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Our Community has lost one of its most loved members

Our community has lost one of its most loved members with the death of Kim Woodcock. We have all shared many memories of her in our lives. Kim's work as a barber touched so many people in our area. Everyone has a story which includes Kim. Her dedication to her patrons, opening the shop early, or staying late - always with smile and cheerful nature - has been recounted by so many folks.

I would like to thank everyone for their outpouring of concern for me and all the people who loved her. The calls, gifts, visits, and special remembrances shared in the barbershop where she spent so much of her last 14 years have all meant so much to Chris and me that we want to say thanks to you, our community. Your support and prayers have lifted us after such a tragedy so that we can try to go on as Kim would have wanted us to.

We will all Miss Kim. Our lives will forever be touched by her passing our way. Respectfully, Wid Harris

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