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Missing Beagle: Geo is a beagle residing in Breeding, KY. Geo wandered onto our property when he was dying. We wanted to assist him in having a humane & dignified death but he completely recovered during the process. All this to say - we don't know how old he is or even whether or not he's microchipped. He has stayed by our side ever since & we've adopted him into our family.

Geo is fantastic with kids, loves to bark at all things that go thump in the night, quiet, happy & patient. He was last seen around 11:50pm on December 31st (New Years' Eve). We're assuming that he was scared by loud noises. Being the naive new dog owners that we are, we wish that we had kept him inside as this is a common day for dogs to go missing. Geo has 1 blue eye & 1 brown eye.

We're offering a $50 cash reward to whoever can successfully help us find him. Email, text or call William or Claire any time at: (808) 707-5462 or Thank you! --Claire Rembis

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