams; Willie Frank Williams, Desert Storm; Charles Ronnie Williams, Army Vietnam era; Vernon T. Williams, Knifley, WWII;

Ray G. Willis killed during WWII; Rev. C. C. Willis, WWI; Greg Willis, Navy Fireman on the USS Caloosahatchee aoj98 off the coast of Vietnam. He was in the Navy during 1971-1972; Harold D. Willis, US Navy, Korean War; Robert L. Willis, WWII; Bobbie C. Willis, USAF, 1950-1970; L. J. Willis, WWII; George Henry Willis, WWI; Glenn Reid Willis, Vietnam War; William Leslie Willis, World War I, Meuse Argon; Jake Willis, WWII; James Wisdom, World War II;

Todd Wilson; Kenneth Wilson, Vietnam; T.J. Wilson, Navy, WWII; Sammy Wilson; Billie Kay Wilson;

Charles W. Wilkerson Army, Korea; Ken M. Wilkerson Army, Korea; Henry (James) A. Wilkerson Navy/AirForce, Korea/Vietnam; Lawrence Ray Wilkinson, Korea

Thomas D. WINGLER, Jr., Korea; Jr. Winngler, (Caldwell Chapel Cemetery, Knifley, KY); Felica K. Wingler Army;

Col. Frank Wolford; Omer Wolford, WWII; Eugene Wolford, Randall Wolford, Gary Wolford, Almon Wolford, Alton Wolford; Clyde Wolford; Elba Wolford; George Milton Wolford, served in the Union Cavalry during the Civil War. He was a nephew of Col. Frank Wolford. He was later the sheriff of Adair County and hanged the last two men to be hanged in Adair County in 1884 Click here for photograph;

Charles Eugene Wooldridge, U.S. Army, from Glensfork Community; Alvin Ray Wooldridge, U.S. Army, from Glensfork Community;

Sampson Yarberry, World War II; Stanford Yarberry, Korean conflict; Jessie Clarence Young (d. 4-7-1990), Korean War;

Maurice Zweber, SFC US ARMY, medically retired from wounds in Vietnam.

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(End of Veteran's List)

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